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Q&A Forum Rules and Guidelines (Updated: October 13, 2012)

Q&A Rules Guidelines Rules Guidelines Q&A

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#1 Kamatsu


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Posted 20 August 2009 - 02:36 PM

Welcome to the Questions & Answers forum!

The purpose of this forum is simple: someone asks a question, someone else answers it. Guild Wars 2 Guru prides itself on having knowledgeable forum members and staff, and there is most likely someone here who can help you. However, we do need to keep this forum clean, so there are some ground rules.

1. General Rules

The General Forum Rules and Guidelines apply in Q&A.

2a. No questions about GW1

If your question(s) is purely related to GW1, then you shouldn't be asking it in this forum. Refer to Guild Wars 1 Guru instead.

2b. Don't ask about other games

If your question or discussion is purely related about other games, don't ask or post them here. You can refer to Gamer's Lair for this matter.

2c. Don't ask about system requirements

If your question is related to computer hardware, your thread will be closed. Direct these questions instead to Computer Buying & Building, or to Can I run GW2? if your question is related only to GW2.

3. Identifying an armor, weapon, or dye...

Questions related to character appearances, or rather identifying a character's appearance, are not allowed in Q&A. This includes, but is not limited to, questions about armor, questions about weapons, and questions about dyes. Post threads containing such content in our screenshot forum, that is, in Lyssa's Mirror.

When posting new threads:

4. Search first

Before creating a new thread, do an Advanced Search. Make sure you've selected the Questions & Answers forum only and that you're doing a search by thread titles.

5. Questions only! No opinions.

If there isn't a question in your thread, it will be closed or deleted. We need a question before we can give an answer. Do not ask for opinions, or propose new ideas; there are more appropriate forums for this. If you have an opinion about a particular topic, search for it in other forums, or create a new thread if you couldn't find the topic you are interested in.

6. Use appropriate thread titles

When making a new thread, entitle it such so it contains keywords of your question(s). This is to ease the process of searching for threads that have covered any particular topic and to avoid any potential duplicates of the same question(s). Avoid making multiple threads in a short time; if you have more questions, post them in the same thread.
  • Good examples: "Questions about WvW keeps", "Scaling in dynamic events?", "Clarification needed about dungeons, guilds and mini-games".
  • Bad examples: "Newbie questions", "Help me out with this, I don't understand!", "Some questions".
If your thread title has been deemed inappropriate by the moderator base, it shall be renamed into a more appropriate title according to the questions you have asked, including your original thread title in [brackets].

7. List your questions one below another

If you have multiple questions, list them one below another. Make them easy to notice by having separations in between. That way it's easier to address to each individual question separately. You may post your concerns and/or understandings about the topic you're posting about in the opening post, but make sure you do this either before or after you've listed your questions.

When replying to threads:

8. Post relevant information

If your response does not contribute to the question at hand, it will be deleted. We don't want to fill the thread with unnecessary information. Posting ideas or opinions in Q&A is strictly forbidden, and such posts will get edited or deleted. Avoid words such as "I wish", or "I hope".

Don't respond to threads that are months or years old. It is most likely that things have changed since then or the opening poster has forgotten about that thread, so all you'll achieve is getting your answer deleted and the thread being locked.

9. Sources are highly recommended

Wrong answers will be disproved and/or deleted. If someone disagrees with your answer but you think you're correct, be prepared to back it up with evidence. If you disagree with someone else's answer, be prepared to back it up with evidence. If a moderator has deleted your answer, it is most likely because you were seriously wrong or you were not following the rules as stated here.

10. Limited discussion

Discussion will be allowed if it is to prove an answer right or wrong, or to answer any questions the original poster or other posters might have regarding the topic at hand. If a topic has evolved into a large discussion spanning multiple pages, more often than not, it will get moved to the appropriate forum or it will get closed.

11. Quoting the original poster

Although most of the forum's discussion boards have a rule against "Quote Wars" (dissection of an individual post into multiple quotes and replying to each quote separately), you may choose to do this when answering questions of the original poster or of subsequent posters. If you have a dispute with another poster about any displayed information, quote that post as a whole instead.

12. No one-liners

If your post contains an exterior link only, it will get deleted. Posting exterior links is allowed (such as a link to GW2Wiki) for providing additional information, but it is usually more appreciated and accepted if you use your own wording and explanation instead. Avoid one-liners such as "Yes" or "No", and use full sentences instead.

13. Don't repeat information unnecessarily

Before responding, read the whole thread. If you haven't found a substantial answer or you may think there's a need for additional explanation and going in detail, feel free to post. Don't quote one poster and say nothing more than "Quoted for truth" or "I agree with this poster". Instead, you may provide additional sources for the listed information if they have not been provided already.

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#2 Kamatsu


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 10:29 AM

Links of interest:
  • Guild Wars 2 Official site - Here
  • Guild Wars 2 Official Wiki site - Here
  • Guild Wars 2 FAQ
  • ArenaNet's Official Blog - Here

Social media:

If you come across any Guild Wars 2 related web sites that you feel should be listed here, please PM myself, Ryuzaki or KQ with the link and reason why you believe it should be added.

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