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Good news for Marvel fans; Curse has an exclusive deal for you in the form of a limited number of Marvel Heroes beta keys! The first big beta weekend is taking place both Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 6pm PDT, and Sunday, March 17th from 6am to 2pm PDT.

Marvel Heroes is an upcoming free-to-play action MMORPG which blends persistent worlds, multiple people on the same maps, co-op quests, an economy, and more into a neat, well-polished package. Pick from a number of popular Marvel heroes, and customize each to play very differently as you level up and progress through the game, using various talents, skills, and statting.

How can you participate in this weekend's event?
  • Grab a key from us over at Curse! We're starting the giveaway for Premium members only this Thursday and Friday, and then opening keys to the public on Saturday morning at 0:00 PDT. We do have a limited number, so if you want to be guaranteed your key, be sure to sign up for Curse Premium at http://www.curse.com/premium/

  • Grab a Premium or Ultimate Founders Pack! Packed with perks, in-game currency, exclusive costumes, and more, it's the perfect way to kick off your Marvel Heroes play. You can browse founder's packages here. Anyone who purchases an Ultimate or Premium pack will be permanently added to the Closed Beta.
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Host: Grouch
Date/Time: March 14th. 12PM PST (8PM GMT)
ArenaNet Developers: Jonathan Sharp, Tyler Bearce, Karl McLain
Special Guests: Xeph from Team Paradigm (EU) and Nero from Jesus Beat Us Once (NA)
Where: Twitch.tv/guildwars2guru

Transcribed version of the State of the Game from March 14th
[spoil]Spirit Watch
Movement spells are intentionally really strong; Both specific spells and even the passive 25 movement increase.

Slippery rope of what spells should drop the orb. Decision such as “... Should Engineer be able to Elixir R with 4 dodge rolls...” and what about other spells should drop the orb?

Map was balanced for being able to win entirely by map-control; So if an enemy managed to get one or two Orbs you would still be able win.

The map tried to move away from the defensive play, as seen on other maps, and take a more offensive play through small skirmishes.

Winning first team battle on any map is strong, comebacks needs to be more likely. Might delay the orb spawn timer.

Making specific spells to the orb; problem is people rather play their own profession and will avoid taking the orb. Then taking the Orb can be intimidating as it will give you a new bar where you have to read up on all the spells. Something they might try to play with.

Matchmaking & Tournaments
Paid tournament was used as a way to separate the casuals and experienced teams. With removal they joined 2 team tournaments, which resulted in more players and faster queues. Problem was then pick-ups facing premades, as rating was split and reset at the same time this became a bigger problem. In the future it will be split out as a solo only queue and a premade queue.

Fix coming to half teams due to the disconnects; faster replacement of disconnected players.

Leaderboards will provide visible comparison to motivate people to play. No visible ranking “number” only ranking based on server, realm, friends and those sort of things. Ranking based on the rating, but invisible rating until they are confident the system works.

Custom Arena to largely take over hot-join’s current place. As people can create servers with 2v2, 5v5, 8v8 or w/e they want. Will act as hang out where people go to their favorite server and play.

Profession Balance
Only have one specific build that works. A bit too limited, they are supposed to be a jack of all trades, but not the king of any particular play. Want to get elementals builds opened up, rearrange the traits and buff traits that aren’t being taken right now.

Strong healing spells, healing scaling has been reduced by 50% since beta, no intend to change that further. Will continue to have a lot of burst healing.

Elementalist tornado; self-ress is being fixed.

Have a lot of self-protection. Good place in bunker play, immobilizing enemies, but if he stops he is in trouble. Want something to counter that playstyle, something that increases damage based on boons the target have to give bunkers a natural enemy.

Might make heals more interruptible, more devastating for elementalists to get interrupted.

Engineer (Thanks to Ayestes)
Kit Refinement nerfs towards utility. “… more utility and less damage output.” 100 Nades and Super Elixir were too good compared to the rest. 100 Nades mentioned specifically, in that a 10 point trait isn’t meant to be that powerful. 24k damage mentioned, which while up in the top end of possible damage is still possible. “…we wanted to normalize how this works and make it useful for all kits.”

Turret buffs such as Thumper gaining AoE Cripple (3s every 5s) and Rifle Turret getting more damage. “… and some other cool stuff that you’ll see.”

Overall a lot of changes planned, mostly buff-centric. “…couple pages worth of notes…” It appeared it was data for the next patch, but isn’t necessarily the case. “…pretty heavy focus…” Globally some changes are planned in increasing the strength of the weaker utilities, so perhaps that may be addressed here as well.

Described as mid-range skirmishers that can control battlefield in various ways such as with turrets, control skills, AoE, and other ways. “…they are going to be impactful in close range fights and have the ability to control space…” Intended on buffing the things that aren’t used as often so that they do get used as different playstyles.

RNG toned down, but not necessarily removed. Example is Elixir U only has Frenzy and Haste variants and the Toss lacks Veil now so it always blocks projectiles in some fashion. Not much done in the March patch yet though. “… smaller subsets [of RNG].”

Condition buffs, non-specific. Mentioned offhand during the Thief discussion, but it was in reference to Engineers and Thieves in particular.

Guardian is a boon-centric heavy armor profession. Meant to be slower than most professions, but abilities for movement to join the fight and stay in the fight.

Guardians are in a pretty good play; a wide variety of specs.

Piercing greatsword. Spatial surge will hit up to three targets, should always hit main target, but will hit two people in between. Going to promote positioning more and allow for skilled players to take advantage of the mechanics, stand behind target etc. Numbers will get tweaked.

Mantras not strong enough, could be brought up in certain aspects. Right now they are kept as damage, which is cool, but would rather have them be an active part of the playstyle.

Many classes have three key utility spells, break more and give more options. Going to increase damage and buff weak utilities that aren’t used much.

Shatter and AoE damage was a bit high - beam damage increase might force reduction to shatter damage.

A bit slow, need to move to kill radius to lock down. Need to have heavy control on boons for removing or converting them.

Deathshroud more of a transform skill, not an actual down-state. No weapon swapping deathshroud will come back.

Build Diversity; necromancer in a place where other professions should be.

Evading while immobilized, not just for necromancer, up for discussion. Immobilize shouldn’t become a “sort of” stun, where you are completely locked out and can’t dodge during it. Need to keep an eye on this.

Long bow needs work, full damage build is very powerful, but no protection for itself. Utility skills aren’t effective enough to keep it safe.

Agony resistance, translated to pets. PvE players doing fractals, agony should translate to pets. Ranger pets, necromancer minions, mesmer clones. etc.

Greatsword – improvements brought down some recharges, improved damage for them all. Both condition damage and duration.

Reveal automatically activates on stealth ending, not just on attack; Might apply to Mesmer Stealth.
High damage to compensate lack of boon removal. Might get more boon removal in cost of tuned down damage.

Mug is too powerful; But Mug doesn’t synergize well with the whole ‘stealth game’.

Looking to increase mobility for sets other than the shortbow. Elementalists competes too well with Thief’s mobility where thief should be top mobility profession.

Banner improvement, increased attributes that the banners apply; instead of 90 you will have 107 attribute points. Condition duration and crit damage stays the same.

Kick/Rampage – changes are coming, a lot more mobility.

Warrior has insane specs in PvE, but don’t work in PvP, get shut down by condition damage. Changes to help them against condition damage.

The Road Ahead
PvP Leaderboards:
Sortable; NA/EU, Friends, Servers/World, Rating(Won’t show though), Win/Loss record.
Teams and solo queue will be on the same leaderboards, until they aren’t in the same ‘pool’. Leaderboards are nearly ready, might even be released before next patch.

Might not do a big patch - might just throw things out as they are ready, instead of grouping it up.

Spectator Mode:
Not going to be the same as observer mode in guild wars 1.
Can spectate from a preset/predefined points.
Can click on player to spectate, see the player hot-bar and recharge times.
Can spectate players to see builds/traits etc.

Will only be available for hot-join and custom games.

Would like to support shoutcasting - authorized shoutcasters will be on a list who will get pop-ups when a tournament start to spectate it. Not letting anyone else in as it could lead to cheating/ghosting.

Unlikely to be brought back.

Mixed Profession Talk:
Building a meta that allows for things like a bunker to exist, each profession should have different specs and skills they can use.

Want people to have individual responsibility by not having healers. If you die it usually means you made a mistake, instead of blaming it on a healer. Promote the whole group decision.

Open Floor for Guests
Having endless Finisher Tokens/Turning them on/off might be a possibility on future system.

Will add more incentives to play, armor types are expensive to make, a lot of variables like light, heavy, race, genders etc.

Also hard to tell if players are good, or are they just AFK in chat a lot. Discussion about adding specific top titles, or looks etc. A way to show that you are good and not just spent a lot of time grinding.

Arenas have been tested but often ended with middle zeg -> pop utility and see who wins. More time will be spent testing new gametypes. Custom Arena will help a lot in terms of getting new formats as data will be available as how to people play, what settings they play with etc.

Penalizing people that swap traits/builds after joining the game. Adding templates for builds, that way you can allow players to deviate a bit from the template but still keep the build the same.

Resurrection signets are being looked at, too powerful when everyone have them in tanky groups.
Show Notes[spoil]
  • Spirit Watch
  • Matchmaking & Tournaments
  • Profession Balance
    • Elementalist
    • Engineer
    • Guardian
    • Mesmer
    • Necromancer
    • Ranger
    • Thief
    • Warrior
  • The Road Ahead
  • Open Floor for Guests

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Habib Loew has a new post on the official site announcing the removal of culling in the upcoming March 26th patch, as well as detailing new player rending options to keep your FPS intact.

If you’ve ever played World vs. World in a large group, you’ve probably noticed that there were some enemy players that you couldn’t see. That was an unfortunate side effect of a process called culling. I’m pleased to announce that in the upcoming patch on March 26, we’re going to turn culling off completely in WvW. This will make invisible enemies (except those using invisibility skills, of course) a thing of the past.

Under the new system, characters can be rendered in three different ways:
  • High resolution models - These are the high-res character models that you’re all already familiar with.
  • Lower resolution fallback models - These are the models that we’ve been using as placeholders in WvW while the hi-res models load. They differ depending on race and armor class, though human, sylvari, and norn share the same model.
  • Nameplates only - We don’t render the model at all and instead only show the nameplate for that character.
We’ve also added two new options to allow players to select how WvW characters are displayed:
  • WvW Character Limit - This controls how many of the reported characters render with a model and how many are rendered only with nameplates.
  • WvW Character Quality - This controls how many of the characters rendered with a model use the high resolution models and how many use the lower resolution fallback models.

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Today I'd like to showcase something that I stumbled upon today. Sarys posted a new musical piece over at Reddit recently and it's quite good! It really does speak to all of those Guild Wars fans that dream of Cantha...

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F82933620&show_artwork=true"></iframe>

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While looking up today's gem store sale item, we noticed something else - there are a few new town clothes added to the gem store! Here are some screenshots of each item (click for a screenshot - each shot includes the Riding gear):

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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I wanted to highlight this video today because, one: the quality is outstanding (just like all of his other videos), and two: because it deals with one of the latest additions to the game - Guild Missions. If you haven't checked out Bog Otter Videos before, here's Richie's master thread here on Guru. Feel free to comment and give him some feedback! Without further ado, here's Richie explaining Guild Bounties:

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Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm
  • Fixed an issue with Living Story invader events occasionally stalling.
Guild Bounties
  • Guesting players will now be eligible for personal bounty completion rewards for foreign chapters of their guild.
  • Guesting players will be able to start Guilder Content for foreign chapters of their guild as long as a guild member from the host world is present in the map with them.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some bounties from correctly scaling for additional players.
  • Fixed a bug with the Sotzz the Scallywag bounty that would allow it to be instantly retriggered.
  • “Striking Off the Chains” – Fixed bug where Hywel could die, blocking progress.
  • “Striking Off the Chains” and “Liberating Apatia”- The ability to summon additional krait has been removed from the bosses in these steps.
Posted Image Mesmer (PvE Forums // PvP Forums // Skill Calc)
  • Fixed a bug that caused some melee attacks to behave inconsistently.
  • The Prestige: This ability now plays the blast finisher only at the end of the ability.
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Part A (answers by Thelbanor GM of VMGR - Papariiii)

1. What is your guild's History – how old? Why was the guild formed? Which games have you played as a guild?
Technically the Guild was formed in 2006 when Dungeons & Dragons Online was released, by a core of some real life friends. Due to the fact that most of us played (and still do) pen & paper RPGs, I guess it made sense that we would try that game out! Back in the day we were called “The Companions” and while we started out small, we eventually became one of the biggest Greek Guilds in the game on the Lyrandar server. The reason behind the formation of the Guild was to create a gaming environment suited to our small group of friends’ play style, which was based on fun, enjoying as much content as we could find/explore and fool around in-game as well as in voice chat! We stayed in DDO for about 2 years before seeking new challenges. The core members of the guild stayed together and many of us tried a number of different MMO’s like Vanguard, Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

2. Do you have a guild philosophy? What does the guild aim to achieve?
The main reason behind the Guild’s success over the years is ridiculously simple really. We have fun! That’s what we’re in gaming for and that’s what we do best. Furthermore we are a Guild which operates on a first name basis. We know who that Guardian is, where he is from, how old etc. We care for the player, not the toon!

We are, by no means, a hardcore guild. With that said I’d say we fall mostly under the Casual label since we’re getting older now (most of us are 30+) and the ratio of our free time over responsibilities is dwindling as we go on. That does not break our spirits though, even though we are casual gamers, we are very competitive as well! Looking at the future we hope to keep our merry band of friends close and continue to expand by finding players of similar mentality to join us and find unique ways to enjoy the game!

3. Why does your guild work? What does your guild do better than other guilds?
I would like to rephrase this if I may. I don’t believe we are “better” than any Guild out there in the game. Each and every one of those Guilds playing Guild Wars 2 does something good, all in their own unique way; if they didn’t I doubt there would be people participating in those Guilds! With that said, I would say that we do some things in our own unique way, which usually is an unconventional way! One of the best examples of our unconventional ways is our dedicated, strictly for WvWvW special Squad! More info on that later!

4. Does you guild organize in-game activities other than simple participation in game play? Give examples and explain. If you have guild meetings, discuss the purpose of the meetings. If you have regular role-playing events, go into detail. What was the inspiration for or story behind these events?
One of the cornerstones of Valar Morghulis GR is the fact that everyone matters. From the leader to the newest member, everyone is entitled (and encouraged for that matter) to speak his mind on the entire spectrum of the Guild’s activities. In order to do so, we hold meetings on our voice chat server where we share new ideas, revamp existing ones and organize Guild activities/competitions such as “Most funny in-game screenshot competition”, “Sexiest toon outfit competition”, “2-team Dungeon drag race” and more!

5. How do you see the guild evolving over time?
My hope as VMGR GM for the future is for our Guild to evolve along with Guild Wars 2. To be honest I believe that a Guild needs a solid gaming environment in which to thrive in. This, in essence, means that we need Guild Wars 2 to do good, we need it to keep evolving, expanding, improving and attract new players so we can in turn expand and evolve with it. I sincerely hope we keep the family atmosphere the Guild has, continue to be as crazy as we are and hopefully find even more people to add to the madness! Right now we are expanding our social side with a Facebook page , a Google+ profile and our official Youtube channel to host our vids, so I would say we’re gazing at the future with anticipation of new and exciting experiences and people.

Part B (answers by Thelbanor, GM of VMGR - Papariiii)

PvE Discussion

1. How does the guild approach PvE in Guild Wars 2? Do you place a higher priority on any aspect of PvE such as dungeon or Dynamic Event completions, exploration or looking for new equipment?
VMGR is a PvX Guild so that by definition means that we do our share of PvE! Mostly we run dungeons in explorable mode for our equipment tokens and also some Fractals for more variety. The majority of our members are alt-o-holics which means we constantly have at least one toon to level up and gear up at level 80 and therefore we need to work hard to do so! In addition we conduct frequent alt runs in higher level areas to level up In a funny yet hard fashion. Moreover, we are explorers to the bone! Many of us have managed to get 100% map completion in order to see all of Tyria, which I have to say is one of the best designed game worlds I’ve ever experienced. This was the main reason that led us in DDO in the first place, the whole quest-story background of the instances and tackle all the dangers and challenges as a team.

PvP Game Discussion

1. What unique approach to PvP does your guild have?
If you would be so kind as to permit me to introduce you to a certain number of ..ermm short fellows! VMGR is the proud home of the Papari WvW Squad; whether you are a respectable player on our server (Far Shiverpeaks EU) or an honourable enemy, there’s a big chance you have come across us on the battlefield.

What is this Papari squad some may wonder?

Well, let me tell you a short story. It was a nice quiet gaming afternoon in November ’12 and we were doing our share for the server in WvW when our Guild officer Chris had an epiphany during our chit chat on voice chat. “Guys, why don’t we all create the same Mesmer in look? Imagine everyone looking the same and using Mesmer’s clones!” You may imagine our excitement to the sound of that! It didn’t take long for the “virus” to spread among the fellow guildies on mumble.. One proposed that they should be Asuras, one that they should have dark skin, another the pointy -almost Mohican- Asura hair style.. We logged immediately and plunged ourselves into character creation. The Paparis were born! To further add to the fun and based on the fact that we looked exactly alike, we thought we would use almost identical names as well. So, we have Paparii, Papariii, Papariiii…. Paparix, Paparixi, Pap.. oh you get the idea!

Our main goal is to help our server in WvW as much as possible while at the same time having insane amount of fun. If you have any idea of the potential a group of 5 identical Mesmers has, well it’s time to think again! If you thought about it, now try imagining what 10 identical Mesmers can do. With their clones. So here’s the math: 4*10=40 identical little dark Asuras standing around. In other words? Pure fun! Our focus is to create distractions, diversions, confusion and wreak havoc behind enemy lines. This Squad is strictly for WvW (you may see us in PvE though doing stuff ), so worry not my good spvpers, we won’t be filling your battlegrounds with our little clones!

2. What are some heroic moments in Guild Wars 2 WvW/SPvP can your guild share?
I thought hard about this question, which memory to pick and share with you guys, what epic fight that we have been in or how we have wiped and laughed or raged and laughed again. We have (or tried for that matter!) done ninja attacks on forts, camps, keeps and garrisons, had awesome fights with enemy zergs trying to hold on to a point for that extra tick, used a great deal of Mesmer tricks to confuse our enemies. And yet…

…Let me tell you that in the end of the gaming day, when you think back to what you did and what you have accomplished, all those things are nothing compared to the response of the Far Shiverpeaks’ community towards our little WVW project. We have seen people gather around us as we were grouping up near the Borderland’s merchants right before we delve into battle just to catch a glimpse of that strange Asura gathering and laughed with their comments! We have been told we put smiles to peoples’ faces when they see us running past! We could show you 8 pages on our site’s forum filled with screenshots of funny moments and peoples’ reactions and comments that would put tears in your eyes by laughing hard.. There have been people creating a Papari of their own just because they liked the idea and wanted to be a part of this. There have been people creating identical Mesmer squads of their own as well! This, my dear readers, is our heroic moment.

This is what we play the game for and this is exactly what we are proud of. To each and every one of the players of Far Shiverpeaks, we want to say a big thank you. You are a part of this as well and let me tell you we wouldn’t be having so much fun without your input. Keep being awesome and we’ll keep Papariing! We salute you all!

(following answers by Talos Ulvensblod, member of VMGR - Papariiiiiiii)

1. Tell us about your biggest triumph in Guild Wars 2.
Every time we join WvW is a potential "biggest triumph" moment as it seems lately. Just yesterday a 5 member group of us managed to sneak attack and capture Ascension Bay and we even managed to hold and defend it for 2 ticks before we had to abandon the castle as we seemed to have attracted the server's main zerg coming back to reclaim it. I won't say it felt just victorious, the whole experience was one of the most fun and rewarding things our guild has done and I'm sure there's a lot more coming right up!

2. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment in Guild Wars 2.
Me and 2 other guildmates were trying to sneak attack Longview on WvW and had built 3 catapults in a nice, rather hidden spot near the cliff. Speed was the key as we had to bring down the wall as fast as possible before anyone noticed us. I was a little drunk that night but that's no excuse for what happened. It took me around 2 minutes to finally manage to hit the target with my catapult after hitting everything else around it (the whole attempt was recorded on video, no way to deny anything). Eversince, my apptitude with catapults has become an inside joke among the guildies. I can't really say I felt embarrassed and it was worth it after all considering the laughs we have about it up to this day.

3. Do you have any unique real life experiences as a result of gaming (such as meeting your spouse in-game)?
Most of the core members of our guild were already real life friends or we knew each other in one way or another. One day we decided to all meet for a beer (ok, not just one) and finally get to know each other as not everyone knew everyone. It's great to see that you can have as much fun drinking with your guildies as you have playing Guild Wars 2 with them. It was a great night for everyone who attended and we surely plan to do this kind of meetings on a regular basis. By the way, no spouses met there; it was a men-only event mainly because we haven't found any female members to recruit yet!

(following answers by Huntie, officer of VMGR - Papariii)

1. Give us examples of why you think Guild Wars 2 is the greatest game you've played.
There are so many ways to enjoy Guild Wars 2! I’ve played lots of MMORPGs in the past and being a huge fan of the genre, I always wanted something new and innovative by the time I was busy with another title. My main example would be that I can at last enjoy a game of this type without the need to ruin my real life! Without wasting so many hours on my computer trying to achieve something into the game and realize that it didn’t worth it cause of that continuous struggle to keep up with the major content changes. By that we reach another reason to play Guild Wars 2. The fun that comes with this game! Since you don’t need to “dedicate” your whole life in a game, it immediately becomes more fun! And my last example, though I can think of a lot I have to narrow them down, is the way the game let’s you use your imagination to do more things, the creativity that comes with it! Nothing is strictly programmed, like character or guild progression, being put out cause you can’t join your fellow guild mates in fun just because your damage output, or your experience, or your time into the game isn’t enough! MMORPGs should have been more social in the past !! Guild Wars 2 is the first game I kinda feel more social by playing it and not trying to be social to play it !!

2. Tell us about your biggest triumph in Guild Wars 2.
Well, it may seem a little bit awkward to answer that I am very proud of what I and my guild mates have achieved all this time in WvW . Our WvW only project the “Papari squad” is exactly the outcome of such an awesome game. Since you already might know from our guild leader, we “transform” ourselves when it comes to battle inside WvW, into a lot of tiny, cute, black, asura mesmers !! By that time we are proud for everything we achieved so far! From bringing laughs to fellow Far Shiverpeakers (our server mates...) to stressing out our beloved enemies! Making sneak attacks to gain entrance into castles, confusing our enemies with how many we really are and what they see (clone wars .. !!), distracting them-keeping them busy, cause after all you know ...being killed by 4 “little guys” that were 16 at some point (max clones for all 4 mesmers...) and then they jump above your dead character isn’t the best thing that can happen inside WvW! Frustration comes into the matter. We make them hungry for revenge!

3. What is your Primary/preferred character – Tell us a little about the character you like to play most frequently – professions, skills (combos?), play style, etc.
My primary character is a norn ranger. But my preferred one has changed a lot how I see the game. A new perspective. Of course I am referring again to that little pesky asura mesmer! It’s nickname is Papariii (or maybe Papari the 3rd.?!&$#!!). He is a proud chef and he can create lots of weapons with weaponsmithing. I am mostly using great sword and scepter + focus. My utility skills vary depending the situation but mind tricking ones are my favorite! Like Decoy, Blink, Mirror Images and mass invisibility from the elite skills. My play style as I have already described is mostly playing with fellow guildmates into WvW trying to confuse enemies with our clones and tricks! I am mostly enjoying having fun with sneaking tactics than winning a battle over some enemies. Well if there are enemies involved, let them be more than us and let them die by our ... clones !!

(following answers by Bro Mar, officer of VMGR - Paparii)

1. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment in Guild Wars 2.
Trying to tank dungeons with my new 80 level Warrior for the first time was a really humbling and humiliating experience for me. I did so many things wrong (Dodge?What dodge?) that even the team's elementalist outlasted me during most of the encounters. I honestly cannot remember how many times I died. By the 7th or 8th time we had to try the graveling burrows phase, everyone was too frustrated to even yell at me for being such a retard. I eventually had to pick up a massive repair bill and leave the group with my tail between my legs so the rest could replace me and complete the dungeon.

2. If you could choose one Guild Wars 2 Character to represent you, who would it be and why?
That would have to be my Papari. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast with my main and all the PVE content I went through however my WvW character really represents something special for me. The Papari Squad brought us together as a group of friends and presented us with new ways to enjoy this already awesome game. I could describe it as the closest thing to actually hanging out with your mates in real life and fooling around over a game of football or something like that.

3. Tell us about the funniest thing you’ve seen someone do in a pug group
Well, I once saw a norn trying to go through a dungeon naked. Needless to say he didn't go too far but I give the guy kudos for trying. I'm not sure if he was trolling us or if he actually believed that he could pull it off but it was funny nonetheless. Running and jumping around like a madman and eventually getting one-shotted by a huge boss while in his boxer shorts was hilarious.

Thank you for your time to consider our Guild! We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading it all as much as we had fun experiencing all this stuff and sharing it with you guys!

You can find our Guild site @ http://vmorghulis.enjin.com
Google + @ http://gplus.to/vmorghulisgr
Facebook @ http://facebook.com/ValarMorghulisGR
Youtube @ http://youtube.com/vmorghulisgr

If you're interested in featuring your guild on our front page, check out this thread on how you can make that happen! Back to Top

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ArenaNet has updated the events page with a new segment of the Flame and Frost Living Story.

March 26, 2013
A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.

In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!

So not much information yet, but it's a good taste of what's to come this month! Back to Top

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Interview Round-Up, February 2013

Here is a link round-up of all the important interviews that have occurred around February 2013.

Flame and Frost interviews...

-MMORPG's Interview with Habib Loew: March's WvW Changes

Culling is essentially a process by which the server chooses to not tell players about certain other players. It was all about limiting the breakdown of resources from a client to server standpoint. The issue with it was that a huge battle would errupt and you would not see other players. It definitely had its drawbacks.

-Anook community interview with Guild Wars 2's Lead Designer: Isaiah Cartwright.

We have a large team working on changes for WvW but they are not coming out in the February build. Some of the changes include a new progression system to make it more rewarding to play in WvW and more things to buy with badges. We’re investigating and evaluating the badge drop rates, improvements to culling, and a number of smaller quality of life improvements in WvW.

-MMORPG.com Interview With Colin Johanson
Much like your favorite TV show, we hope as we expand the scope of living stories as the year goes on, you won’t want to miss each new release to see where the storyline or your favorite characters are headed.

State of the game and updates...

-Interview with GW2 Dungeon Designer Robert Hrouda by Guild Wars Insider

We’re working on dungeons, and coming out with new stuff for them that we hope will be entertaining and challenging. There’s a lot that goes into what we are doing, but suffice to say we are looking at encounters and such and modifying them.

-Fansite Interview with Colin Johanson

We want to insist on the fact that the questions in this interview were not only ours but came from all the other invited fansites too. As the recording was not perfect, we chose to record all the questions again on our own to improve sound's quality.

-Interview with Colin Johanson by CDW

An interview with Colin Johanson.

-Interview with Mike Ferguson on WvW by Jeux Online

The thing I have really wanted to avoid is creating a situation where the discussion around WvW becomes focused on what the limit is set at. Population limits are an unfortunate fact of life with the current wvw design, so I really would like to keep people focused more on the gameplay elements that happen with the limits that are in place, instead of being focused on what the number is and arguing how it should be changed or removed.

-Q&A with Colin Johanson, Part IV

Interesting statistic for you - every condition in the game costs server bandwidth. We have to track how often the condition is running, what the duration of that condition is, and what the stack is at. So the more stacks we allow, the more expensive it gets because we're tracking every additional stack on there. So, we could say that you could have infinite stacks. Number one, that becomes really imbalanced. But number two, it's really expensive for us on a performance basis. That's one of those weird, kind of backend server issues that can help make game design decisions regardless of what you want to do with it.

-Q&A with Colin Johanson, Part III

I think December with Wintersday is a great example of taking a lot of the lessons we learned from the other events and trying to make it more approachable, easier for everybody to play the content. We spread it out over a longer time, you can re-play stuff that you missed. Those are the types of strategies we're going to use for all of the live stuff going forward, it's just making it a lot more inclusive. Certainly we want to avoid 400 people out in the open world until we can deal with culling issues, things like that. It changes the strategy of how we do stuff. It also means that we've really reverted more back to our original philosophy which is "if it's not ready, don't ship it, don't talk about it until it's polished enough that it's ready to go." So things like WvW getting pushed back a month, that's an example of that. I think that right after release we would have put that out whether it was ready or not and I think that instead what we're saying is, you know, "even though we made the mistake of saying that this is the month it's gonna come," and we shouldn't have done that, because it just sets expectations. We'd rather wait and get it right and then we'll put stuff out when it's ready to go and I think we're kind of back to the point where we're comfortable in saying that and we have a better idea of what we want to do.

-Q&A with Colin Johanson, Part II

It's just a win, right. As long as it's fun, that's the tough part. Neverwinter is a great example of that, right. Where it's basically, in the original one, players could build all the content and they had really good stuff. Occassionally some of the player-generated content is fantastic but you had to sift through all the other noise to get down to it. And so it's a careful balance you have to walk. How do you open that up so that everybody can get the right stuff and have a great time without having to pick through all the stuff that doesn't.

-Q&A with Colin Johanson, Part I

That's all stuff we'd like to add. We're not doing it in this one, but in the long run, we need to get all that stuff in for sure. If you look at what features are available in the game, there's a lot of stuff for small groups to do, but there's not a lot of really compelling stuff for larger groups - in particular for guilds other than WvW. We're really trying to head down that list and get a lot more of that stuff in. For building a good community, that's a really key component that we have to add and that's a big focus for us this year - it's just trying to get more of that "what can my guild do together," "how do we interact together," "how do we maintain a strong guild," and "what's the content we can do?"

-Guru's sPvP State of the Game with Jonathan Sharp and Jon Peters
We are now live with our State of the Game stream with Jonathan Sharp and Jon Peters!

-Colin Johanson on Upcoming WvW Changes
I wanted to quickly give an update on where we stand with upcoming releases for WvW to help give a sense of where we’re at, and set expectations for the coming months. We’re in the midst of finalizing our February release, which I know had been discussed as a potentially large month for WvW additions.


-TowerTalk LoreSpecial: The three orders of Tyria
This year's lorespecials of the TowerTalk start with al'Ellisande talking to ArenaNet's lore and continuity designers Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb about the three orders of Tyria. they talk about what makes the orders so different, how they were founded and a lot more.


-Kekai Kotaki Q&A
Kotaki began at ArenaNet, seeing to it that amazing visuals became a part of the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 legacy. He departed ArenaNet just before the release of Guild Wars 2, which raised an eyebrow or two. But as he explains, it was all just a part of following his dream.

-Guild Wars 2: The past, The present, and the Future
Arenanet's Chris Whiteside appeared on IGN's up at noon webshow to discuss Guild Wars 2, the launch, the current state of it, and the goals for the future.
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