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I think My Account Has Been Hacked/Compromised. :-( Can Someone Out There Help Me Please!?

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Posted 01 June 2017 - 12:07 AM

Excuse me? Can anyone out there help me please? :-/ :-/


I think my GW 2 game account has been hacked/compromised, and I'd really like someone to help me out A.S.A.P please!?  :-(


I haven't played in a few weeks, but this evening I just tried to login to my game. only to find that I am landed with this damned stupid mobile authentication message! >:-(   >:-(




So now I cannot login into my game or account because of this damned stupid piece of annoying crap, and I don't have half a damned clue what to do about it!! :-( >:-(


I have had this happen to me a couple of times before in the past, and eventually was able to sort out it out. But now it has happened again... to my complete disgust!  :angry:


The thing is, I have come across, and been downloading this piece of software called *removed* to try and help sort out this damned stupid (something which I've also used in the past too) problem. But since the first time I've used it, there has been a bit of an update with it, and there are things with it that I don't really understand about how to use this damned thing now! :-(


Is there anyone out there who has used WinAuth for GW 2, and can help me sort out this problem please??  :-( :-(


I open it up, and I get this. (Screenshot follows)




First box on the left says "Click To Add." So I clicked that button to add GW2 from the list that popped up. Then I was given the window on the right of that. Guild Wars 2 Authenticator Window (as shown in my above screenshot)


So from that new Authenticator Window, I try to follow the instructions on there, but they have me so annoyingly confused, and I don't really understand what it's talking about!  :-( :-(


The first option says - [Login to you GW 2 account.]

So I try to do that, but am shown the message - [b]"Enter Your Authenticator Code" Blaa Blaa Blaa Blaa e.t.c e.c. e.t.c. (WHAT A LOAD OF STUPID CRAP!!  :-( )


So anyway, amongst that info there is a help link that says - [b]please visit our support site for help.


So I click that link, and try to follow to the instructions from there.

But it's all just a load of stupid confusing jargon to me that I don't have half a damned clue about how to understand!   :-( 


This is the page I'm shown after clicking the support link.



There's to many confusing links on there, that all I've done in my attempt is to keep going round..... and round...and round in all damned stupid circles and getting absolutely... NOWHERE!    :(  :angry:


I really wish things were a lot more simple than this!!  


So anyway, I eventually decided that the ----"Account Security"---- link might be a bit more helpful, and then, ------"Help With the Authenticator App"------ on the next page.


So I click that, and again.... it's all just a stupid load of confusing jargon to me!! I don't understand a single bit of this damned stupid crap!! It's all just too confusing for me to understand!!  :-( :-( >:-( 


Why in the hell do I keep getting my account hacked for this game, and how in the hells do I stop it from happening!! :-(


P.S. I'm sorry for some of the harsh words I used here! I'm just so damned frustrated because some "PATHETIC ARSE HEAD" out there keeps doing this stupid crap to my account, and I really wish there was an easy way to sort it out without having to keep going around all the damned houses about it!    :-(

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#2 Kattar



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Posted 01 June 2017 - 12:29 AM

You'll have to submit a support ticket through Anet, at the link above. I would also stop using any authenticator that's not from Anet. Anything 3rd party runs the risk of your account being compromised.


Slow down, take a breath - if you've already filed a support ticket, wait for them to get back to you. DO NOT create more than 1 support ticket as this will only slow things down. If you haven't submitted a ticket yet, do so ASAP.

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