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Compiled List of Requested Emotes/Tools for RPing in GW2

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#31 another


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Posted 27 December 2011 - 09:14 PM

grey_foxx082 said:

yeah, I know about GW1 synchronized emotes. What I meant was, animations that are meant to be done by 2 players involving physical contact, like handshakes, that lock both players in position to perform the emote.

maybe push it up a notch, and make a whole synchronized dance animation where the 2 players are actually holding each other by the hands and waist dancing waltz or tango or something :P

What about a command like /emote * playername? The two players who want to syncronise type the name of the other player, and the game automatically brings them together (so long as they were standing close to begin with) to perform the emote? If more than one person types the name of a single player, the emote fails.

#32 another


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Posted 01 January 2012 - 01:36 AM

another said:

/cry would be nice.

I take this back. I just saw /cry in a demo video. :)

#33 Aethgar


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 07:06 PM

A walk/run toggle key instead of one you have to hold down?


#34 Tregarde


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 07:58 PM

View PostMo Mo, on 05 November 2011 - 07:12 PM, said:

Collapse (e.g. fall to knees one hand on floor and the other on throat)
With the "hand on throat" it sounds more like choking. Which would be a nice emote on it's own. "Collapse" should be just falling to one's knees.

A wide variety of emotes is one thing that EverQuest 2 does have. Although, admittedly, many of the animations for them are pretty silly. I'll just copy a list here, feel free to pick and chose which ones you'd like in GW2.
  • /agree - character agrees with target
  • /applaud - character applauds target
  • /attention - character snaps to attention
  • /beckon - character beckons target to follow
  • /beg - character begs target for favour
  • /blowkiss - character blows a kiss at target
  • /boggle - character boggles at the opportunities presented by target
  • /bonk - character bonks target on the head
  • /bounce - character bounces around target with excitement
  • /bow - character bows to target
  • /brandish - character brandishes their weapon at target
  • /bye - character waves goodbye to target
  • /cackle - character cackles gleefully at target
  • /cheer - character cheers for target
  • /chuckle - character chuckles at target
  • /confused - character stumbles around, obviously confused by target
  • /crazy - character rambles insanely at target
  • /cringe - character cringes away from target
  • /curse - character curses target
  • /curtsey - character curtseys to target
  • /cut - character runs their thumb around their throat, threatening target
  • /dance - character dances with target
  • /doh - character smacks his forehead at target
  • /double - character does a doubletake at target
  • /duck - character ducks
  • /flex - character flexes at target
  • /flirt - character starts flirting with target
  • /flourish - character flourishes their weapon at target
  • /flustered - character appears flustered with target
  • /frustrated - character appears frustrated with target
  • /full - character formally curtsies at target
  • /gag - character gags at target
  • /giggle - character giggles at target
  • /glare - character glares menacingly at target
  • /grumble - character grumbles about target
  • /gut - character doubles over in pain and stumbles about
  • /happy - character happily bounces around target
  • /hear - character covers their ears and pays no heed to target
  • /heart - character clutches their chest
  • /heel - character jumps in the air with a loud clicking of heels
  • /heck - character declines target. HECK NO!
  • /hello - character waves hello to target
  • /listen - character listens intently to target
  • /look - character looks away from target
  • /moon - character shows target what they feel about it
  • /neener - character childishly taunts target
  • /no - character gives an emphatic no to target
  • /nod - character nods in agreement with target
  • /notworthy - character genuflects to target
  • /peer - character peers curiously at target
  • /point - character points at target
  • /ponder - character ponders target
  • /pout - character pouts dramatically at target
  • /raise - character frantically raises their hand
  • /rofl - character rolls on the floor laughing at target
  • /royal - character regally waves at target
  • /rude - character gestures rudely at target
  • /sad - character makes a sad face at target
  • /salute - character crisply salutes target
  • /sarcasm - character sarcastically applauds target
  • /scheme - character rubs their hands together, obviously scheming
  • /scold - character sternly scolds target
  • /scratch - character scratches
  • /scream - character screams in frustration at target
  • /see - character covers their eyes to avoid seeing what target is doing
  • /shake - character shakes their fist at target
  • /shame - character appears ashamed
  • /shimmy - character shimmies
  • /shiver - character shivers at target
  • /shrug - character shrugs at target
  • /sigh - character sighs disappointedly at target
  • /smile - character smiles at target
  • /smirk - character smirks at target
  • /sneer - character sneers at target
  • /snicker - character snickers quietly and pouts at target
  • /sniff - character sniffs at target – what smells?!
  • /sob - character sobs pitifully at target
  • /speak - character covers their mouth to prevent saying anything to target
  • /square - character shapes a box in the air for target
  • /squeal - character squeals in delight at target
  • /stare - character stares fixedly at target
  • /stinky - character makes a stinky face at target
  • /stretch - character stretches lazily
  • /sulk - character sulks quietly
  • /swear - character swears loudly at target
  • /tantrum - character throws a temper tantrum at target
  • /tap - character taps their foot impatiently
  • /taunt - character mercilessly taunts target
  • /thank - character graciously thanks target
  • /threaten - character threatens target
  • /thumbs - character ives the thumbs up to target
  • /violin - character plays on an imaginary violin in mock sympathy for target
  • /wave - character waves at target
  • /whistle - character whistles appreciatively at target
  • /whome - character gestures at target, who me?!
  • /wince - character winces at target
  • /wink - character winks at target
  • /woo - character draws an image for target
  • /yawn - character yawns rudely in targets face
  • /yeah - character fervently agrees with target

#35 CJits


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 03:18 PM

View PostMo Mo, on 05 November 2011 - 07:12 PM, said:


RP Emote Requests:

Essential RP Emotes
*RP facilitating emotes not included in GW1, or GW1 emotes that could use improving*
  • "/me" self-narration emote
There already is a /me "emote". I found out when I was trying some emotes.
/emote blahblahblah = [Character Name] blahblahblah
So, a better example = /emote ate the cookie. --> Someone ate the cookie. (If "Someone" would be your name.)

#36 whrr


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Posted 08 September 2012 - 04:43 AM

The ability for classes to wield weapons they are normally unable to with visual non combat skills.

#37 Stormz


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Posted 10 September 2012 - 01:00 AM

May already have been posted but what happen to /scare, /moan, /sigh like in GW1?Those where fun :)

#38 Konig Des Todes

Konig Des Todes

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 05:12 AM

@above: /scare and /taunt seemed to have gotten replaced by /threaten

Since this got bumped anyways... I noticed a lot of GW1 emotes have no response - not even one of those "not a command" error messages. Would like to see them back. Oh, and /stand because there's no way to smoothly stand up atm. >.>

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#39 Nancha del urun

Nancha del urun

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 11:06 AM

I'd be happy if they just added /guitar, /violin, /drums
Or add the 'classic' dances. I want my headbanging Necro and Breakdancing Ranger!

#40 iNHALE


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Posted 05 October 2012 - 12:00 PM

Sorry if any of these have been voiced already, havent read all the posts very thoroughly. I'll list some emotes that I personally would find very usefull for roleplaying.

/sleep (character lies down and falls alseep)
/eat /drink (character begins to eat/drink)
/dead (character falls to the ground as if dead or knocked out)
/tinker (character takes out a weapon and begins to clean/sharpen/mend it)
/lean_left (character leans with his shoulder against something to his left)
/lean_right (same as above but to the right)
/lean_back (character leans with his back against something)
/sit (character sits down)
/sit_edge (character sits down with his feet hanging down, performed while standing on the edge of for example a cliff or a big rock)
/lounge (character partially lies down, but not flat on the ground as when sleeping, maybe supported by an elbow or similar)
/laugh (character laughs)
/dance (character begins to dance)
/hug (character hugs the target)
/shakehand (character shakes hand with the target)
/bow (character bows)
/kneel (character kneels)
/salute (character salutes)
/wave (character waves)
/rage (character performs an animation as if yelling, being angry, stomping his foot in the ground)
/taunt (character taunts the target as if to say "come at me bro" or "you want a piece of me?")
/rude (character makes a rude gesture)
/flirt (character flirts with the target)

Probably have some more but can't think of the atm.

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