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We've got a lot of stuff to highlight, so let's just get down to it!

Helpful Threads
I've been noticing a lot of great threads popping up here on Guru that should be recognized. I've even included some older threads that I feel are still highly relevant! Either way, you'll get some great information out of them.All About the Guild
There are some great guild tools that deserve to be touched upon, especially with release looming over the horizon!

First, there's the Guild Wars 2 Emblem Creator made by Basharic and Tarral. This app is great for those interested in leading a guild and didn't get a chance to fiddle with the emblem creator in-game. Or, you know, those that are jonesing for Guild Wars 2 so much that playing with anything that resembles the game in any fashion will help settle their nerves!

Another great guild resource is the Guild Wars 2 Guild Database created by Darkademic. Guild leaders can add their own guilds and include what server they'll be rolling on, what language the members speak, what their main focus is (all conveniently color-coded to show how casual or hardcore a guild is) and more. Yes, more! You really need to check it out, especially if you're still looking for a guild.

But if apps aren't what you're looking for, here are some articles about guilds that have cropped up recently:Community Art
Before I go and highlight some of the work people have done here on Guru, I'd like to highlight Guild Wars 2 Fan Art, a Twitter account that tweets any and all GW2-themed art it finds on the Web.
  • CKABEH 3BEPOB's updated his/her thread with a new piece - a human thief! There's also a promise of asura, charr and sylvari pieces soon™, too!
  • grey_foxx082 has also updated his/her thread with new artwork recently, specifically a piece on a dragon battle and another with a human guardian and asuran engineer.
  • And if you haven't been keeping up with Dynamic Events by Doctor Overlord, it's a great time to catch up just before release!

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Community Videos
Another good way to spend your days before the release of Guild Wars 2 is to learn more about the story that makes the game. There are many great sources, including those found here on Guru, but today we have some amazing lore videos made by Lyssa (you may know him as Wooden Potatoes on YouTube).

tr1age is starting early in the machinima scene with his story entitled I Surrender, a recreation of his very first machinima movie. I can't wait to see what he, and others, create once the game releases! Oh, and you haven't checked out his more recent creation, you really should!

I've been noticing a lot of YouTubers starting to create new content for Guild Wars 2 lately, which is great! In fact, I'd like to highlight one of them today. Following his video on Why You Should Play Guild Wars 2, Tappin has begun a new video series called "GW2 Is Different | Learn to Adapt".

Here's an outstanding remix by placeboing that should get you pumped up to play Guild Wars 2!


And if you're looking for something more informative, Haste has created an excellent video that explains how combos work:


If you've created something - or have seen something - interesting enough to be highlighted on our front page, please send me a PM!
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Posted 13 August 2012 - 06:32 PM

Wow! Too bad i saw everything in time but for new guys it's awesome!
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Posted 14 August 2012 - 04:39 AM

Thanks for featuring my work!
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