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GuildWars2Guru is Shutting Down This Year

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#31 Racthoh



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Posted 13 October 2017 - 08:35 PM

I want to lament the departure of this site, but my tears still flow for the original Guru and the history lost in its passing. On hearing GW2G was closing I expected to come upon a thread filled with replies and pleas for it to remain opened. Sadly with... three, four active viewers and a ton of guests, I can understand the decision. Which is further saddening that the gates would be closing on the heels of the latest expansion release. Where is everyone?

The official forums I suppose. If I recall correctly you need an active Guild Wars 2 account to post there. I doubt anyone would be as open and honest in such an environment. If my account was banned could I post? Express my dismay? Would my forum behavior receive retribution ingame? You need unofficial forums to really know what's going on. Guru was that place. You're weren't going to get banned for voicing an unpopular opinion (Unless one of us mods was having a bad day. Seriously, stop bumping your sell posts more than once in a 24 hour period). Did the official forums ever have contests to design a new logo for the site? Contests where you could win tech? I know I'll be bundled up this winter with my GWG hoodie.

Guru was home. Guru was life, and personally kinda life-changing. I was so enthralled in that game and needed a place to see what everyone else was doing in it. How else would I have known an autoattacking Warrior out DPSed an elementalist casting Flare? Frenzy was a 50% DPS increase? Sure there was some weird stuff coming out of the creative forums but hey, what can do you? It was a reliable place to get the information fast.

Maybe that changed but GW2 couldn't hold the my interest past the 6 month mark. To throw out an MTG phrase, I'm a Johnny, and GW2 was not friendly to Johnny's. You can't compare the 64 skill builds to the... uhh... maybe 30...ish... that a five man group could put together. Skills with a minute long cooldown? Those belong in game 3 of the semis. Yes I could create the coolest looking character out there, but when the gameplay wasn't engaging what was the point? You're not going to get essay long discussions regarding skillset XYZ vs. ABC when five of your skills are locked to your weapon. Rangers with hammers, ranger with spears... there was no room for that level of creativity in GW2.

Oh well. The community made these games what they were, so thank you all for that.
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#32 Pleikki


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Posted 14 October 2017 - 11:45 AM

Rip guru, everything ends sometime, 1 era ended with original guru site and now we can bury the last bits that were left from that.

Thanks everyone who worked for these sites over all the years :)



PPS. If any of you guys still login gw1 sometime and like to chat hit me up ingame i allways love rememering old guru days

IGN: Luana rose

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#33 bsoltan


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Posted 15 October 2017 - 10:56 PM

It's a sad day when the community you spent so much time in over the years finally has to close.


I never posted much on GW2Guru but always appreciated having an independent fan community available. I mourned the loss of GWGuru and the same will happen on the final closure of the GW2Guru and the community as a whole. However the members that make a community what it is haven't gone away, as can be seen on their return to post in this thread.


So many memorable names from the community posting here that brings back a lot of memories. <3


Thank you GWGuru for playing a huge role in a game loved by so many and a community that had such an impact on all of us.

Thanks to the admins, from the early days, Inde, JR, Kattar, and the others that helped grow the GWGuru community, big thank you to Kvinna for managing to lead what must have been a difficult time in the life of the forums and community.

Thanks to the mods, of whom there are too many to mention. Everyone who voluntered their time, their effort, their ban hammer, and their love for the games to make the community what it was, and where it has got to today.
Thanks to the contributors, not just those that wrote articles, made art, wrote fiction, discussed builds and strategies in great detail, but also all of those that have contributed to the forum just by posting, it all helps make a fan community what it is.


JR and Racthoh touched on the design of Guild Wars and the input from Arena Net which drove community discussion and feedback. It was something that ended up being deeply embedded in Guild Wars. From the start having a place to discuss builds, share your exploration and discoveries and provide feedback. I think the way the game was designed helped to drive such a community, and as JR said, in return it could help the development of the game.


I wonder these days given the populartiy of other platforms like Facebook/Discord/Reddit if forums generally aren't on a down turn. No doubt in a few years it might change back again.


Some of us will find a new place to call home, for the others I hope we'll bump into each other in another platform, at another time, or in another game.


Thank you all. bsoltan, signing off.

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