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Primordus Highlights: 1 September 2012

Primordus Highlights takes a weekly to bi-weekly look at the latest suggestions and quality discussions going on in the Primordus Visions forum. The forum is home to the concepts and suggestions of the Guru forums for Guild Wars 2 and the community. Many impressive concepts are presented, and some topics feature great debates. The goal of Primordus Highlights is to provide you with a threesome of the best or most interesting discussions and suggestions found in the section at this time.

Saved Builds in the PVP Bank
Easy access to builds in Heart of the Mists.

Rhodin suggests that Arenanet should implement a "build bank" into the heart of the mists outpost, in order to facilitate the changing of builds and weapons for Player versus Player. Do you agree with him, that it would facilitate PvP changing, or do you think Arenanet needs to stay away from this concept?

It would be great if we could save builds and select them from a list in heart of the mists, at the moment its a pain to swap between roles. also it would be great if the pvp locker could save sets of preruned and sigiled gear for swapping rather than only collectables, or make the standard bank available from the mists. [Read more...]

Allow hotkeys to be assigned by weapon
Facilitating player interaction per weapon, or adding unrequested complexity?

Community member Radiodread suggests we need to have the option to change hotkeys by weapon, instead of requiring to adapt every single time we change a weapon. The topic also discusses the concept of allowing skills to be switched in their order. Do you enjoy this idea?

When I bind my hotkeys, I bind them by what feels most natural in combat. This over years has evolved into a key map that is much determined by genre of abilities or their frequency of use. When I bind my keys in GW2, I am able to comfortably setup my hotkeys for 1 weapon at a time, but when I swap weapons I am usually left with keys that run contrary to my play style. [Read more...]

Mainhand (mesmer) Pistols
Creating GW2-style pistols that create a great skill bar.

Midnight_Tea has a great idea: to create a pistol that uses up both hands and has unique skills and mechanics. The topic is aimed in particular at the mesmer, whom Tea suggests needs one. Do you enjoy the idea, or want the mesmer to stay as it is now?

More seriously, I really really think the mesmer could use the ability to mainhand a pistol. The obvious reason is there -- don't give a player a gun and then tell them they can't use it! It's just frustrating knowing my gun is sitting right there! That I need to summon a phantasm to shoot stuff for me. That there's a trait called "Duelists Discipline" that increases my pistol range for me and my phantasm, but my phantasm is the one who gets to actually take advantage of it! Why does that ungrateful shell of myself get to have all the fun? [Read more...]

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#1 Midnight_Tea


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 10:13 AM

Whoa, a feature!

Thank you very much! *bows*
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#2 davadude


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Posted 01 September 2012 - 10:50 AM

[quote name='Midnight_Tea' timestamp='1346494420' post='1860269']
Whoa, a feature!

Thank you very much! *bows*

You had a good idea, so it gets featured! :)
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Davadude - Guru Village Idiot



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 05:36 AM

I support Midnight Tea on that idea.

The mesmer could stand to have pistol as a main hand option.

Maybe Arena.net will add it in the future [color=#0000cd][i](I heard somewhere a while back that as time moved on they would probably add more weapons choices & options)[/i][/color]
Would be nice if they eventually create more types of weapons & let the professions have a bit more choice in what to use. [color=#0000cd][i](personally I would love to see Spears/Halberds added to the game[/i][i]).[/i][/color]

I also think that they should allow 2 handed weapons to equip 2 sigils. I say this because allot of the builds that use off hand & main hand weapons are just better because they can equip 2 sigils which allows them more flexability & power.
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