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Guild Wars 2 Spidy: Graphs of the Trade Market
A lot of you are already aware of GW2Spidy, but I thought it deserved a front page highlight. From the website:

This website aims to provide you with graphs of the sale and buy listings of items on the Guild Wars 2 Trade Market. Using this information we can get a better understanding of the economy in Guild Wars 2. It can also prevent you from getting caught in other players monopolizing the Trade Market with sudden spikes in prices.

GuildWarsTrade.com: Trading Post and Gem Data
GuildWarsTrade is another trading site that offers the following features:
  • Supply and demand graphs
  • Tooltips
  • Gem/Silver exchange rate
  • Black market Gold/$ exchange rate
  • Item languages in German, French, and Spanish
  • Website languages in German, French, Spanish, Russian, and simplified Chinese
Gw2BBCode is javascript plugin, which extends capability of GW2DB Tooltip. It converts (on the fly) Guild Wars 2 skill's names (traits, condition & boons) into icons. It can also show tooltip with description over the icon.
All tooltips content comes from GW2DB.

If you haven't been following @GW2Fanart, you really should! Here are some recent Guru posts. Click the thumbnails to be taken to the artists' thread!

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 If you have a site, piece of art or video that you would like to see highlighted in the future, just send me a PM with a link!
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