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Posted 11 August 2011 - 03:29 PM

Official Sites
ArenaNet Blog
Guild Wars 2 Wiki
ArenaNet YouTube
Guild Wars 2 Twitter

Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers: Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers is a growing community of roleplayers who will be playing Guild Wars 2 at launch. Our site on the Enjin network hosts discussions about roleplaying in the world of Tyria, play-by-post roleplay threads in our forums, and an in-character (IC) tavern chat to bring your characters to life. If you're planning to roleplay in Guild Wars 2, this is the place to be!

GuildCast (podcast): GuildCast is an audio podcast focusing on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.  Topics range from current Guild Wars events and updates to news and  speculation on what’s to come. While GuildCast has officially been around since 2005, this new and  improved version has been reborn on Gamebreaker.tv to include original host Shawn Schuster  from Massively.com and elixabeth from TalkTyria.net. Join them each  week for an hour of humor, craziness and even a bit of useful  information sometimes.

GW-EN (radio): The Gaming World Entertainment Network prides itself in showing off the  great community in Guild Wars! As we move into the new community, we  hope to keep that tradition going with great music, prizes and helping  out the global community!

Kill Ten Rats: Kill Ten Rats is a blog written by a couple of MMO addicts. While the blog does cover a wider swath of MMO topics, Guild Wars 2 remains a favorite topic, and it is frequently discussed by both the writers and commentators.

Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers (RP)
Guild Wars 2 Hub
Black Lions Profit (TP/economy-centric)

Server Communities
Ehmry Bay
Gunnar's Hold
Gates of Madness
Henge of Denravi
Northern Shiverpeaks
Sorrow's Furance
Yak's Bend


Guild Wars Reporter (podcast)
ALTTABME (podcast)
Relics of Orr (podcast)
GuildMag (magazine)
GW-EN (radio)
GW2 Organizer
GW2 Dye Combinations

Video Channels
Tyria Talk
Tube Elephant
Philetic's Channel
The WvWvW Archive (PvP)
Bonk Studios
Grim Gaming UK
Guild Wars Community

Kill Ten Rats
Running Threads
Hunter's Insight
Secret Agent Cat
Attached To Keyboard
Thrangis the Red
I Move Like a Dwarf!
Very Distilled
Casual is as Casual Does
Nerdy Bookahs
Ziggy Charrdust
Under the Pale Tree
Sohothin Courier
GW2 by DC
Are you Hunting Something?
Tyrian Enquirer
Kormir's High Road
World versus World (PvP)
Eternal Alchemy
Guild Wars 2 Beta! Malevolence's Blog
Papa's Place (Warrior blog)
Always Be Questing
The Centaur's Satchel
Guild Wars Lore
Necrobator (specialized - Necromancer)
ThiefCraft (specialized - Thief)
Key and Dagger (specialized - Thief)
Flame Throwing (specialized - Engineer)
Aery Plays
Shameless Geek
Strength Guides Us

Other Languages
Wartower (German): Wartower suits all your German Guild Wars needs and has forums where you  can meet everybody from gold-caped PvP experts to people who just hit  Level 2 for the first time. All topics of discussion are welcome and you  can ask Wartower literally anything. Wartower has extensive trade forums with plenty moderators making sure a  deal is a deal. You will also find, News, Articles, Guides, Podcasts,  Livestreams and Videos on the site. Go have a look, or follow us on  Twitter @wartower.

Online Welten (German)
GWCom (German)
GW2Centric (German)
Luna Atra (French)
Univers Virtuels (French)
Jeux OnLine (French)
Mondes Persistants (French)
Guild Wars 2 Italian Blog (Italian)
Guild Wars 2 Italia (Italian)
Cronache di Tyria (Italian)
I Figli di Ascalon (Italian)
Trip 4 Tyria (Italian)
GW2 Sverige (Swedish)
Guild Wars 2 Online (Spanish)
Guild Wars 2 Hispano (Spanish)
GW2-Esp (Spanish)
GW2-Spain (Spanish)
Guild Wars PT (Portuguese)
GW2Brazil (Portuguese)
GW2 BR (Portuguese)
GuildWars2.pl (Polish)
Guild Wars 2 Fan Blog (Polish)
Mesmer.pl (Polish)
Guild Wars 2 Slovenija (Slovenian)
Dragon Season (Greek & English)
Variance (Hungarian)
GuildWars2.ru (Russian)
GW2Skills (English, Russian, German)
GW2NL (Dutch)
Lowland Lions (Dutch)
GW-NL (Dutch)
Blog for Beginners (Dutch)
Guild Hall (Czech)
Guild Wars Srbija (Serbian)

If I've missed anything (or if anything has gone defunct), please let me know via PM!

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