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Guild Wars Client for Mac

guild wars client for mac

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Posted 06 August 2016 - 02:09 PM

Originally by K A O S Theory:

I recently created this client for the mac. It uses Wineskins to create an app out of windows programs. Through testing it works pretty well. I know theres many ports for the Mac but I've found this one to to be one of the simpler ones to use.

Happy Users:

Originally Posted by x1Drewx Posted Image
Hey I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone who downloaded this client... THANK YOU!
It works amazing and I have no lag over 100fps on my new mac, thank you so much, and I just created an account on this site to formally thank you for what you have given us. I have no quarrels with it, and I was looking in how to do a wine of it myself, however I stumbled upon this, and reading several of the comments it seemed that you were not getting the credit you deserve, so once again thank you for a beautiful port of GW.

Things that work well
Load times.
Windowed Mode.

The Minimize Button. (Creates black screen, to get out, just click on Guild Wars at the bottom left.)
Occasional Texture Issues.
Ping (Personally my latency is higher than on bootcamp, it might just be OS X however.)


1. Unpack the .zip
2.Drag/Drop Guild Wars to the applications folder.
3. Open it.
4. It should now start downloading and playing the game normally.



Older Versions.


Which client should I choose, Crossover Games, or Wine?

It all matters as to what works better on your system really. If you might notice, the Crossover Games version is sigificantly smaller in filesize. This comes at a cost, however. I have found that overall, I have better performance and graphics when I use Wine over Crossover Games. However, this may not always be the case. My advice is to try both of them, and use the better option.

How to I modify files, add skill templates, get screenshots, etc?

The way to do this is by right clicking the app and going to show package contents. Then, click on the drive_c folder alias. This will bring you to the app filesystem that works just like a normal Windows system. Go to Program Files > Guild Wars, and modify at your leisure.

How do I use command line commands, such as -password and -image?

To do this, you must, again, right click the app and go to show package contents. However, this time, open the Wineskin app. Once it is open, click Advanced. Under EXE flags, put any commands you would like as you would at the end of a shortcut.

The Crossover games version will not let me change my resolution.

To fix, click the "make windowed" button and then set your resolution in-game pressing F11 from there.

My FPS is horrible and skips around alot, what can i do?

Set your shadows to low in options, it did wonders for me.

Big thanks to Doh123 for Creating Wineskins.

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