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Alongside a slew of new PvE and WvW information you'll see coming out in the April 30th patch, we have even more to talk about. That's right, folks; two of the biggest, long-awaited structured PvP (sPvP) features will be introduced at the end of this month: custom arenas and spectator mode.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with either of these features, custom arenas will allow any Guild Wars 2 player to create, host, and customize their own private sPvP matches while spectator mode, fairly self-explanatory, will allow anyone to observe those matches as they are happening.

Custom Arenas
Not only do custom arenas provide a platform for those that have been aching for smaller fights, such as 1v1 dueling, or even team scrimmages (without affecting your place on the leaderboards), you can also use custom arenas to create private and public tournaments. This by itself opens up an assortment of opportunities, but we'll touch on those later.

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New Gem Store Items
Once the limited beta ends, you will be able to purchase a starter kit from the Gem Store that will be used to create custom arenas. Another purchasable item you’ll find are time tokens. These tokens will allow you to add more time to your custom arena rental or to someone else's if you wish to help support the players you enjoy watching and/or tournaments that you enjoy playing in or watching.

As far as customization options go, here are a few that will be available to you once you start the arena creation process:
  • Ability to name your arena;
  • Ability to choose which map(s) are playable;
  • Ability to set a password;
  • Members whitelist;
  • Members blacklist (ban list).
Spectator Mode
While we haven’t had a chance to test spectator mode just yet, and therefore cannot attest to the customizable options that will be available for it, even at its basic implementation it’s not hard to grasp the importance of adding such a feature alongside custom arenas.

With spectator mode it will finally be possible to shoutcast live matches without having to rely on pre-recorded footage, which in turn opens up some interesting possibilities for those wanting to host tournaments, or perhaps for players that might be looking to produce high-quality videos for their team, guild, or the community in general.

Another great way to utilize spectator mode is that those new to the sPvP scene, or those that wish to brush up on their performance, can always pull up a custom arena from the PvP interface and observe higher ranked teams to watch an assortment of high level gameplay. This, in turn, provides the observer with the ability to learn new tactics and strategies as well as learn how they can play their profession more effectively and efficiently.

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Limited Beta
With that being said, here comes the catch: custom arenas will first roll out as a limited beta feature. Creating custom arenas will only be available to a small pool of players - specifically, those that placed in the top 50 for both NA and EU in Qualifying Points and a few chosen media sites - but anyone can play in a player-created arena and have access to spectator mode.

Unfortunately we don't know how long the beta will last, but seeing as everything tested just fine internally, ArenaNet just wants to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up before releasing custom arenas to the entire in-game populace.

In Closing
What does this mean for Guild Wars 2 and e-Sports? Well, frankly, a lot. Both of these new features are a big step in the right direction for ArenaNet and will no doubt provide a solid foundation for those who wish to build a larger competitive e-Sports scene around the game.

However, there is still a lot in the air in regards to of both of these features. If you have any specific questions on your mind that you still need answered, what are they? What are you still waiting to hear about in hopes of it being implemented with either, or both, of these features?

ArenaNet has since updated the official site with more detailed information about custom arenas and spectator mode. You can find that article here, but I'll be highlighting a few of the more important details.

Introducing Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode Beta

Let’s say you’re an sPvP guild who wants to scrimmage a friendly guild so you can both work on your strategies. Or maybe you want to be able to watch one of your friends play so that you can see what they’re doing and how they’re using their skills. Perhaps you’re playing in a hot-join game and you just got destroyed by someone, and you want to look at how they’re playing and what skills their using. Or, better yet, let’s say I just want to set up one-on-one duels inside my guild, pitting two players against each other, while the rest of the guild watches. Or maybe all I want to do is find a place where only my friends and I can play where we can’t be interrupted by other players.

Custom Arena Permissions
  • Custom Arena Name
  • Password
  • Message of the Day
  • Team Size
  • Score Limit
  • Time Limit
  • Respawn Time
  • Respawn Type: (Wave vs. individual)
  • Minimum players
  • Reserved Slots
  • Spectators: Y/N
  • Ready Button
  • Auto Balance
  • Lock Gear
  • Lock Skills
  • No Stats
  • Map selection
  • Member players
  • Member Guilds
  • Banned Players
Spectator Mode
Anyone in a hot-join game or a custom arena game (as long as spectator is enabled in the arena’s settings) can use spectator mode.

Spectator mode will not be available for games that affect the leaderboard due to the possibility of cheating and to help foster the shoutcasting community.

How it Works
When you start a game with spectator enabled, you are given a choice as to which team you want to join:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Spectator
When you enter as a spectator, you can click on a person to "follow" in the game, or choose to click on one of the many camera icons on the mini-map. Following a person allows you to view their choice of amulets, traits, slotted skills and weapon choice.

Red Posts by ArenaNet

For those that are wondering if they will be able to use the custom arena starter kits that they bought way back when the Gem Store was bugged and showing them:

Yes they will be fully functional.

Will ArenaNet staff have their own custom arenas for people to join?

Evan Lesh: Bluxgore’s House of Paincakes
Jonathan Sharp: Chaplan’s Existential Enclave
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Last week, we were briefed by ArenaNet on what will be included in the final Flame and Frost update. April 30th will introduce a lot of new content, including a new dungeon (complete with its own unique rewards), more living world events, a fresh batch of gem store goodies, some new guild missions and World Vs World abilities, and even a few exciting sPvP goodies I think a few of you might like. I'll be covering the PvE additions here, while Khalija will explain the PvP content in a separate article here. I’ll promise to contain my excitement, but if you stumble upon any wild spouts of text I apologize in advance.

Let’s get started.

Flame & Frost: Retribution
The living story concept that Flame and Frost has been built around is a bit different than the personal story some of you might be more familiar with. Rather than being confined to the boundaries of an instance, what happens in the Flame and Frost story missions is reflected out in the explorable world. World events will come and go, and the entire game world is fair game for new content and experiences. This first round of living story content has brought players east to the Shiverpeaks and plains of Ascalon, where a deadly alliance between the Flame Legion and dredge has been forged. In this installment, Rox and Braham will lead the charge into an entirely new dungeon; the Molten Weapon Facility.

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In addition to the events that will be added throughout the world, there’s a new dungeon that players will be able to experience. Unlike the original set of dungeons, this dungeon has a single main path; however, the dungeon itself will change upon re-entry. Voice-over dialogue will alternate, enemy combinations will change, and even the location of the dungeon itself will vary. New mechanics and challenges will also make their way into the dungeon to provide a fresh new challenge for everyone.The developers also made note of a unique instance of the dungeon that contains new dialogue and cutscenes to provide closure for the entire Flame and Frost story arc.

Once the roughly 40-50 minute dungeon instance has been completed, it will be time to bask in the sweet rewards that you can only find in this dungeon. ArenaNet was pretty tight-lipped on the specifics, so it’s unclear what the rewards will be or how they will be given to each member of the party.

New Gem Store Items
Bust out your gem cards and grab your gold, because the Black Lion Trading Company has some exciting new goodies to sell you! Whether you’re looking to add to your plush backpack collection, or just want to channel your inner-mole with the Sonic Tunneling Toy you’ll never want to leave town to use any of the four new weapon skins that will be available for a limited time. Yes, you can finally wear Rox’s quiver. Rangers rejoice!

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Wait,There’s More!
Yes, that’s right! Guild missions and World Vs World are also getting some love this month. There will be a new quaggan-themed guild rush available in Frostgorge Sound, and 24 new guild treks will scattered around the world for you and your fellow guildies to enjoy. On the WvW front, arrow carts will receive their own dedicated ability line, and the existing guard killer ability will be extended by another five tiers. While you’re at it,  rake in the World XP with new guild siege equipment while sporting a “guild back banner” that’s hot off the assembly line.

With only one week to go before this colossal patch squeezes its way into our hard drives, there’s still time to catch up on the previous entries in the Flame and Frost storyline. There’s also plenty of room for a healthy amount of discussion and mild-mannered speculation. Are you and your guildies already planning a night of dungeon shenanigans? Will you buy any of the new backpack covers? Are guild back banners capes in disguise?! The answers to all these burning  questions will reveal themselves in a mere seven days. Are you ready for it?

- - -

Official Updates
Here's an official look at what the new back banners will look like.

Hey guys,
I just want to mention that we have attempted to design this dungeon in a manner that, in a way, makes it very difficult to skip much of anything. We have done extensive internal testing and the general consensus is that trying to skip most of the content ends up being more trouble than it is worth, and the fastest way through is essentially to play through the content as intended.
I know that there will still be doubters, but hopefully the work we have put in towards this goal will contribute to providing the story experience you are hoping for.
-Paul Belz

The dungeon itself will be available for a limited amount of time, as it is tied to the ongoing story. The possibility of revisiting the content is not out of the question, however. It just becomes a matter of determining where and when it makes sense to do so.
-Paul Belz Back to Top

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Devon Carver has hinted about this change a few times in the past few weeks, but it wasn't highlighted before now because it was never confirmed to be possible until today:

We’ve been working hard at finding a solution to the problem of setting up separate reset times for the European and North American regions and I’m happy to say we’ve accomplished it! Starting next matchup and going forward the North American WvW matchup will reset Friday at 9:00 PM EST and the European matchup will reset at 19:00 GMT. It’s our hope that this will make for a better experience for everyone.

He also makes sure to mention later on in the thread that this change only affects the WvW timer, and not the daily reset timer. Back to Top

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Running from today, April 19th, until April 28th, Daniel Frozenwind will be hosting a new event for the Guild Was community - The Wickerwind Carnival. Now this is not your average community event. The idea is to not only to encourage community interaction across the game, but to use that interaction to influence the path the event takes as it unfolds. Mr. Frozenwind has crafted an elaborate story to tie in with the event, and it'll be up to the players to play along to see how it all turns out.

As one of the community sites that have partnered up with Daniel Frozenwind and the event, we have a new dedicated forum for the event and the activities we will be sponsoring. For a full schedule of the event's happenings (including what server to guest on), you'll want to check out the dates and locations thread here.

Once you've all had a chance to visit the new forum, be sure to head over to the official site of the Wickerwind Carnival for a complete overview of what the event will have to offer. In my experience, Guild Wars events are always ridiculous fun, and I expect this to be no different! Hope to see you all there!

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This Saturday, April 20th 1pm - 5pm CDT, Gamers Giving Back and GW-EN are hosting an in-game event to raise awareness and support for those who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

To participate, you need to be on or guest to the following servers: Henge of Denravi (NA) or Desolation (EU). Both events will be held in Divinity's Reach, so make sure you're early to get a spot!

Event Activities
  • Costume Contest
  • In-game Trivia (Guild Wars)
  • Battle for Balthazar
  • Roman Chariot Race
  • Scavenger Hunt
That's right, they are also hosting the event in Guild Wars, as well. If you wish to join you need to be present in the international districts of Chahbek Village.

For more information about the event, including on how you can help and/or donate, check out this thread here.

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Hey everyone! The time has come for Curse's yearly gaming preferences poll. If you could spare a few minutes, we'd like you to help us out with our survey by answering a few questions. Thanks for your help! Back to Top

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ArenaNet has created a game based around the idea of the Super Adventure Box.  You can play the game here, and check out the article here!

Originally, we just wanted to build out a couple sprites to fake the game in After Effects, but one of the cinematic artists on my team (Delly Sartika) has long harbored an interest in building his own retro platformer, so he volunteered to build out a playable version of our totally fake game.

Pro-Tips & Hints
  • Play on “Easy Mode” unless you are a wizard
  • There are 10 secret treasures
  • There are 4 Special endings:  3 for “Rytlock Mode” and 1 for “Easy Mode”
  • Save often!

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  • Changed Sonic Periscope blowout effect to a knockback to reduce the amount of stunned time. The knockback effect will not affect areas level 15 or below.
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Gaile Gray, ArenaNet's Support Liaison, has pointed out that they have recently closed a serious exploit within the game. Details of what the exploit actually was are few and far between, but we do know that the accounts of those who did take advantage of it were banned as per the game's terms of service. We'll update this thread accordingly should any further developments come forward.

We closed a serious but not-widespread exploit, and banned those accounts that performed it and those that received or stored the wealth they generated.

While performing the bans, we made a mistake and additionally banned some unrelated accounts. We identified the mistake and unbanned those accounts.

For those still banned, if you wish to appeal, you may submit a support ticket and the team will examine your case.


We have an update by Mike O'Brien:

I’d like to add some detail to what Gaile wrote above.

It was not possible to perform this exploit with an unmodified game client. Those who performed it knew exactly what they were doing.

As a normal player of the game, you shouldn’t have to worry that you might get banned for doing something that you didn’t think was wrong. We know it’s a very serious action to ban an account, and we don’t want to take that action arbitrarily or subjectively. Our goal is to only ban when we’re sure that the account maliciously participated in the exploit, or was used for muling or distributing the proceeds.

In this case we made a mistake and banned some unrelated accounts. It was human error, and we apologize. We unbanned most of them in a batch last night. But, upon reviewing appeals, we can see that we missed some, so we’re going through and unbanning those too.

We review appeals thoroughly. Anyone who believes he or she was unfairly banned only has to write to us to get a clear answer.
~ MO
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As part of our ongoing effort to improve the game experience with changes big and small, we’ve decided to change the time of the WvW match resets. The current time is 00:00 UTC on Saturdays, which is mighty inconvenient for our European friends who want to get in on the action of the newest match right away. We’ve decided that moving the reset time back by 2 hours to 22:00 UTC on Friday night to try and find a more happy medium for NA and EU servers. This will go into effect beginning this week and will be the new time going forward. Hopefully this makes it easier for you all to jump right in at the start of a new matchup.



We are in the process of working out how/if we can split the NA and EU resets. For now, this change is the way going forward. It’s my hope we will have an update about this soon as I’ve made it a priority.

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