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READ FIRST - Primordus Visions Forum Guidelines (Updated: Feb. 3, 2011)

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Posted 20 August 2009 - 12:07 PM

READ FIRST - Primordus Visions Forum Guidelines

1. Search!

Always use the search button before posting a new thread to see if your idea has been suggested before.

2. Posting a Thread

Primordus Visions, like Sardelac Sanitarium before it, is a forum dedicated to the ideas of Guru users. Please be sure that when you are creating a new thread in this forum, you have a good idea of what you wish to suggest for Guild Wars 2, and are ready to put some time into writing about this idea so that other posters can get a good feel of what you are suggesting (and respond to it with their own thoughts in a similarly detailed manner).

2a. Posting Similar Ideas

If your idea is a slight change of another suggestion that's already been suggested, don't post a new thread on it, post it in the existing thread and continue the discussion over the general idea.

3. Use Relevant Thread Titles.

Make sure your thread titles list your idea. Don't post threads with vague titles like "Greatest Suggestion Yet" when only in your post do you discuss your suggestion. Make sure your thread title states your idea, to keep things organized and less confusing.

4. Do Not Bump Threads for no Reason

The practice of posting simple 'bumps' to threads when nobody is responding is discouraged here, and threads seen being 'bumped' without good reason and nothing new to add, will have the offending post deleted, or may be closed. If you are going to 'bump' a thread, do so after a reasonable amount of time, and let your 'bump' post contribute something to the thread rather than simply taking the thread up to the top of the forum.

5. Post One Idea Per Thread

Do not post "A Few Ideas" threads. If you have more than one idea ---first double check with the search button and the index thread to make sure they're fresh suggestions, and create a separate thread for each one with a relevant title.

6. Post constructively

If you like, or dislike an idea, please give reasons why. A minimum character limit has been put in place to help encourage this, and will be enforced by moderators as they see fit. Discussions in threads outwith the topic of the thread will, in most cases, lead to post deletion, or complete thread derailment may result in closure.

6a. Quoting the OP

To put it simply, please do not do this unless you are responding to a very specific and detailed portion of the opening post of the thread. If you are replying to a thread for the first time and are not quoting a previous poster's assessment of the OP's idea, it is automatically assumed that you are replying to the OP itself, and thus you need not quote it.

7. Reporting Bad Posts

If you feel a post breaks the rules, is inappropriate, or is an advertising thread, please use the Report button to bring it to the attention of the Primordus Visions Moderators. Do Not use it as a reason to post spam.

DO NOT REPORT a post of someone simply disagreeing with you. DO NOT REPORT someone you hate because you hate them. And DO NOT REPORT a post multiple times. Only once is enough. Each time you report a post, an email is sent to all the relevant moderators. There is no need to spam us. Someone will get to it in time. And if nothing is done about it, consider that we may not have agreed with you on the subject. Perhaps we found nothing wrong with the post you reported.

8. Bumping Old Threads - "Thread Necromancers"

Bumping old threads in Primordus Visions, with the aim to renew the discussion, or adding to old discussion is allowed providing the idea posed in the thread has not already been implemented. If you feel someone has bumped a thread unnecessarily, please report the thread. Do Not begin posting messages "heckling" people as Thread Necromancers - this is considered spam and will be deleted.

9. The 12-Character Rule

There is a minimum requirement of 12-Characters per post on this forum. This is in place to discourage users from simply posting "/signed" or "/notsigned". Do Not try to bypass this rule by posting symbols, numbers, or offtopic spam. All it takes is one or two sentences explaining why you do or do not agree with the idea posed in the thread. If threads become inundated with people wanting to simply sign an idea, a Poll may be added. If you use the poll, there is no requirement for you to make a post telling us what you selected on the poll. Polls are put up to try to discourage the posting of spam, or +1 posts.

10. "It'll Never Happen!" "Too Much Effort!"

Primordus Moderators would like to remind you that this is a place for discussion, and to share ideas, regardless of how likely they are to be implemented, effort required to implement them, or how long implementing them would take.


Happy Posting!

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Posted 22 August 2009 - 08:04 AM

To add onto this, I'd like to ask all people to not make threads in this forum asking what others think of how something will be implemented, suggestions, etc. If you have a suggestion, post it here. If you want to know other peoples thoughts.suggestions, it is more suitable for the Tyrian Assembly forum.
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Posted 03 March 2010 - 08:43 AM

I'd also like to highlight appropriate conduct with regards to criticism. As said, disagreement is fully acceptable, however an idea being poor is not license to post inane, offensive, or noncontributing messages. The quality of the OP does not have bearing on the standards required from replies, and posters who do not adhere to this will be dealt with.

If you feel that an idea is so utterly terrible that it does not deserve a thread, report the thread, and let it die. Making trash threads the high points of forum traffic merely out of desire for some street theater is unacceptable. Note that the Administration, should a thread close be required due to OP standard, will also issue warnings to posters falling below what we expect of forum members.
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Posted 26 September 2010 - 06:34 AM

As most people are now probably aware (from this thread), suggestions on third party sites, via email, Facebook, social networks, snail mail, etc. cannot legally be taken by ArenaNet. This is standard practice for all videogame companies and companies in general. One of the reasons is to avoid lawsuits and protect the company. If someone sends a developer a cool idea they had for a level design or a game feature, and the developer implements it after reading that fan's letter, there is a danger of opening up the company to lawsuits for royalties because the developer put that content into the game without going through the entire legal process of negotiating for and obtaining the rights to that idea or design from that person who submitted that idea.

As such, if you would like to make a suggestion for either Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2, the best place for it is the official feedback space on the wiki.

That said, suggestion forums and the feedback space on the wiki are not mutually exclusive. There is still a definite place for suggestion forums, even if developers are not permitted to read the forums for suggestions. Forums are built for discussion, where wikis are best at documentation. Forums can continue to do what they do best: Allow people to discuss an idea, with the aim of refining it and taking feedback, up to the point where they feel comfortable putting it up on the wiki

A reference since the original announcement has been somewhat buried. This is important for all of you to keep in mind.

Below is a guide in order to create a suggestion page on the wiki, created by Wyn

Step-by-Step Guide for official Guild Wiki Suggestions

Before posting your suggestion they should look through the suggestions already posted by going to http://wiki.guildwar...ame_suggestions

Usernames are the same for both wikis.

1. If you have not created an account on the Official Guild Wars wiki click on this link to create one. http://wiki.guildwar...gin&type=signup

2. Read the Rules for posting suggestions: http://wiki.guildwar.../Feedback:Rules

3. If you have registered an account, log in and go to: http://wiki.guildwar...Getting_started

4. Follow the steps outlined on that page to create your Feedback:User page. Simply type your username (Case Sensitive) in the space provided and click on the "I agree" button.

5. Once your Feedback:User page is created, you can start offering your ideas to the developers for what you'd like to see in either Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 using the Create a Suggestion box provided.

6. Type the title of your suggestion in the space provided and click on the "Create" button.

7. Read the editing instructions to properly complete the template provided.

8. Type up your suggestion.

9. Add your suggestion page to your "Watchlist" by clicking on the Watch tab at the top of the page. This allows you to easily keep track of any comments made by other members of the community. Read those comments and see if any of their thoughts/ideas could help to make your suggestion better. If so, make adjustments to your suggestion accordingly.


  • Keep your page names short and to the point. Make them convey at least the basic area that your suggestion covers.
  • Use the "Show Preview" button to check your suggestion before you save it. If your suggestion says "Malformed suggestion page" when you save it, it will not be seen by the developers and will be tagged for deletion by the wiki staff.
  • If you still have questions or problems use the Help Page: http://wiki.guildwar...suggestion_page or post your question on the Ask a wiki question page: http://wiki.guildwar...a_wiki_question
  • If your suggestion is long, type it out in notepad first to help cut down on small tweaking edits

While the developers will not comment specifically on most suggestions, there is clear indications they are reading them as many of the users ideas have been incorporated in Guild Wars already.

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