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Battle for Lion’s Arch: Aftermath
Word of Scarlet’s demise has spread like wildfire throughout the wards of the city. With renewed vigor, the heroes of Lion’s Arch, the Lionguard, and Order forces have driven out the remainder of Scarlet’s armies, their morale and ranks shattered. Cheers and celebrations erupted at the refugee camps and nigh across all of Tyria. All the while, the Breachmaker—the enormous airship looming over Sanctum Harbor—continues to drill uncontrollably. As the city fires wane and smolder, the question that arises now is what will become of the once great city of Lion’s Arch?

Lion’s Arch
Upon entering the game, players who are level 30 and above will view a short cinematic based in the city. The smoking ruins of Lion’s Arch can be found where the city once stood. While Lionguard attempt to secure the remains, refugees take shelter at the relief camps at Vigil Keep, the Durmand Priory, and Stormbluff Isle. Vigil Keep remains as the temporary hub of services and asura gates.
Three makeshift bulletin boards now list the following:
  • The heroes who defended the city (at the former Gate Hub Plaza).
  • Those who are missing (just west of the Grand Piazza).
  • Those who lost their lives (at a new graveyard at White Crane Terrace).
At this time, the prospects of the city recovering from this devastating attack are uncertain at best.

Dead End Bar
Players will also receive mail from Lady Kasmeer inviting them to attend a gathering at the Dead End, the bar nestled in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. Inside, players can join her and Marjory—as well as Rox, Braham, and Taimi—to discuss the ramifications of Scarlet’s attack as everyone takes a hard-earned rest over some drinks.

Rumors tell of a merchant interested in items from major events in Tyria’s recent history, including Blade Shards. Players are encouraged to hold on to these items if they are interested in trading with her when she appears.

Structured Player vs. Player
  • Added small, medium, and large rank-up chests based on rank achieved.
  • Added the PvP-specific back pieces to the glory reward vendor.
  • Rank points have been increased across all Custom, Solo, and Team Arenas.
  • Rank points gained from win chests at the end of Solo and Team Arenas have been moved.
    • The rank points will now be completely rewarded at the end of the match.
World vs. World
  • Introducing WvW Spring Tournament 2014!
    • North America and Europe have been split into three leagues each: gold, silver, and bronze.
    • Starting March 28 and running through May 30, the worlds in each league will be matched up against one another.
    • The results of those matchups will contribute to each world’s Spring Tournament 2014 score.
    • Matchups will be determined based on performance during the tournament, with the higher-performing worlds matched against one another.
    • At the conclusion of the tournament, players who have completed the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 meta-achievement will receive a reward based on their world’s placement within their league.
    • A player’s world is considered the world on which they were most active during the tournament.
    • A new achievement category has been added to the Achievements panel for WvW tournament achievements.
      • Eighteen achievements have been added.
      • Completing 10 of the achievements will award players the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 Veteran meta-achievement, a title, and a chest of rewards for their world at the conclusion of the tournament.
      • Each reward chest will have a number of WvW tournament tickets based on the performance of the world during the tournament.
      • Every achievement has a reward chest containing a variety of items, including ascended crafting materials.
    • Transferring worlds during a tournament will prevent players from entering the Mist War for the duration of their current matchup and the following WvW matchup.
      • Players are still able to play in the Edge of the Mists during this period.
    • All spent World Ability Points will be refunded to all characters.
World Polish
  • Triple Trouble
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Wurm Demolitionist achievement to stall out and prevent the meta-achievement from progressing correctly. The meta-achievement should repair itself when players log in if they meet the criteria for completion.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the event to stall out and fail if all three Wurms were decapitated at the exact same time.
Fractals of the Mists
  • Changes have been made to the daily reward chests for fractals of the Mists to improve ascended armor and weapon rewards.
    • Ascended armor and weapons now drop more often from all levels of fractals, particularly as the fractal level increases.
    • Ascended armor pieces will drop more often than ascended weapons.
    • Ascended armor pieces will now drop in the form of boxes that contain a selection of stat combinations for a single gear slot.
      • Example: Defender’s Chest of Ascended Boots contains a choice of one pair of boots from the following sets: Angchu, Beigarth’s, Leftpaw’s, Wei Qi’s, Zintl, or Wupwup.
Profession Skills
  • Trickery II—Instinctual Response: Fixed a bug that caused this trait to grant fury and vigor while on cooldown.
Structured Player vs. Player
  • Rank-up rewards have been changed.
    • Removed the PvP armor/weapon chests.
  • Glory boosters have been removed, and the ability to gain glory has been turned off.
  • Removed the chest rewards given at the end of competitive game modes (Solo and Team Arena).
World vs. World
  • The Commander buff is now only displayed to friendly players.
  • Added a requirement for players to attain a rank of 14 in order to purchase the Gift of Battle.
    • Added a new NPC, the Battle Master, to sell the gift to players.
  • Added new Battle Historian NPCs to every WvW map to tell players their world’s status in current and future WvW tournaments.
  • Applied Strength and Applied Fortitude buffs are no longer removed on down, but they are still removed on death.
  • Updated the Burning Oil Mastery text to be more consistent.
  • Attacking the back inner gate of the Garrison on all the Borderlands maps will now start the repel events and contest the Garrison.
  • The back inner gate of the Garrison has had an increase in defense on all Borderlands maps.
  • Structural vulnerability is now correctly applied to the back inner gate of the Garrison on all Borderlands maps.
  • World bonuses obtained in WvW will once again apply in PvE. Additionally, they will now apply in overflows and while guesting (based on the player’s world).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a visual discrepancy in the map UI and the score UI.
  • Edge of the Mists:
    • Updated the team colors for each of the major regions. Overgrowth is now green; Frostreach is now blue; Badlands is now red.
    • Updated the art for the loading screen.
    • Reduced the spawn rate of Aetherblade pirates.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow Aetherblades to be worth double WXP.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Statuary boss—the Grawl Stoneworker—from gaining Righteous Indignation.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing one of the gates at Thunder Hollow from being repaired.
    • The Grawl Shaman will now use Swirling Winds totems slightly less often.
    • The max target cap has been increased on many boss skills.
    • Fixed an issue in which supply depots would sometimes appear to have supply when they were actually empty.
    • Fixed a Frostreach bell that wasn’t summoning a Spirit of Koda.
    • Mechanical devourers summoned by the Charr Mechanic will no longer grant experience or loot when killed.
    • Reduced the gold cost to start breakout events.
  • Eternal Battlegrounds:
    • Fixed the text for the Rogue’s Quarry point of interest.
    • Fixed incorrect interaction text on one of Veloka Tower’s walls.
    • Polished various markers and capture points for breakout events.
  • Borderlands:
    • The dolyak caravan traveling from the Lowlands camp to the Hills keep will now travel down the center of bridges, rather than along the railings.
    • Fixed an issue in which it was possible to teleport through the reinforced gate at Sunnyhill Tower.
    • Fixed some spawn inconsistencies between the Red World Borderlands and the Blue World and Green World Borderlands.
New Items and Promotions
  • Three new hairstyles have been added for every race and gender, and they are available exclusively in Total Makeover Kits and Self-Style Hair Kits, which can be purchased from the Services category of the Gem Store.
  • Collection Expanders can now be used up to 5 times per account, increasing the stack size in the Bank Collections tab to 1500! Collection Expanders can be found in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 800 gems each.
  • Minis 3-Pack (Set 3) is now available! Forty-nine all-new miniatures are available in random packs of 3 from the Toys category of the Gem Store for 300 gems per pack.
  • This is the last week to pick up the Thresher-Sickle 5000, a golem harvesting tool. Players can find it in the Special category of the Gem Store for 1000 gems.
  • Drop rates for Mini Marjory Delaqua and Mini Mai Trin from Black Lion Chests have been reduced to maintain rarity.
Bug Fixes
  • Made a slight change to the Zodiac armor skins to make normal maps less defined on the chest portion.
Small, as expected. Kicking off WvW S2, and wrapping up LS.

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After announcing that the World Vs World Seasons have been replaced with a tournament system, the big question on everyone's minds was how everything would change for the better. Now we have those details, and so far things are looking pretty good. Match-ups have been tweaked, achievements have been readjusted, and the rewards have all been given a revamp after last season's feedback. Alongside these changes, there will also be an adjustment to transfers and world allegiance. No word on account-wide world experience yet, though. Despite that, it's quite a hefty blog post with lots of great info for anyone looking to participate in the tourney. It starts on the 28th of this month, so sharpen your sticks and get ready for some action!


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The Battle for Lion’s Arch
Lion’s Arch has been battered and razed, but as long as there are those who’ll take up arms for our city, it will not be beaten! Scarlet and her armies—the Aetherblades, the Molten Alliance, and the Toxic Alliance—may have pushed us out of our city, but now the winds have blown her vile miasma out to sea. Lion’s Arch belongs to all Tyrians. It’s time to regroup and rally, liberate our besieged city, and take the fight to Scarlet to end her menace. Remember this day, for this battle will be worthy of legend!
—Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed

Regrouping and Rallying
While Lion’s Arch is occupied by enemy forces, survivors have established refugee camps near each of the order headquarters.
  • Outside Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields
  • South of the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass
  • Along the north shore of Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast
At these locations, refugee camp directors can apprise players of the situation and show a flashback of the initial attack on Lion’s Arch. While the Captain’s Council oversees relief efforts, the Lionguard are making preparations for a counterattack. Also, heirlooms and found belongings can still be turned in for items.

Liberating Our Besieged City
Help the Lionguard reestablish a foothold near the three city entrances at Trader’s Forum, Postern Ward, and Fort Marriner. After defending each point, order representatives will arrive to sell combat bonuses—Vigil Valiance, Priory Aethershield, and Quickness of Whispers. Members of each order will be granted a discounted price on their respective bonus.

Throughout the city, miasma canisters are still guarded by Scarlet’s armies. Stopping all three miasma deployments simultaneously will earn bonus rewards. Moreover, Scarlet has secured different areas of the map by deploying her champions.
  • Aetherblade Admiral
  • Aetherblade Cannoneer
  • Toxic Warlock
  • Toxic Spider Queen
  • Molten Fire Shaman
  • Molten Munitions Specialist
Taking the Fight to Scarlet
Arriving on each hour, Scarlet’s legendary assault knights will show up at three locations and hover for several minutes before descending to attack.
  • Grand Piazza
  • Moran Memorial
  • Gunnery Range
Defeating the three assault knights simultaneously is the key to reaching Scarlet’s airship, the Breachmaker. And players will not stand alone, for Tyria’s heroes have come together and will fight alongside the players—Rox and Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer, and Captain Ellen Kiel and Heal-o-Tron.
Arriving upon the Breachmaker, players should expect an all-out battle against Scarlet’s defenses to reach Scarlet herself. She’s always got a trick up her sleeve, so come prepared. Be sure to pack consumables, food, utility buffs, and a favorite finisher. This may be our best and only chance to put a stop to Scarlet’s villainy.

For the brave who battle their way to the Diverse Ledges, they can meet up with Lionguard Turma. Her latest scouting report states that she’s found a new type of portal but is unable to access it without special equipment derived from Scarlet’s technology.

Rewards and Achievements
Alliance supply bags will continue to be found on the defeated troops of Scarlet’s armies. These bags often contain Refugee’s Belongings, Blade Shards, and the occasional Refugee Child’s Drawing for luck. Rarely, the satchels can contain items such as Quaggan Tonics, Captain’s Airship Passes, and Powerful Potions of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies.

Defeating all three miasma deployments simultaneously will award champion loot and 10 Blade Shards. Additionally, level 80 players will earn Empyreal Fragments, Dragonite Ore, and a rare chance for ascended gear.

Legendary Assault Knights will drop 5 Deluxe Gear Boxes and a chance at an Assault Knight Power Core, which can be used to color the Tempered Spinal Blades back item. Defeating all three knights within 6 minutes will award several masterwork items, a luck bonus, 1 Obsidian Shard, and 5 Blade Shards.
Players who ascend to the Breachmaker and finish the story will earn a new title and a unique helm skin to display proudly. Not only that, but by defeating Scarlet’s defenses, players will additionally earn several masterwork and rare items, 15 Dragonite Ore, 3 Obsidian Shards, another chance for Assault Knight Power Cores, as well as a chance for rewards from previous Living World releases and a rare chance for one of two new unique rifles.

Additionally, completing the “This Is My City!” meta-achievement rewards a container of desirable items, including a 5-skill-point Scroll of Knowledge, 1 Essence of Luck, 5 Obsidian Shards, 50 Blade Shards, a five-use Guild Shield Finisher, and a rare item.

Note: Aetherblade enemies across Tyria now have an added chance to drop Blade Shards. This addition to their drop list is permanent.

A small release will be available on March 18, which will provide an epilogue to recent events. That release will show the aftermath of what players have experienced in the Battle for Lion’s Arch and will conclude the current story arc.

World Polish
  • World Bosses
    • Spawn timers for Tequatl and the Great Jungle Wurms should now be offset from each other.
New Items and Promotions
  • Torment weapon skins are now available from Black Lion Weapon Specialists for the limited-time price of 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket. Black Lion Weapon Tickets can be found in Black Lion Chests.
  • A new mini 3-pack is available containing replicas of some of Scarlet’s champions. Combine them in the Mystic Forge with a Mini Mai Trin to create Mini Scarlet Briar herself! The 3-pack is available in the Toys category for 500 gems.
  • A new Guild Shield Finisher is available in the Upgrades category for 800 gems. Players can now proudly display their guild emblem over defeated foes!
  • The Consumables category of the Gem Store has been replaced by the Special category. This category holds non-service items, many of which are unique to the Black Lion Trading Company.
  • The Minis category of the Gem Store has been replaced by the Toys category, which now includes minis, musical instruments, and more items that are just for fun.
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Have you been eyeing a new character slot or a new set of armor? Well you may want to hold off, as March will have a new gem store item on sale each day of the month. While we don't have a concrete list of what we'll be seeing discounted, both current and discontinued items have the possibility of getting a few gems knocked off their regular price. Though keep in mind there is a time limit. Once an item goes up, it will replace the previous day's sale and you'll be out of luck until further notice. Now, not everybody has the chance to log in every day, so we'll be keeping a running list of the sale items here in this thread.

Today's Sale
Posted Image

Expired Sales
  • Collection Expander
  • Braham/Phoenix/Magitech Armor
  • Black Lion Chest Keys
  • Crafting Booster
  • Instant Repair Canister
  • Flute
  • Kasmeer's Staff and Makeover Kit
  • Metabolic Primer
  • Banker Golem and Assorted Hats
  • Rox's Bow and Quiver
  • Gathering Booster
  • Dye Pack
  • Mystic Forge Stones
  • Experience Booster
  • Transmutation Crystals
  • Phalnax/Trickster/Viper Armor Sets
  • Magic Find Booster and Pirate's Outfit
  • Trading Post Express
  • Consortium Crafting Station
  • Marriner's Horn
  • Charr and Quaggan Plush Back Piece
  • Marjory's Axe and Dagger Skin
  • Aetherblade Armor Skins
  • WXP Booster & Thresher Sickle
  • Bank Express
  • Spectral Finisher
  • Braham's Mace and Shield
  • Copper-Fed Unlimited Salvage Kit
  • Royal Terrace Pass
  • Primeval, Krytan, and Profane armor
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The Battle for Lion's Arch

Arenanet has announced the next Living Story update, titled "The Battle for Lion's Arch."  Going live on March 4th, the release will focus on reclaiming the city that has been under attack for the past two weeks.  You can view the trailer video on the Arenanet youtube channel, or down below.

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Escape from Lion’s Arch
Lion’s Arch is under attack! The Lionguard is scrambling to protect citizens and evacuate the city. The attack from Scarlet’s armies left Fort Marriner heavily damaged and the Gate Hub Plaza in ruins. No corner has been spared, resulting in burning destruction, toppled boat buildings, broken bridges, and scorched fields. And a deadly miasma is spreading across the city, gaining lethality until the survivors are forced to retreat. Somewhere above it all, Scarlet watches the destruction, waiting for the moment when the final step of her plan can come to fruition.

Attack Cinematic
Upon logging in, players level 30 or higher will see a cinematic of the attack on Lion’s Arch. Lower level players will watch this upon entering Lion’s Arch for the first time. Players can rewatch the cinematic by talking to the refugee camp director at any of the three refugee camps located by the Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields, by the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass, and on Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast.
  • Note: All characters that were stationed in Lion’s Arch before the attack will be relocated to an adjoining map.
Lion’s Arch
  • The city of Lion’s Arch is being hammered from the all-out attack of Scarlet’s forces.
    • Towers and monuments have fallen. Homes and stores are in ruin. Crumbled cliffsides and scorched fields line the city limits.
    • The Aetherblades, Toxic Alliance, and Molten Alliance have carved out areas of the city to attack.
    • Only the waypoints by the three entrances will be functional while inside the city.
  • The established asura gates of Lion’s Arch are no longer operational, and waypoints from other zones are contested.
  • The miasma levels cycle every hour. The Lionguard musters its forces at the top of the hour outside the city entrances, ready to storm in.
  • A new hastily erected asura gate connects to the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass, while the northeast exit to Icegate Gorge in Gendarran Fields has been permanently blocked.
  • Map completion remains possible, including waypoints, points of interest, vistas, jumping puzzles, and diving goggles. Just watch out for Scarlet’s troops!
  • For players who need to follow their Personal Story steps, Captain Smash and Bouncer Kinna over by Icegate Gorge in Gendarran Fields will sneak adventurers into Lion’s Arch.
Evacuate the Citizens!
Caught in all the chaos of the attack, the citizens of Lion’s Arch need help. A tally of all the citizens the players rescue will be kept for each foray into the city. Working together with the entire map, players must search for survivors, defeat attacking troops, eliminate enemy champions, and escort survivors to safety. For each tier of citizens saved, all event participators will receive a number of Alliance Supplies as a reward.
  • Citizens cower in corners throughout the city, waiting for rescuers to encourage them to flee. Help them reach an exit or a stealthed Whispers agent.
  • Help the Lionguard establish a foothold, taking and defending rally points just inside each city entrance.
    • Rox and Braham are fortifying the Trader’s Forum, Marjory and Kasmeer are working to secure Postern Ward, and Magnus is defending Fort Marriner.
    • If any of the three rally positions are held, an order representative will arrive with a beneficial buff.
  • Stopping the miasma deployment by defeating the enemy troops will allow players to rescue five nearby survivors.
    • As a further bonus, if all three miasma deployments are simultaneously prevented within ten minutes, an additional 35 citizens will be saved.
  • Some groups in Lion’s Arch require an armed escort in order to successfully escape. Assist them by clearing their escape route and increase the rescue tally by five.
  • Keep an eye out for piles of rubble where residents have stashed their heirlooms.
  • As the miasma nears lethal levels, champions will attack Fort Marriner and the Lion’s Shadow Inn. Elite enemies will land at the Grand Piazza. Defeating each boss event will save 10 additional citizens.
    Beware the miasma, and heed Captain Magnus’s updates as he appraises its rising level. Miasma has no known antidote, and those who fall to the deadly gas will find themselves at one of the adjoining camps to recover from its effects. Be sure to secure the exit before it reaches lethal levels!
Vigil Keep, the Impromptu Hub of Services
Most of the services in Lion’s Arch have found a new home at the Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields.
  • All home-city asura gates will now connect to a new gate plaza in the Vigil Keep.
  • All WvW and PvP asura gates have also been hastily erected to connect to the Vigil Keep.
  • The Black Lion Trading Post, Bank, and Guild services have moved to the Vigil Keep.
  • Dungeon reward vendors and cultural weapon vendors have moved to the Vigil Keep.
  • The powerful Zommoros, along with Miyani, have relocated near the new asura gates.
  • Sonder the Seller, Scornheart, and Poyaqui are also available.
  • Floating above is the captain’s airship, the Havoc’s Heir, a one-stop shop for all services.
Three Refugee Camps
Survivors of the attack have congregated at the doorsteps of Tyria’s orders. At each camp, the Captain’s Council and the Lionguard give relief and medical aid to refugees. Here, players will be able to return found belongings and heirlooms for helpful rewards. Hot-air balloons from Kryta provide free travel to the other camps in this time of need.
  • Gendarran Fields: The main refugee camp lies just south of the Vigil Keep.
    • The Consortium has reestablished its asura gates to Southsun Cove and the Fractals of the Mists.
    • Kouris will still connect players to the activity of the day.
  • Lornar’s Pass: This small camp lies south of the Durmand Priory, nestled in the foothills.
  • Bloodtide Coast: This camp lies along the north shore of Stormbluff Isle.
Rewards and Achievements
During the player’s foray into Lion’s Arch:
  • Alliance Supplies will not only drop from the invaders, but players will also be rewarded for rescuing a number of citizens. They hold a variety of items, such as a chance for Refugee’s Belongings, Spinal Shards, Spinal Blades Blueprint Scraps, Refugee Children’s Drawings, Piles of Bloodstone Dust, and Powerful Potions of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies.
    • There’s a rare chance for Quaggan Tonics, Captain’s Airship Passes, and even a Mini Captain Magnus.
  • For those who take and defend the rally points inside Lion’s Arch, an order representative will arrive and offer a 30-minute buff that grants combat boosts.
    • Vigil Valiance is obtained by defending Trader’s Forum.
    • Priory Aethershield is obtained by holding Postern Ward.
    • Quickness of Whispers is obtained by securing Fort Marriner.
  • Coordinate to stop three miasma deployments simultaneously to earn the Triple Threat achievement, which awards 10 Spinal Shards and bonus loot.
  • Rescue enough citizens and work together with the entire map to earn five tiers of rewards.
    • As players surpass each tier, contributors are rewarded Spinal Shards, Refugee’s Belongings, and Found Heirlooms.
      • Tiers are set at 100, 300, 600, 1000, and 1500 citizens rescued.
    • Those who remain until the miasma reaches lethality, participants will be rewarded with daily Dragonite Ore, champion bags, Blade Shards, and masterwork items.
      • For players who attain the highest tier, there’s a chance for ascended materials and rewards from previous Living World releases.
When not rescuing citizens:
  • After completing the escort events in Lion’s Arch, search for NPCs in the refugee camps who will sell utility feast recipes, speed boosts, potions of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies, or give players a bit of luck.
  • Combine the four Spinal Blades Blueprint Scraps in the Mystic Forge to start constructing a Spinal Blades back item.
    • With Spinal Shards, add more blades to upgrade the Spinal Blades back piece until it reaches the ascended level.
  • Found Heirlooms can be used to purchase Selfless Potions or Thoughtless Potions to display the player’s halo or horns, respectively.
    • Find 30 heirlooms and earn the Memories in Your Hand achievement, which awards either 50 Alliance Supplies or 50 Empyreal Fragments.
More to achieve:
  • Various achievements will challenge players to clear each of the three entrances to Lion’s Arch, complete each of six escorts, and defeat the bosses that arrive as the miasma nears lethality.
  • More challenging achievements will ask players to defend each of the three entrances to Lion’s Arch and all of the rally points for a full evacuation cycle (Triple Play achievement), or defend a special group of evacuees without a loss (All Bets Are Off achievement).
  • Extraction Complete, the meta-achievement, awards 100 Alliance Supplies when players finish 15 out of the 28 Escape from Lion’s Arch achievements and daily achievements.
World Polish
  • Triple Trouble
    • A new achievement has been added to the Great Jungle Wurm encounter. This achievement is awarded when players complete the event and unlock the prestigious title of “Wurm’s Bane.”
    • The Wurm Demolitionist achievement has been lowered to 5 kegs, down from 30.
    • Wurmslayer progress is now awarded to any participating player in the Triple Trouble events.
    • Wurm Decapitator progress is now awarded to any participating player in the Triple Trouble events.
    • Successfully completing the Triple Trouble events now has an increased chance at ascended armor.
World vs. World
  • Removed the requirement that players need to attain rank 30 in WvW before purchasing the Gift of Battle.
  • The Air-Strike Grenade and Sentry Turret items are now account bound.
  • Edge of the Mists:
    • Moved two tower guild officer NPCs that were interfering with bucket interactions.
    • Added trading post icons to the Black Lion trader NPCs in the starting areas.
    • Added missing interact text to one of the bridge-build locations.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the bonded elementals at Overgrown Fane to appear stacked on top of each other.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Retaliation to do PvE levels of damage instead of PvP levels of damage.
    • Reduced the rate of fire of the Badlands auto-turrets.
    • Removed duplicate titles from the Resourceful and Some Say It’s Your Specialty achievements.
New Items and Promotions
  • A new set of light, medium, and heavy armor in the Zodiac style are available in the Style category for 800 gems each.
  • A new airship full of merchants, a bank, trading posts, crafting stations, and everything players might need all in one place now hovers over the Vigil Keep. A two-week Captain’s Airship Pass can now be purchased in the Services category for 150 gems.
  • A permanent Captain’s Airship Pass is available for sale through this introductory week, after which it will only be available during special sales. Players can find the permanent Captain’s Airship Pass in the Services category for 1000 gems.
  • A new Ascalonian-Leader Finisher is available for 800 gems in the Upgrades category. Players can now summon a ghostly champion and army to trample their defeated foes.
  • Players should stop by the Gem Store to pick up their free sample of an Experience Booster, a Revive Orb, and a Crafting Booster!
  • Additions to the Black Lion Chest:
    • There is now a rare chance to get a Mini Marjory Delaqua or Mini Mai Trin from the chest.
    • For a limited time, every chest also contains a guaranteed stack of 5 Bags of Alliance Supplies.
  • Banker Golem (2 Weeks) will now start its countdown timer when players activate it for the first time, so it is safe to stack unused ones in inventory. This will not affect golems previously purchased or waiting in mail.
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Since its inception early last year, The Living World has had several escalating levels of impact on Tyria. While temporary and seemingly forgettable at first, it wasn't long before signposts and refugees evolved into some of the most memorable dungeons, maps, and characters that the game has seen since its launch in 2012. The prospect of pushing all of that to the next level has been thrown around quite a bit lately, and now we're seeing it come to fruition. Scarlet Briar has come to Lion's Arch, and she couldn't be happier about it.

"Nothing lasts forever."

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Return to Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, the latest chapter of the award-winning series, and bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Explore the vast world with friends or embark upon an epic adventure alone — the choices you will make will shape your destiny.

Curse has partnered up with Bethseda to give away a ton of beta keys for their upcoming game, Elder Scrolls Online. These aren't one-weekend keys, either. Each key will give you access to all future TESO beta tests so make sure to grab yours quickly!

Curse Premium members can snag their key starting today, February 4th until tomorrow, February 5th. On the 6th, the keys go public and everyone can grab theirs until the giveaway ends on February 10th.

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The Edge of the Mists
Tyria is reeling in the shadow of the titanic horrors Scarlet Briar has recently unleashed. With its attention diverted, however, Scarlet has struck again—this time close to home. The dangerous mastermind has released a powerful enemy through a portal into an undiscovered, fragmented region of the Mists. Heroes of the Mist War are needed to explore and secure this new realm, but what will they find, and what does this latest attack portend?
A Study in Scarlet
  • Captain Ellen Kiel is seeking help with a development in Lion’s Arch. Join her at Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch for more information.
  • Meanwhile, Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade have acquired different artifacts from Scarlet’s machinations from the last year.
  • Lead the investigation to piece together the puzzle that is Scarlet’s plan so far.
Taimi’s Troubles
  • Taimi, a gifted asuran prodigy, has been marooned in the Edge of the Mists while investigating Scarlet’s motives. She needs the player’s help to escape.
  • Can players avoid the perils in the Edge of the Mists in order to recover the golem parts she needs?
Unstable Portals
  • Whatever Scarlet did to rip open the Edge of the Mists portal in Lion’s Arch has caused unstable portals to open intermittently in some of the more dangerous areas of Tyria.
  • Fight off Aetherblades to restore these portals and use them to join the battle.
  • Players can unlock achievements by investigating Scarlet’s motives, helping Taimi in the Edge of the Mists, and using one of the unstable Edge of the Mists portals in the wilds of Tyria.
World vs. World
  • Introducing the Edge of the Mists
    • A brand-new section of the Mists has been uncovered for players to battle in.
    • This new WvW map will always be available and, unlike existing WvW maps, is able to create overflow instances. This means players no longer have to wait to play WvW, regardless of the number of players attempting to play.
    • The map can be entered from the WvW UI screen or from Lion’s Arch.
    • All European worlds will be matched up with one another in the Edge of the Mists. All North American worlds will be matched up with one another as well.
      • Worlds will be matched according to which color they are in the current WvW matchup. For example, all green worlds will be on the same team in the Edge of the Mists.
    • There are nine special objectives in the Edge of the Mists, each with a different boss to defeat and bonus for capturing and holding.
      • The Overgrowth Region
        • Altar: Defeat the elementals guarding the altar to capture it. Once the altar is captured, players can power it up to gain an immunity boon.
        • Observatory: Defeat the three grawl tricksters to capture the observatory. Once captured, players can purchase a sentry turret that will mark enemies on the map.
        • Statuary: Defeat the stoneworker to capture the statuary. Once captured, players can use the supercannons to bombard enemies.
      • The Frostreach Region
        • Forge: Defeat the smith to capture the forge. Once captured, players can craft Koda’s Hammer, a bundle weapon.
        • Bell Tower: Defeat the bell ringer to capture the bell tower. Once captured, players can ring bells throughout the Frostreach region to summon Spirits of Koda to defend the area.
        • Shrine: Defeat the Voice to capture the shrine. Once captured, players can summon the Claw to patrol the Frostreach region.
      • The Badlands Region
        • Workshop: Defeat the mechanic to capture the workshop. Once captured, players can purchase a mechanical siege devourer transformation.
        • Airport: Defeat the pilot to capture the airport. Once captured, players can purchase air-strike items to call down remote air strikes on enemies.
        • Wurm Tunnel: Defeat the wurm to capture the tunnel. Once captured, players can use wurm tunnels on the map to travel across great distances.
    • There is an additional new objective type in the Edge of the Mists: Reactors.
      • These objectives are guarded by one creature and, when held, will provide additional supply at specific objectives.
      • Building generators at each reactor will increase the size of the supply deliveries.
    • Each region has a tower and a keep associated with it.
    • Each keep has a specific bonus that accrues for the team holding it when they capture and hold other objectives in that region.
      • Overgrown Fane (Overgrowth Region)
        • For each objective held in the Overgrowth region, players will receive an increasingly powerful buff.
      • Arid Fortress (Badlands Region)
        • For each objective held in the Badlands region, automated turrets will be activated in the area to defend against invaders.
      • Thunder Hollow (Frostreach Region)
        • Each objective held in the Frostreach region will increase the strength of snowfall in the area, which impedes invaders.
    • The Edge of the Mists resets every 4 hours, and the score from the map does not affect the score for the current WvW matchup.
    • Victorious worlds in the Edge of the Mists will receive a supply drop in their home borderlands map upon victory in the Edge of the Mists.
    • A new, permanent achievement group has been added to the WvW achievement category for the Edge of the Mists.
  • User Interface and Queue Improvements
    • The WvW panel, opened with the B key, has been updated to more closely match other UI elements in the game.
      • It now includes separate tabs for entering WvW, viewing the detailed score, and viewing WvW ranks and abilities.
      • The Mist War tab includes information about the Edge of the Mists, the current score in the WvW matchup, the buttons for entering each map, as well as information about the queue status of each map.
    • The queue for WvW has been updated.
      • Players are now able to see their position in the queue for any given map.
      • Players can now see the current queue status of each WvW map on the WvW panel. This includes the number of people queued to enter the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the legendary drake in Angvar’s Trove to occasionally become stuck.
  • WvW Bonus Chests: Increased the drop rates of ascended weapons and armor. Armor will drop approximately 1.5 times more often than weapons.
  • Guild Missions: Increased the drop rates of ascended weapons, armor, and trinkets. Armor will drop approximately 1.5 times more often than weapons.
  • Tequatl: Increased the drop rate of all ascended weapons. Further increased the drop rate of Sunless ascended weapons.
Profession Skills
Posted Image Warrior (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Riposte: Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to continue being reflected after the skill was canceled when traited with Missile Deflection.
Posted Image Necromancer (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Signet of Vampirism: The active life-siphoning effect of this signet can no longer be applied to inanimate objects, such as WvW gates.
World vs. World
  • The Righteous Indignation buff has been updated in the following ways:
    • New icon
    • New visual effect
    • Reduced the outgoing damage multiplier from 300% to 200%
  • Increased the amount of Dragonite Ore dropped by keep lords.
  • The WvW panel is now visible everywhere (in overflows, while guesting, etc.).
  • The right-click player menu now works properly while in WvW—showing options for party invites, whispers, etc.—for players who are not enemies in WvW.
  • The player location UI now displays specific WvW map names and the correct home shard when mousing over players who are in WvW.
  • Fixed some bugs related to WvW queue ordering.
  • Fixed WvW queue-related exploits.
Living World
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Detached Great Jungle Wurm Head to remain invulnerable after the timer started.
  • Fixed an issue in which the wurms were not properly deactivating when the event failed.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent the Detached Great Jungle Wurm Head from reemerging.
New Items and Promotions
  • New Lovestruck weapon skins are available at the Black Lion Weapons Specialist for the introductory price of 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket for the next four weeks. Black Lion Weapon Tickets can be found in Black Lion Chests.
  • The Permanent Cute-Quaggan Finisher is now available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 800 gems. Players can now have cute quaggans dance around their fallen foes in PvP and WvW when they use this adorable finisher.
  • Glory Boosters will no longer be sold in the Gem Store starting February 11, 2014.
  • The Flamekissed Light Armor Skin has returned with a new look and can be obtained for 800 gems in the Style category of the Gem Store. All existing Flamekissed Light Armor pieces have been upgraded to the new look.
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New GuildWars 2 API Coming Soon

A press release fromt Arenanet has stated that a new developer API is coming for Guild Wars 2.  In simple terms, this new API grants developers access to deeper, account-sensitive information when authorized to do so (such as allowing a player to log-in to a phone "app" to check his bank tabs).  You can read the press release below.

ArenaNet, developer of the popular online role-playing game Guild Wars 2, is working on the implementation of OAuth2 and plans to release new authenticated Guild Wars 2 APIs in 2014. ArenaNet also plans on adding a Leaderboards API that will give developers programmatic access to the same leaderboards data that ArenaNet used to create its Guild Wars 2 leaderboards site.

The Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards site uses leaderboards data that will be made available via API in the near future.
The initial release of the Guild Wars 2 API was on May 14, 2013. That was followed by several sets of updates and new APIs that were released throughout the summer of 2013. There are several types of API endpoints available. These include (but are not limited to):
  • Dynamic Events – Can be used to return the current status of events for a specific world as well as localized lists of event names, map names and world names. Can also be used to return a list of static details about available events.
  • Guilds – Can be used to return specific details for a guild such as guild name, ID, tag and the guild’s emblem.
  • Items – Can be used to return a list of items that players discovered in the game, and can also be used to return details about a single item, return a list of discovered recipes and detailed recipe information.
  • Map information – Can be used to return information about continents and continent details. Can also be used to return a list of maps in the game as well as the details of a map floor, which is used to populate a world map.
  • World vs. world – Can be used to return a list of the world vs. world matches that are currently running, including the worlds that are participating. Can also be used to return a list of world vs. world objective names and details about a specific match, including the total score.
Stefan Larimore, a server programmer at ArenaNet and an active gamer (he currently plays Guild Wars 2, Minecraft and League of Legends), provided some details about the upcoming new Guild Wars 2 APIs. Larimore tells ProgrammableWeb that the OAuth2 implementation itself is basically complete. However, ArenaNet is currently developing APIs that take advantage of OAuth2. The first set of new authenticated APIs will use Guild Wars 2 Character and Account information.

“I hope to have an initial release by end of the first quarter of 2014, but there are still some unknowns about performance and scalability which might push this back a bit,” says Larimore.

ArenaNet also plans on adding a Leaderboards API which will provide programmatic access to the same leaderboards data that was used to create the official Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards site.

“These new APIs, along with all previous v1 APIs, will be released under a new v2 root, which is a bit cleaner and more consistent than our v1 APIs, and offers some bulk access capabilities,” Larimore says.

The Guild Wars 2 API has been enthusiastically received by the community and the API is being actively used by a small group of community members to create Guild Wars 2 apps and to build API wrappers. API wrappers have been created for a variety of languages including C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python and Ruby. There are many great third-party apps using the Guild Wars 2 API. Two examples are GW2Spidy Trading Post Graphs and the GW2Hero Live Event Viewer.
The GW2Hero Live Event Viewer displays real-time Guild Wars 2 event listings on a world map. In addition to the Guild Wars 2 API, GW2Hero uses jQuery and Leaflet. The Live Event Viewer displays group events and skill challenges. Users can choose specific worlds to view (North America and European Union).

GW2Spidy is an online Guild Wars 2 trading post that provides graphs for the gem exchange rate as well as game items such as armor, food, weapons and crafting items. GW2Spidy provides graphs for each item that show sell listings volume, buy listings volume and raw data. The charts can be set to show sell and buy volumes for one day, three days, one week, one month and all time. Also displayed are item details such as defense, power, precision, critical damage, sell price, buy price, supply, demand and when item was last updated. GW2Spidy also has a public API available that developers can use to incorporate GW2Spidy trading post data into third-party websites and applications.
Developers building apps based on the Guild Wars 2 API can post technical questions, post about issues and bugs and make feature requests in the Guild Wars 2 API DevelopmentForum. Most interaction with the community occurs on the API subforum, where players will often answer questions and offer advice, Larimore says. He occasionally interacts with the players on the forum, replying to unanswered questions or giving some perspective on their feedback.

“We have been very impressed by technical competence and courtesy displayed by the API community. It has been a pleasure working with them,” says Larimore.

For more information about the Guild Wars 2 API, visit the official documentation.
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