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It's been a little under a month since we did the last Community PvP Highlights so it is time for another round of community gems! This month we will be featuring three great new things that any pvp enthusiast must see!

Community Gem Number One!
To start of this month’s highlights we will be featuring something created within our very own community. About a week ago we asked the community to create guides for every profession and we are slowly starting to see the wonderful results showing up in our very own profession section.

The first was Lowell’s Competitive PvP Thief Guide! This remarkable guide presents you with information directly from one of the most competitive Thiefs during the BWE’s. This guide is a must see as it covers the basics of understanding your spells to an in-depth understanding of the Thief profession in a competitive environment.

The second guide was Blowi’s How to Mesmer PvP Guide! This guide will take you on a journey to explore the strategic and competitive side of Mesmer in a PvP environment all while presenting itself with visual supremacy. This is a beautiful and high quality guide that will not only prove useful to Mesmers but anyone with a flair for PvP.

Both of these guides are work in progress and will be updated as the game progress guaranteeing you up to date content at all times! So expect to see changes as the balance of the game varies and as new patches are deployed.

Community Gem Number Two!
The next thing we got on today’s schedule is a new app! Not an smartphone app but an Guild Wars 2 app designed to help all of you combatants who venture into the fields of WvWvW. This app provides you with an easy way to develop complex strategies using a simple interface with a map and the ability to draw and drag siege weapons around on it

Some of the new features you can be expecting soon includes:
  • Improved Drawing Tool
  • Creation of Private Group Channels (This will include live multi view so teams can paint and discuss tactics with a live drawing board)
  • Creation of Editable Layers and Icons (This will allow users to customize their screen and allow for more in-depth tactics)
Be sure to head over to the GW2APP twitter account for more updates and to show them your support.

Community Gem Number Three!
The last highlight of the month will contain not one but two separate highlights one being a podcast and the other an interview with some of the hottest and most current PvP discussion right now.

HD Guild Wars 2
First one is from HDGW2 who has brought on LiNK from Team Synergy to take us through some of the strategies that they use in sPvP. Not only will we be seeing a full match commentated and explained by LiNK but he will also be taking us through what he considers the best compositions currently and what needs to be improved in the game.


Boons and Conditions
Last but not least we have Boons and Conditions bringing us a high quality PvP discussion featuring two highly competitive and current teams, Super Squad and Alpha Collective. Both of these teams have highly experienced players who have been answering questions on stream and bringing the discussion to some of the most up-to-date issues in the PvP community today!'


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#1 Faelor


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Posted 09 August 2012 - 01:09 AM

PvP! PvP, everywhere! Thanks for the love Frozire, and thanks for the rest of the community making some kick butt content for us to munch on. Really proud of what everyone's doing!
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Posted 09 August 2012 - 10:37 AM

[quote name='Faelor' timestamp='1344474599' post='1697979']
PvP! PvP, everywhere! Thanks for the love Frozire, and thanks for the rest of the community making some kick butt content for us to munch on. Really proud of what everyone's doing!

I couldn't say it better myself! Thanks Frozire! For supporting the PvP community. We are doing our best to help promote the eSports scene, more content soon!
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