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News Board Rules & Guidelines [Updated May 8th, 2013]

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Posted 22 April 2011 - 06:50 PM

Our news board is little different than what you may be used to. Here, you are welcome to post (almost) any Guild Wars 2 news or article that you may find out there on the Internet. Before you do, however, we do have a few guidelines that we'd like for you to adhere to.

Front Page Promotion
It is very likely that if you are the first one to post news regarding Guild Wars 2, we will promote your thread to our front page. We believe that since you were first, you deserve the recognition of having your name on our front page.

However, with that being said, we reserve the right to edit your original post. This may include adding more information or imagery, or it might be that we have to edit out personal opinions. If we have to make too many changes, we may change the thread author altogether.

Article Quality Guidelines
Before creating a new thread for news, please ensure that it provides relevant content about Guild Wars 2 that other users will be interested in reading.

Do post:
  • Official news from ArenaNet about Guild Wars 2;
  • Exclusive content such as interviews or new information from any site in the community;
  • High profile coverage of Guild Wars 2 that you believe is of interest to the community.
Please do not post:
  • Non Guild Wars 2 related news;
  • Articles that simply reiterate information already available, or say that some new information has been released that is available elsewhere;
  • Amateur blog posts that are simply someone giving their opinion on an announcement with little insight or new ideas.
Posts that do not conform to these rules may be moved to a more appropriate location, merged with another thread or removed entirely. Please don't post articles just for the sake of it; ensure that the article you are posting is something that the community will want to read and discuss.

Rules for Posting
When creating a new thread:
  • Please create threads with the name "Article Title by sitename" so that the site that has published the article can be easily identified;
  • Always check to see if your article has already been posted, especially when it's an article from ArenaNet - they tend to get posted extremely quickly;
  • Ensure that you link to the main article in your opening post. If you want, you can include an excerpt from the article, but please don't include the majority of the content such that people do not have to click the link.
  • All articles must related to Guild Wars 2, the game;
  • Feel free to post non-English articles, however, you should provide a translation, even if it is only a link to an automated one;
  • If the article you are linking to is behind a paywall (requiring payment before you can access the content) there must be enough content available without payment for users to be interested in the link in order for you to post it. As mentioned previously, it is not permitted to copy content wholesale from other sites and this applies to pay-for content as well. Don't post a link to a site that does nothing but ask a user to pay.
When replying to a thread:
  • Ensure that your discussion is relevant to the article content, elements of the game can be discussed in more detail elsewhere on the boards;
  • Do not post without contributing to the discussion. Do not post "I'm reading this now!" or that you do not care about the article.
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