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Show Notes
  • In the first 30 mins, I kind of force Noob to reveal his newly discovered fetish and I think we talk about video games in there somewhere. Maybe.
  • For news, we discuss the new footage that you shouldn't watch and the stress test.
  • In our trail main-discussion segment (which could come back depending if you like it), we debate "What profession would you recommend for someone to play first?"
  • I won't tell you how it ends, so listen in to find out our top 4 and why.

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Show Notes
  • 3:55 - News: Launch Time, Difficulty Adjustment, Guild Emblem Creator, Stress Test
  • 16:00 - Mailbag: Swapping weapons in PvP, Tips for PvP, and role of Smaller Guilds in WvW
  • 44:35 - Roundtable: World vs. World Revisited

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Show Notes
Another stress test, of course more jumping puzzle discussion, we make up a new race (when I say we I mean Vayne), why can’t we find a profession and stick with it? Questions with listeners!

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Show Notes
We wanted to talk about all the different Professions and focus less on balance and more on what each profession does, how it plays, and what type of gamer would be attracted to it, giving people a good idea of what to expect if they haven't put tons of hours in on the betas.

What Professions we covered this week:
  • Elementalist - 00:00:00
  • Engineer 00:34:00
  • Guardian - 00:55:00
What Professions we are covering next week:
  • Mesmer
  • Necromancer
  • Warrior

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Show Notes
  • 5:25 What do you look for when making a build
  • 7:13 Is condition damage overpowered?
  • 11:12 Favored profession for condition removal
  • 17:00 Downed state, wave spawning, and proposed tweaks
  • 23:45 Rallying from across the map
  • 29:20 Combo fields
  • 43:00 Viewer Q&A

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Show Notes
Stress, stress, stress.

That’s probably how you’re feeling as the countdown to the Guild Wars 2 headstart continues inexorably. It’s also apparent that ArenaNet needs to apply the pressure to the servers with the stress tests lately. One last week, another tomorrow, can we take any more of it?

Deep breaths.

Mike Zadorojny spoke to GameTrailers about the Fields of Ruin. This area is seeped in lore due to the history of the Ebonhawke through Guild Wars and GW2. We talk about just why this place is so important and what you can expect to bump into there in just a couple of weeks.

We’ve been waiting to see what the apps for Guild Wars 2 would look like and it appears we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer. ArenaNet stated that the app and web development team will be going into overdrive after launch.

Throw in a gentle sprinkling of your viewer questions and we have a lot to cover.
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