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Show Notes
Call your doctor, book the babysitter and stock up on snacks. The official launch date for Guild Wars 2 was announced!

When the initial jump up and down joy of the date subsided, there’s some rather tremendous stuff to see in that teaser trailer, what grabbed your attention?

With only one BWE to go, could we see the Asura and Sylvari? Could ArenaNet be crazy/gutsy enough to keep something back for launch, or would it just cause a massive headache? We discuss the possibilities.

Jon Peters and Eric Flannum have been dropping some up to date info in some recent interviews on a range of subjects. There’s a lot of insight into where the dev team is in regards to the move towards launch and some of the changes we are likely to see in the next beta weekend. We pick out the highlights.

Then it’s time to hang on to your hats, because some vitriol is going to fly!
We discuss guilds and just how well put together they are for Guild Wars 2. With such an otherwise polished game, do guilds stand out like a sore thumb or are they working as intended? Prepare for some highly animated — and heavily caffeinated — debate as at least one of our crew is distinctly displeased with certain aspects of the guild system.

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Show Notes
0:21 - Epic Intro
1:10 - Guild Mentions
3:30 - Beta Key Giveaway Teaser Info
5:35 - Release Plans Discussion
11:35- Main Topic - What to do at Release
12:00- Joining up with Friends
16:05- When it's just you
21:35- City Exploration
23:50- Join a Guild
25:20- Personnal Story
27:25- Personnal Stories with Friends
32:15- The Mists and PVP
36:00- Personnal Story Choices and Progression
37:10- Event Scaling
39:28- Dignity, Charm and Ferocity
46:50- Arena Net Blog Quote - Personnal Story
49:35- Preparing as a Guild for Release
50:50- Guild Influence
57:10- Multiple Guilds
59:23- Picking Your Discipline
1:03:27 - Make sure you have your Tools
1:07:31 - Dye your Armor
1:10:10 - Dye Collection
1:12:45 - Armor Collecting
1:14:43 - Benefits of Pre-Purchase
1:20:14 - Beta Key Giveaway Entry Info
1:21:55 - What to do for BWE 3
1:28:56 - Q and A
1:45:16 - Wrap up
1:47:30 - Outtakes
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