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Earlier in the week someone posted on the official forums what they would like to see as default options/permissions for creating custom arenas. Today, Tyler Bearce has confirmed some options that they are already working on internally:
  • Name
  • Password
  • Message of the Day
  • Max Players
  • Minimum Players
  • Respawn Time
  • Score Limit
  • Team Size
  • Time Limit
  • Respawn Type (Wave or Individual)
  • Autobalance Toggle
  • Lock Gear Toggle
  • Lock Skills Toggle
  • Ready Button Toggle
  • Spectators Toggle
  • No Stats Toggle
  • Map selection
What do you think of the list so far? What would you like to see as far as options go for custom arenas? Back to Top

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The event page has just been updated with new information regarding Flame & Frost: The Razing Living Story.

New Features
  • Braham’s Struggle - "Join Braham on his journey to find aid for those norn who stayed behind in the foothills of the Shiverpeaks—a journey that will bring you into conflict with the deadly Molten Alliance!"
  • Rox’s Mission - "Team up with this young charr gladium as she strives to prove her worth on a dangerous errand in the midst of a war zone!"
  • We’ve Been Infiltrated! - "Confound the Molten Alliance’s war efforts by destroying these spy posts wherever you find them!"
  • New WvW Progressions and Abilities - "We’re adding a brand-new WvW progression system—which includes new World XP and new WvW Ranks. You can use your WvW Ranks to purchase new titles and abilities that are exclusive to WvW. We’re also rolling out new WvW achievements to help you track and plan your progress; you can keep track of them in your Achievement panel."
  • Improved World vs. World Performance - "Beginning March 26, you’ll be able to see way more players on-screen in WvW, even in the largest pitched battles!"
  • New Guild Bounty Hunt Targets - "More fugitives are on the run, and the Tyrian authorities need your guild to bring them in! Prepare yourself for a challenge, because these three new bounty targets are more elusive and menacing than ever. Bounty Hunt Training missions are perfect for a new or small guild looking to work their way up to bigger challenges."
  • Introducing Leaderboards - "We’re excited to announce that we’ll activate Guild Wars 2 leaderboards with the release of Flame and Frost: The Razing on March 26. However, the leaderboards website won’t be visible to players until we’re sure it has stable information, which could take up to a week after the release goes live on March 26. Initially, the leaderboards will feature WvW rankings, PvP player rankings, and total achievement points."
  • Need Guidance? - "Heralds in each capital city will bring you up to date on the latest Living Story content. Look for special scouts in Diessa Plateau and the Wayfarer Foothills who will point you towards nearby activities."

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Rerroll recently started an interesting survey on the official forums trying to gather player opinions on a wide array of hot topics. Some of these are already showing some interesting trends, would you agree warrior is the weakest profession in the game? Or perhaps that Elementalist is the strongest profession?

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If you do not then you are one of the few! Slightly over 50% of the people who replied to the survey would agree to the above statement. The survey brings up a lot of interesting things but if we really want to use this survey for something useful we will need a lot more replies. Head over there and throw in your answers:

Click Here To Participate

If you are interested in seeing the results in some pretty graphics you can head over here:

Click Here For Graphics

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Because things are a little slow today, I wanted to highlight another great GW2 video that I recently came across. There are a handful of great YouTuber's out there and Matt Visual is definitely one of them! So if you find this video interesting, make sure to check out his other creations!

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Isaiah Cartwright recently commented on the official forums that loot will change in regards to the mega boss events. Here's the full quote:

In the next release we will adjust the way that world mega bosses award their loot. The current chests will stay lootable once per day per character, but each boss’s guaranteed rare item drop will be moved to a separate chest (visually similar to daily achievement reward chests) that can only be acquired once per day across an account.

Our intention with this change is to keep providing rewarding loot for world mega bosses while avoiding overwhelming participation in boss fights (and overwhelming the economy with rares) from players cycling through each character slot for each boss every day. [Source]

What do you think of this change? Back to Top

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Today I'd like to highlight a little gem I found down in Library of Whispers this morning. TymmyD has created a song entitled Tyria to the tune of Neil Diamond's America. Once you've listened, be sure to check out TymmyD's thread and leave some feedback!

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Why don’t we just start State of the Game with WvW?
If you are an active Guild Wars 2 sPvP player there is a big chance you have heard about our State of the Game stream – and if you aren’t into sPvP there is a big chance you have been wondering why there isn't a PvE or WvW equivalent of the show. This article is designed to help you understand where we are coming from and hopefully motivate people to help us start all these wanted new projects.

One thing you need to know is that Guru is ran entirely of volunteers who are just exceptionally dedicated and motivated to do the things they do here. Finding volunteers who are willing and able to put in multiple hours a week to maintaining or preparing something like State of the Game is really tough.

So when people ask, "can’t you just start a PvE and WvW show?" Yes, we could have such a show up and running in just a few days/weeks as we have the contacts and the platform ready. But finding someone who is willing to invest the amount of volunteer hours that is required is a whole other thing.

On top of that it is not just about finding someone willing – but also finding someone who is capable, has the technical experience and equipment to run a livestream show.

So what should you do?
If you think you are a fitting persona for the above description, then you should not hold back in contacting us. We have a huge platform, and we have people with years of experience available to guide you in this, but we need to know who you are before we can contact you.

A tendency I see with a lot of people is that they are afraid to come forward and ask. Most often these people create new shows, under their own name and simply get overwhelmed, which could easily have been avoided had they decided to start the project on our platform. A lot of people fear that if they come to us and ask to start a project, we will try to take it over and turn it into something they don’t want.

But it is not like that, we all share a common interest in the community and the game so releasing quality content is of our highest priority. Use us, use the people we have with experience to help you start great shows.

Joining - Guru Content Team
As a part of our content team, your main concern will be to work together with the rest of the team in actively developing and organizing content on Guru. This includes assisting in handling, developing and running State of the Game PvE and WvW, video content and written content as well as creating new content.

Specifically right now we are looking at finding a new host for a WvW version of State of the Game. As a general rule we are always looking for more people who are extremely dedicated and willing to put in a lot of hours with creating gw2 content.

Some of the things that we require is that you are:
  • Guild Wars 2 enthusiast
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Knowledgeable in game mechanics
  • Self-motivated and active
  • Experience with producing relevant media content
How to contact
You can send me a PM here on the forum by clicking here. When approaching us please keep in mind we get a lot of PM's so getting through them all might take some time and if your pm fails to show us who you are/give us the right information it will be down prioritized taking even longer for a reply.

Please remember to answer at least the following in your approach:
  • Why you are the right one for this?
  • How many hours every month do you think you can put into this?
  • Can you take out an entire night, once every month, without exception?
  • Do you have the equipment to stream consistently in 720p+?
  • Do you have a high quality camera?
  • Do you have a high quality mic?
  • General information about yourself.
  • Any information you think we should know
  • If you aren't interested in being the host, what other content do you want to do.
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Good news for Marvel fans; Curse has an exclusive deal for you in the form of a limited number of Marvel Heroes beta keys! The first big beta weekend is taking place both Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 6pm PDT, and Sunday, March 17th from 6am to 2pm PDT.

Marvel Heroes is an upcoming free-to-play action MMORPG which blends persistent worlds, multiple people on the same maps, co-op quests, an economy, and more into a neat, well-polished package. Pick from a number of popular Marvel heroes, and customize each to play very differently as you level up and progress through the game, using various talents, skills, and statting.

How can you participate in this weekend's event?
  • Grab a key from us over at Curse! We're starting the giveaway for Premium members only this Thursday and Friday, and then opening keys to the public on Saturday morning at 0:00 PDT. We do have a limited number, so if you want to be guaranteed your key, be sure to sign up for Curse Premium at http://www.curse.com/premium/

  • Grab a Premium or Ultimate Founders Pack! Packed with perks, in-game currency, exclusive costumes, and more, it's the perfect way to kick off your Marvel Heroes play. You can browse founder's packages here. Anyone who purchases an Ultimate or Premium pack will be permanently added to the Closed Beta.
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Host: Grouch
Date/Time: March 14th. 12PM PST (8PM GMT)
ArenaNet Developers: Jonathan Sharp, Tyler Bearce, Karl McLain
Special Guests: Xeph from Team Paradigm (EU) and Nero from Jesus Beat Us Once (NA)
Where: Twitch.tv/guildwars2guru

Transcribed version of the State of the Game from March 14th
[spoil]Spirit Watch
Movement spells are intentionally really strong; Both specific spells and even the passive 25 movement increase.

Slippery rope of what spells should drop the orb. Decision such as “... Should Engineer be able to Elixir R with 4 dodge rolls...” and what about other spells should drop the orb?

Map was balanced for being able to win entirely by map-control; So if an enemy managed to get one or two Orbs you would still be able win.

The map tried to move away from the defensive play, as seen on other maps, and take a more offensive play through small skirmishes.

Winning first team battle on any map is strong, comebacks needs to be more likely. Might delay the orb spawn timer.

Making specific spells to the orb; problem is people rather play their own profession and will avoid taking the orb. Then taking the Orb can be intimidating as it will give you a new bar where you have to read up on all the spells. Something they might try to play with.

Matchmaking & Tournaments
Paid tournament was used as a way to separate the casuals and experienced teams. With removal they joined 2 team tournaments, which resulted in more players and faster queues. Problem was then pick-ups facing premades, as rating was split and reset at the same time this became a bigger problem. In the future it will be split out as a solo only queue and a premade queue.

Fix coming to half teams due to the disconnects; faster replacement of disconnected players.

Leaderboards will provide visible comparison to motivate people to play. No visible ranking “number” only ranking based on server, realm, friends and those sort of things. Ranking based on the rating, but invisible rating until they are confident the system works.

Custom Arena to largely take over hot-join’s current place. As people can create servers with 2v2, 5v5, 8v8 or w/e they want. Will act as hang out where people go to their favorite server and play.

Profession Balance
Only have one specific build that works. A bit too limited, they are supposed to be a jack of all trades, but not the king of any particular play. Want to get elementals builds opened up, rearrange the traits and buff traits that aren’t being taken right now.

Strong healing spells, healing scaling has been reduced by 50% since beta, no intend to change that further. Will continue to have a lot of burst healing.

Elementalist tornado; self-ress is being fixed.

Have a lot of self-protection. Good place in bunker play, immobilizing enemies, but if he stops he is in trouble. Want something to counter that playstyle, something that increases damage based on boons the target have to give bunkers a natural enemy.

Might make heals more interruptible, more devastating for elementalists to get interrupted.

Engineer (Thanks to Ayestes)
Kit Refinement nerfs towards utility. “… more utility and less damage output.” 100 Nades and Super Elixir were too good compared to the rest. 100 Nades mentioned specifically, in that a 10 point trait isn’t meant to be that powerful. 24k damage mentioned, which while up in the top end of possible damage is still possible. “…we wanted to normalize how this works and make it useful for all kits.”

Turret buffs such as Thumper gaining AoE Cripple (3s every 5s) and Rifle Turret getting more damage. “… and some other cool stuff that you’ll see.”

Overall a lot of changes planned, mostly buff-centric. “…couple pages worth of notes…” It appeared it was data for the next patch, but isn’t necessarily the case. “…pretty heavy focus…” Globally some changes are planned in increasing the strength of the weaker utilities, so perhaps that may be addressed here as well.

Described as mid-range skirmishers that can control battlefield in various ways such as with turrets, control skills, AoE, and other ways. “…they are going to be impactful in close range fights and have the ability to control space…” Intended on buffing the things that aren’t used as often so that they do get used as different playstyles.

RNG toned down, but not necessarily removed. Example is Elixir U only has Frenzy and Haste variants and the Toss lacks Veil now so it always blocks projectiles in some fashion. Not much done in the March patch yet though. “… smaller subsets [of RNG].”

Condition buffs, non-specific. Mentioned offhand during the Thief discussion, but it was in reference to Engineers and Thieves in particular.

Guardian is a boon-centric heavy armor profession. Meant to be slower than most professions, but abilities for movement to join the fight and stay in the fight.

Guardians are in a pretty good play; a wide variety of specs.

Piercing greatsword. Spatial surge will hit up to three targets, should always hit main target, but will hit two people in between. Going to promote positioning more and allow for skilled players to take advantage of the mechanics, stand behind target etc. Numbers will get tweaked.

Mantras not strong enough, could be brought up in certain aspects. Right now they are kept as damage, which is cool, but would rather have them be an active part of the playstyle.

Many classes have three key utility spells, break more and give more options. Going to increase damage and buff weak utilities that aren’t used much.

Shatter and AoE damage was a bit high - beam damage increase might force reduction to shatter damage.

A bit slow, need to move to kill radius to lock down. Need to have heavy control on boons for removing or converting them.

Deathshroud more of a transform skill, not an actual down-state. No weapon swapping deathshroud will come back.

Build Diversity; necromancer in a place where other professions should be.

Evading while immobilized, not just for necromancer, up for discussion. Immobilize shouldn’t become a “sort of” stun, where you are completely locked out and can’t dodge during it. Need to keep an eye on this.

Long bow needs work, full damage build is very powerful, but no protection for itself. Utility skills aren’t effective enough to keep it safe.

Agony resistance, translated to pets. PvE players doing fractals, agony should translate to pets. Ranger pets, necromancer minions, mesmer clones. etc.

Greatsword – improvements brought down some recharges, improved damage for them all. Both condition damage and duration.

Reveal automatically activates on stealth ending, not just on attack; Might apply to Mesmer Stealth.
High damage to compensate lack of boon removal. Might get more boon removal in cost of tuned down damage.

Mug is too powerful; But Mug doesn’t synergize well with the whole ‘stealth game’.

Looking to increase mobility for sets other than the shortbow. Elementalists competes too well with Thief’s mobility where thief should be top mobility profession.

Banner improvement, increased attributes that the banners apply; instead of 90 you will have 107 attribute points. Condition duration and crit damage stays the same.

Kick/Rampage – changes are coming, a lot more mobility.

Warrior has insane specs in PvE, but don’t work in PvP, get shut down by condition damage. Changes to help them against condition damage.

The Road Ahead
PvP Leaderboards:
Sortable; NA/EU, Friends, Servers/World, Rating(Won’t show though), Win/Loss record.
Teams and solo queue will be on the same leaderboards, until they aren’t in the same ‘pool’. Leaderboards are nearly ready, might even be released before next patch.

Might not do a big patch - might just throw things out as they are ready, instead of grouping it up.

Spectator Mode:
Not going to be the same as observer mode in guild wars 1.
Can spectate from a preset/predefined points.
Can click on player to spectate, see the player hot-bar and recharge times.
Can spectate players to see builds/traits etc.

Will only be available for hot-join and custom games.

Would like to support shoutcasting - authorized shoutcasters will be on a list who will get pop-ups when a tournament start to spectate it. Not letting anyone else in as it could lead to cheating/ghosting.

Unlikely to be brought back.

Mixed Profession Talk:
Building a meta that allows for things like a bunker to exist, each profession should have different specs and skills they can use.

Want people to have individual responsibility by not having healers. If you die it usually means you made a mistake, instead of blaming it on a healer. Promote the whole group decision.

Open Floor for Guests
Having endless Finisher Tokens/Turning them on/off might be a possibility on future system.

Will add more incentives to play, armor types are expensive to make, a lot of variables like light, heavy, race, genders etc.

Also hard to tell if players are good, or are they just AFK in chat a lot. Discussion about adding specific top titles, or looks etc. A way to show that you are good and not just spent a lot of time grinding.

Arenas have been tested but often ended with middle zeg -> pop utility and see who wins. More time will be spent testing new gametypes. Custom Arena will help a lot in terms of getting new formats as data will be available as how to people play, what settings they play with etc.

Penalizing people that swap traits/builds after joining the game. Adding templates for builds, that way you can allow players to deviate a bit from the template but still keep the build the same.

Resurrection signets are being looked at, too powerful when everyone have them in tanky groups.
Show Notes[spoil]
  • Spirit Watch
  • Matchmaking & Tournaments
  • Profession Balance
    • Elementalist
    • Engineer
    • Guardian
    • Mesmer
    • Necromancer
    • Ranger
    • Thief
    • Warrior
  • The Road Ahead
  • Open Floor for Guests

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