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From the very moment it launched last April, Super Adventure Box was an immediate hit. The 8-bit style graphics, quirky sound-effects, and retro platforming action provided players with some of the most engaging and memorable content to date. Now, after what seemed like an eternity, Super Adventure Box is back with even more content than before. Check out the press release below, then dig into the gallery by clicking on the banner above.


BELLEVUE, Wash. – Aug. 27, 2013: ArenaNet today announced the return of Super Adventure Box, the wildly popular, 8-bit-inspired dungeon, to Guild Wars 2 starting Sept. 3. The new and improved version of this “game within a game” offers more zones, modes and rewards, and will go live with Guild Wars 2’s next update, continuing ArenaNet’s pattern of delivering players exciting new content every two weeks, a pace unparalleled by Western competitors.

Super Adventure Box originated as an April Fools’ Day joke earlier this year, but quickly became a fan favorite with its pixelated 3D graphics, retro music and nostalgic gameplay that stirred memories of video games from yesteryear. Designed in-game by Moto, a crafty asura, to be a virtual reality simulator to educate the younger generation, Super Adventure Box will take players back to school with new and more difficult challenges.

Players can get an early look at the update by joining a livestream with ArenaNet developers on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at noon (PDT) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/guildwars2.

New Events
  • Continued Education: Players can continue their studies by going deeper into World 2, traveling through the Rapids, Pain Cliffs and Storm Top, where they’ll meet their lethal final exam in the form of the Storm Wizard. Unlocking new items and upgrades along the way will be the key to getting ahead.
  • Tribulation Mode: Moto’s newest challenge teaches resilience and non-linear thinking. Players will learn that life isn’t easy in this new, ridiculously difficult mode for all zones in Worlds 1 and 2.
New Rewards
  • Super Weapon Set: Players can acquire a stylish new look for their weapons by trading in Bauble Bubbles to earn the rest of the Super Weapon Skins.
  • King Toad and Storm Wizard Weapons: Showing their prowess in Super Adventure Box, players will earn the materials necessary for King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons.
  • Mini Princess Miya: Players can create their own mini Princess Miya by combining in the forge a mini Moto and elements of Princess Miya’s outfit.
New Features
  • Craft Ascended Weapons: New recipes and materials will be hidden around the world, and a new skill cap of 500 will be introduced for the Weaponsmith, Artificer and Huntsman crafting disciplines. Players crafting their way to 500 will become Grandmaster Crafters and can learn the secrets of crafting Ascended weapons.
  • Legendary Weapon Updates: Legendary weapons are getting a stat boost and an Offensive Infusion slot to align with the new Ascended weapons! Legendaries are also receiving additional functionality: When out of combat, Legendary weapon bearers will be able to choose between different stat combinations for your weapon. And to top it all off, many Legendaries are getting some aesthetic upgrades!
  • Account-Wide Magic Find: We’re removing Magic Find as an equipment stat. Instead, your Magic Find will now be an account-wide bonus that applies to all of your characters. You can boost your account’s Magic Find using Essences of Luck, which can be earned by salvaging Fine or Masterwork items.
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Mike Zadorojny - IGN Up at Noon interview

Arenanet's Mike "Z" appeared on IGN's Up at Noon to give an interview regarding the 1 year anniversary of the game, along with some hints at what's to come.  He gives an overview of the major updates done to the game, and discusses some milestones.

He also outlined the living story content system, which is now on a 2-week, 4 team basis.  The studio still features the same amount of employees as at launch.  He confirmed a little under 70 people work on the living story teams, the rest working under a set of "core teams" creating tools, such as the LFG tool.

Some highlights:
  • Team working on the LFG tool is "upon close release."
  • Game was launched "unfinished" in his eyes, constant expansion.
  • Studio focused on looking at what to do beyond living story, but not dropping the living story.
  • Many of the major changes of Guild Wars 2 (no dedicated healer, even system, etc) based upon consumer feedback from Guild Wars 1.
  • PAX hints... Saturday of PAX "taking of Ballroom of Ren.hotel."
  • PAX will have a sneak peak at September content.
  • PAX will feature multiple panels of all areas of the studio.
  • Arenanet is "a PC oriented company. Options remain open for other platforms.
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Clockwork Chaos
The nefarious villain, Scarlet Briar, has made herself known to Tyria! Chaos ensues as she unleashes her clockwork minions across the world!
Closing Ceremony
  • Witness the high point of the Queen’s Jubilee! Attend the ceremony and hear the Queen’s Speech in the Crown Pavilion of Divinity’s Reach. It’s sure to end with a bang.
Clockwork Minions Invade
  • Scarlet’s clockwork minions are invading entire zones across Tyria.
  • Watch the World Event UI for new invasions.
  • All overflow maps created within 10 minutes of the start of the invasion will host a concurrent version of that hour’s event.
  • Complete additional waves of the invasion for an increasingly lucrative map-wide reward.
  • Map-wide rewards are limited to once per account, per day, per map. For example, players who claim the map-wide reward for an invasion in the Gendarran Fields will only be able to claim invasion rewards in other maps until the following day.
  • Complete all waves of an invasion to unlock a bonus battle with Scarlet.
  • Defeat Scarlet for a daily world-boss reward of two guaranteed rare items.
  • All possible maps will be invaded at least once per day.
  • Invasions will not occur in Orr, Southsun Cove, or maps suited for character levels below 25.
  • After the Clockwork Chaos release, the invasions will continue at a less frequent pace.
Scarlet’s Funhouse
  • Scarlet has claimed and occupied a prominent structure in Tyria and twisted it into a demented fun house.
  • Help Emissary Vorpp at the Crown Pavilion reverse-engineer Scarlet’s portal technology to find a way into her fun house.
  • Defeat Scarlet to restore the fun house to its proper form.
Ongoing Festivities
  • The Crown Pavilion and Queen’s Gauntlet will close for maintenance on September 3. Look for their return in the future!
  • Two achievement categories have been added to the Living World achievement group:
    • Clockwork Chaos contains all release-related achievements and the meta-achievement for this release.
    • Emissary Vorpp’s field assistant contains achievements related to the Living World story for this release. It serves as a guide to completing key achievements in the Clockwork Chaos category.
  • Completing the Clockwork Chaos meta-achievement awards the player an Infinite Watchknight Tonic. Completing this meta-achievement requires players to complete 18 achievements from either the Clockwork Chaos category or the dailies related to the Clockwork Chaos release.
Exotic Drop
  • Play Clockwork Chaos content for a chance at the exotic Twisted Watchwork Portal Device Recipe.
  • The recipe requires a level 400 artificer. The ingredients are 50 Watchwork Sprockets, 50 Bowls of Salsa, 1 Unidentified Dye, and 1 Glob of Dark Matter.
  • The Twisted Watchwork Portal Device is a single-use consumable that teleports the user to a random place in Tyria. The destination may be very rewarding, very dangerous, both, or anywhere in between.
World vs. World
  • Trebuchet Mastery has been added to the Ranks and Abilities tab.
    • Increased the damage of trebuchet skills.
    • Disease Cloud from cow ammo now drains supply from enemy players.
    • Increased the radius of trebuchet skills.
    • New skill: Healing Oasis—Fires a shot that heals allies and creates a water combo field.
    • Basic shots that hit enemy supply depots will now destroy some of the objective’s supply.
  • WvW Ability Points are now equal to the earned WvW rank of each character. All rank 1 characters will have 1 World Ability Point.
  • Liquid World Experience is now available as a drop in WvW rank-up chests. When consumed, characters receive a set amount of WXP.
  • Server-side culling has been removed from all PvE maps. More information on culling may be found in this blog post.
  • The character-select screen now displays information about several achievement categories in addition to unlocked account medals.
  • The watch list in the Achievements panel now supports drag-and-drop functionality to organize achievements.
  • Additional visual and audio polish has been added to the achievements system.
  • The amount of karma granted from consumable karma items has been increased. Karma boosts no longer affect the amount of karma gained from consumable items.
  • The minimap and objective list no longer disappear when a character is downed or defeated.
  • “Last of the Giant-Kings” – Korag is now flagged as a veteran to match his difficulty.
Profession Skills
Posted Image Elementalist (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Signet of Restoration: The signet effect will now play at the start of the cast for this skill.
  • Glyph of Elementals: Removed an unnecessary range fact.
Posted Image Engineer (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Flame Turret—Overcharge: The skill fact now displays the correct radius.
  • Elixir Gun—Elixir F: Added a bouncing skill fact to the base skill when it is traited with Rifled Barrels.
  • Thump: Updated the damage skill fact to more accurately reflect the damage done.
  • Jump Shot: Fixed a bug that caused the vulnerability applied by this skill to be unblockable.
Posted Image Guardian (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Purifying Ribbon: Added a skill fact for the number of bounces.
  • Signet of Wrath: Added a damage skill fact.
  • Faithful Strike: Updated the healing fact to display the correct value. Added a radius skill fact.
  • Bane Signet: Added a passive skill fact and changed the knockdown fact to display the correct duration when this skill is traited with Perfect Inscriptions.
  • Signet of Judgment: Added a passive skill fact that is also updated when traited with Perfect Inscriptions.
  • Signet of Mercy: Added a passive skill fact that is also updated when traited with Perfect Inscriptions.
  • Signet of Wrath: Added a passive skill fact that is also updated when traited with Perfect Inscriptions.
  • Virtue of Resolve: Updated the buff skill fact to accurately display the healing per tick.
  • Hammer of Wisdom: Updated the damage facts for this skill as well as its Command skill.
  • Sword of Justice—Command: Fixed an issue that caused the Command skill to go on full recharge without activating properly when used without a target.
Posted Image Mesmer (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Power Cleanse: Removed the range fact as it was unnecessary.
  • Mind Spike: Fixed a bug where this skill was checking for a boon on the mesmer instead of on the target. The extra damage will now be correctly applied when the player’s target has no active boons.
  • Moa Morph/Tuna Morph: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to appear unselectable while underwater.
  • All Phantasms: The ghostly effect on phantasms should no longer fail to show up in low graphics settings.
  • The Prestige: Fixed an issue that caused the blast finisher to occur at the point where the skill is cast, rather than on the mesmer.
Posted Image Necromancer (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Putrid Explosion: Added an unblockable skill fact to indicate the skill’s functionality.
  • Bone Fiend: Updated the range skill fact to indicate the creature’s actual range.
  • Lich Form: Updated the skill fact description so that it doesn’t indicate it removes spectral forms.
  • Plague Form: Updated the skill fact description so that it doesn’t indicate it removes spectral forms.
  • Chill of Death: Changed the radius skill fact to a range skill fact.
Posted Image Ranger (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Swoop: The charge portion of this skill no longer spams “miss” while running toward an enemy.
  • Juvenile Lynx—Rending Pounce: Updated the bleed skill fact to display the proper amount of bleeds.
  • Frost Spirit: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Cold Snap: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Sun Spirit: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Solar Flare: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Stone Spirit: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Quicksand: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Storm Spirit: Added a radius skill fact.
  • Call Lightning: Added a damage skill fact and a radius skill fact.
  • Crippling Talon: The projectile thrown will now travel the full distance when traited with Off-Hand Training.
Posted Image Thief (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Infiltrator’s Signet: Updated the signet’s effect to properly follow the thief when activated.
  • Flanking Strike: Removed a redundant damage fact.
Posted Image Warrior (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Seismic Leap: Fixed a bug so that this skill will now properly be a blast combo finisher.
  • Rampage—Dash: Fixed a bug that allowed the character to move further than intended.
  • Whirling Axe: Updated the skill fact to include a radius.
  • Banner of Discipline, Banner of Strength, Banner of Defense, and Battle Standard: Updated these skills to properly display their duration. Battle Standard now displays the casting range of the skill.
  • Banner—Sprint: This skill will now properly strike a target when it reaches the target while underwater.
  • Kill Shot: Fixed a bug so that this skill will no longer drain the energy of a target that reflects it.
  • Posted Image Asura
    • Pain Inverter: Replaced the range skill fact with a radius one to more accurately reflect the skill’s function.
Structured Player vs. Player
  • Minimap is now always centered and cannot be panned or zoomed.
  • Secondary objective icons for tournament maps have been repainted for clarity.
  • Map art for tournament maps have been repainted for clarity.
  • Downed icons no longer overlap profession icons.
  • Spectate camera icons no longer steal mouse focus from capture point icons when not visible.
  • Profession icons are now a fixed size regardless of map zoom level.
  • Player icons now show names in their tooltip.
  • Removed the capture point text from the map.
  • All capture point icons now properly show their name in the tooltip.
World vs. World
  • The Outnumbered buff now provides a 25% boost to all WXP gained.
  • WXP rates have been increased across the board. All activities that award WXP should now reward much more.
  • The Siege Decay buff is no longer visible to hostile players.
New Items and Promotions
  • The Zodiac Weapon Skins are now available for purchase from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist. This weapon skin set is inspired by the classic Guild Wars Zodiac weapons. For one month only, until September 16, these weapon skins cost only 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket. Claim Ticket Scraps can be acquired by opening Black Lion Chests. Black Lion Chest Keys are available in the Gem Store in the Consumable category for 125 Posted Image each or a pack of 5 for 450 Posted Image.
  • Mini 3-Pack Set 2 is now available in the Gem Store in the Minis category for 300 Posted Image. Open this pack to get three random minis from an entirely new set of miniatures! Each pack contains two common and one uncommon mini from set 2. Collect all 46 new minis! The Mini 3-Pack Set 1 is also still available for anyone looking to complete their set 1 collection.
  • The Permanent* *Twisted Watchwork Finisher is now available in the Gem Store in the Upgrades category for 500 Posted Image. This upgrade gives players unlimited, account-wide access to this twisted finisher.
  • The World vs. World Experience Booster is now available in the Gem Store in the Booster category for 150 Posted Image. This consumable grants 50% more WvW experience for one hour.

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To celebrate a full year of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet will be hosting several events during the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington. The activities begin at 1PM PST on Saturday, August 31st at the Renaissance Hotel mere blocks outside of the convention center. Though anyone looking to guarantee a spot should arrive early, as all events are on a first come first served basis. The are a few reveals being teased, so you'll definitely want to keep the event on your radar whether you're there in person or not.

To start things off, head-honcho Mike O'Brien will issue a "Welcome Address" that will lead directly into a play session where some brand new content will be showcased. Demo stations will be available for a few hours, as will the developers. After a short break, Colin Johanson and krewe will be speaking at a panel about the game's present and future, as well as answering some questions from the audience. Once the panel ends, SYNC and Car Crash will duke it out in the final match of the first official PvP Invitational Tournament. Then the fun really begins as ArenaNet's anniversary party kicks off with swag giveaways and plenty of chances to talk a dev's ear off.

Are you headed to the Emerald City in a couple weeks? What does everybody think the big reveals will be? Let us know!


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Guild Wars 2 Fastest-Selling MMOG in History

Arenanet has written a press release in which they announce that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling MMO of all time in the Western Market.  They also refer to a further increases in overall sales with the upcoming release of the game in China.

Guild Wars® 2 Fastest-Selling MMOG in History

Phenomenal European and North American Sales Set Record-Breaking

Benchmark for Western Massively Multiplayer Online Games

BELLEVUE Wash. – 16th Aug, 2013: ArenaNet™, developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, and DFC Intelligence, a strategic market research and consulting firm focused on interactive entertainment, today announced that Guild Wars 2 ranks as the all-time fastest selling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in Europe North America and Europe, with territorial sales topping more than 3 million in the first nine months of availability.

“After triangulating against multiple data sources, it’s clear that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling Western MMO of all time based on the first nine months of availability”, said analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence. “This puts Guild Wars 2 in an impressive position when they release in China, where we’ve seen similar franchises really take off”.

Guild Wars 2 is expected to experience rapid growth once it releases in China, where the player-base has the potential to exceed that of the West. To bring Guild Wars 2 to China, ArenaNet has partnered with KongZhong Corporation, a leading Chinese provider of digital entertainment services.

ArenaNet also announced a free trial for players looking to experience what millions of others are already enjoying. New players can create an account starting today and participate in a free trial from Fri., Aug. 23 (12:01am PDT) through Sun., Aug. 25. (11:59pm PDT). Players can register for free trial accounts here: http://register.guildwars2.com/trial

For more details about Guild Wars 2, visit www.guildwars2.com.

About ArenaNet

ArenaNet is the developer of the ground-breaking Guild Wars 2 and the best-selling Guild Wars online role-playing games. The studio’s mission is to create innovative online worlds, cultivate a vibrant and engaged global community of players, and to incorporate hand-crafted artistry into every aspect of their games. ArenaNet was formed in 2000 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea-based NCSOFT Corporation.

About Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars® 2 is a visually stunning MMO that offers players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events, and customized personal storytelling. Building on the success of Guild Wars, NCSOFT and game developer ArenaNet™ have created an MMO that lets gamers play the way they want, while at the same time retaining the no-subscription-fee business model that made the original Guild Wars so popular. For more information about Guild Wars 2, visit www.guildwars2.com.

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Just a few minutes ago, a mysterious man knocked on my door and handed me an envelope. This is what was inside:

Tick tock goes the clock

It's almost time for time to stop

Something you all must understand

Your world is built on fog and sand

You're out of time, your jig is done

It's time for Scarlet to have her fun

She has some hard lessons to teach

To the people of Divinity's Reach

So mark the date in permanent ink

The hour is later than you think

On the twentieth day she'll start her games

And warm her hands over Kryta's flames!

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It looks like the Queen's Speech page has been vandalized!

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As a reminder for those who weren't around last week, simply post a screenshot that fits the theme of the week for a chance to win a custom forum title and eternal glory on the front page. "Likes" can be used to highlight an exceptional image, but don't always equal a win. Each thread ends at 11:59 PM PST every Saturday night.

Week 5 Winner: Crantson

Posted Image

Week 6 Theme: Extracurricular Activities. You can only rebury so many Risen before you feel like becoming one yourself. What does your character do after they call it a day?

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Hello All!

We bring you news of this years Pink Day in La! The event is set to take place on October 19th this year - which is a Saturday. For the first time since we turned this event in a major thing in the Guild Wars 2 community - it will not be hosted at the same time as Extra Life - which is set to be on November 2nd (We also will be participating in this) - so we want to make this event bigger and better than ever!

We would like to invite all players, guilds, alliances and/or gaming website reps to attend our 1st meeting that will be used to fill in players as to what Pink Day is, how they can help and how to get their server involved!

Last year was amazing as we transitioned into Guild Wars 2 - we had over 19 servers active with this event on both American and European servers! The support was overwhelming and the day was a huge success! Of course we were still in Guild Wars 1 as well and with the ability to guest this year - we expect the event to be event more successful!

If you would like to find out more about this charity event - please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] or join us on August 17th  on this Ventrilo:


Port: 5464

Password : silenceftw

Never used Ventrilo before? It is easy!  Simply download it here:


Install and put in the info above and you are good to go! Microphones are not required for the meeting, so don't feel pressured to think you have to speak :)

Our official website for this year will be:


We are looking forward to getting this event organized once again! This year marks the 5th year that Pink Day has been an active charity in this community and we want to thank the Guild Wars 1 and 2 communities for supporting what we do!

See you there!

Rhonda and the Gamer's Giving Back Krewe

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As the next phase of the living story and the first Guild Wars 2 anniversary approach, ArenaNet has a few details to share regarding the update scheduled to land next Tuesday, August 20th. Much like our preview of last week's content, there's quite a bit of care going into spoiler control. Keep your eyes peeled for any surprises that may be in store during the next few days!


BELLEVUE, Wash. – Aug. 13, 2013: ArenaNet today announced Queen’s Speech, the latest content update for Guild Wars 2, going live Aug. 20. The update is the last before the game’s one-year anniversary and represents ArenaNet’s ongoing commitment to delivering players new content faster than any Western competitor.

Queen’s Speech builds on the previous Living World update, Queen’s Jubilee, in which players celebrated 10 years of Queen Jennah’s rule with hot air balloon rides, pomp and circumstance, and the unveiling of the Crown Pavilion, a new gladiatorial arena. In the newest update, Queen Jennah has gathered the inhabitants of Kryta to give a state-of-the-nation address and reflect on her years in power. But an air of mystery hangs over the occasion, leaving players to wonder what might be in store…only time will tell.

New Rewards
· Birthday Gifts: Players who created characters when Guild Wars 2 launched last August will receive a gift as their characters reach their first birthdays. Included will be a Mini Queen Jennah, a 24-hour Birthday Booster and a Scroll of Experience.

· Infinite Watchknight Tonic: Players who complete the Queen’s Speech meta achievement will receive a tonic that allows them to transform into a Watchknight at any time.

New Events
· Ten Days of Black Lion Sales: Each day for 10 consecutive days – starting Friday, Aug. 23, at 12:01 a.m. (PT) – players will be able to purchase items and weapon skins that had limited sales during the game’s first year from the Black Lion Trading Company.

New Features
· World vs. World XP / Point Adjustments: Earning World Experience will be easier for players playing normally in WvW as the WXP rate will be increased across the board. World Ability Points also will be adjusted so that a player’s total points will equal his or her current rank. New characters will start with one Ability Point, and all existing characters will receive one more.

· World vs. World Trebuchet Mastery: A new Trebuchet Mastery ability line will allow players to increase their efficiency with trebuchets by increasing the basic shot damage and hit radius, and adding a new supply-draining effect to the basic shot. Players can also learn a new Healing Oasis skill that provides healing to teammates.

· The End of Culling in PvE: On August 20, we’re turning off culling, which will remove the limit on the number of characters you can see on-screen at once. The cities of Tyria will now be even more vibrant and bustling than ever!

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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Over on IGN, Colin Johanson was kind enough to drop a few hints about the upcoming Guild Wars 2 anniversary celebration. Despite the game's actual birthday being in a few short weeks, celebrations are expected to begin on August 20th. Colin teases that this next update ties the past living story arcs into a single knot that will greatly impact the current game world, as well as pave the way for more permanent content. It's also due to set the stage for the next phase of the living story, so fingers crossed on that one. Players can also look forward to the fun of receiving birthday presents on characters who have survived a year in Tyria. No word on the specifics of the gifts, but luckily you won't have to wait too long to find out.

It’s a story that really affects the entire world and permanently creates content and change for the entire world game-wide, which is really something that’s important to us and we want to showcase that that’s where stuff is headed.

You can read the full article here, then be sure to come back and let us know what you think of this.

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