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The Short Works Section

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 06:47 PM

Thank you to Konig Des Todes for presenting this idea.

If you've got a short work such as a poem, haiku, or short story (no more than a few thousand words when complete) about guild wars and you don't want to start a new thread for it, post it here. Let's make this the biggest collection of little works of Guild Wars 2!
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Posted 25 February 2010 - 07:34 AM


I seem to be first
I have got a short work lol
Here it is k thanks

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Guild Wars 2 here soon
Lots of crazy things abound
lolwhat cows with guns
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Posted 07 April 2010 - 01:23 PM

She would lay in wait next to her prey's watering hole. She would cover herself in mud and moss, crouching low in the tall weeds. And when the beast would least expect it, she would strike. That was the plan she had concocted in her head. Then she thought about laying a trap down, more of a diversion really. So she went searching in the woods by herself, foolish she admits, for something that would serve her purpose. And then she saw a relatively small devourer, crawling about all by itself. Perfect, she thought. She would tie a rope around the devourer's body, and then attach the rope to a spike deeply embedded in the ground so that the devourer could not easily escape.

The sun was almost at its zenith, the time when her quarry would come to refresh himself after hours of patrolling. He would be tired and with having his time of relaxation disturbed, he would be cranky and easy to anger. He was angry often, but her plan was to enrage him into making a mistake, a mistake in which she would reap her honor. All say he is mighty and cannot be fell. She scoffs at the notion. He is no different than any of the others. He is not mighty. He is normal, no savior. Today she would prove it.

The day was very warm, with barely a breeze in the air. He would be particularly weary this day, but she would not underestimate him. He is not mighty, not mighty as they see him to be. If anything, he is dangerous like the great siege devourers the charr use against the Ascalonians. He is just another dangerous beast in need of being put down. The young hunter was growing weary herself of waiting. Any moment he would emerge from the treeline and walk into her trap.

Then, she heard rustling from the bushes at the base of the trees. One of the insect monsters emerge from the trees and then another and another. Half a dozen made their way to the pond and she knew then something was wrong.
Oh clever...

"Get up, little kitty," came a guttural snarl from behind her. She had not heard a single sound behind her before he spoke aloud. The devourers retrieved their hatchling and had started to move back into the forest. One of the devourers, larger than the rest, stopped and turned back, its legs and mandibles both chattering loudly. The "mighty hero" looked to the large beast.

"We are even," he said to the insect. "Be careful the next time you cause trouble in our lands, lest you may not survive the encounter," he said to the devourer. A wheezy noise came from the devourer that sounded strangely like laughing. Just as surprisingly, to the would-be assassin, the devourer seemed to understand, and chattered off into the woods.

The little hunter watched the devourer family make their way back to the trees. She looked at her quarry and froze, fearful. He had knocked an arrow and was pointing it at her. She had not even heard him pull the arrow from its quiver.

He stood there, arrow pointed directly at the center of her forehead. She did not have to guess at the aim. One: a point-blank shot's trajectory is not hard to guess. Two: it was his trademark kill shot.

"Clever plan, little kitty," he growled. "Now, give me a reason not to call back yer friends. " She had lost this day. All her planning, her hours of observing and stalking, rendered futile in all but an instant.

"How did you know?" she growled.

"Live as long as I have, and you make interesting allies. That was Joe's grandchilder you kid...bugnapped, cub. I owed him a debt and he came to collect. By every right, you should be dead. But he was willing to make a deal, so he an' I are even now." Drawing further back on the arrow, he nearly bellowed, "Give me a reason not to let go of the arrow, little kitty." She wanted to scream for him to do it. It was in his eyes that he was willing to. Her heart sank as she realized she would never have her honor.

"I am just a lowly female charr. Being the one who finally managed to take down the "famous savior" of the charr seemed like a good way to earn honor among my people." In hearing herself say it, she realized how silly the plan was. He was a hero among charr in her village. And if not a hero then someone deserving of respect and recognition. Claiming to be the one who slew him? A death sentence. "Do it," she said, as she lowered her head, tears collecting on her face.

"Why?'' he asked, arrow still taut on the bow.

"I am female! A lesser for no good reason. I will never have the same privilege as one like you! I will never have honor with my legion.

"Or my blood," she added softly.

Her would-be quarry growled and threw his bow aside, and with great strength hauled the younger one into the air and threw her to the ground.

"And so you would attack me? ME!" he screamed, and lunged for her. She could not possibly dodge him, so she did not try. She crouched low and then leaped to the air to meet him in combat. At least I'll die fighting, she thought.

The weight of his momentum took the air from her lungs as he crashed on top of her, but she clawed and snarled as he tried to halt her flailing. She scream and managed to get a claw past his defenses and slashed his face, catching on the claw he had strung around his neck. Those in the village say it is a claw from a one of the destroyers that the old shamans from the Flame Legion had summoned all those years ago. With her slashing she had ripped it off of him, leaving a gash where it had been laying on his great neck. And then she was effectively pinned.

"You were ready to die only a moment ago, little kitty. Ready to give up and let me put an arrow through your little kitty skull. And then you fight me. Trying to put me off my guard, little kitty? Can't have a devourer as bait so you bait yourself? Is that it, little kitty?"

"No!" she screamed. "There's no way I would have been able to defeat you. You ruined my trap, the only way I might have had a chance to best you, and you ruined it. I could never beat you in a fair fight, but the only option i have left is to die like a true charr, to die fighting. If my own people will not honor me for wanting to be a great warrior, then I'll have my honor for myself in dieing the way a warrior should: on the battlefield," she snarled defiantly at him.

He did not say anything. There was an expression on his face she had never seen before: surprise. The look on her face, though, was a look he had seen before, so many, many years ago.

He rose up from the ground and took a step back to give her some room to stand. She quickly did the same, only she took more than a step back. Still, she stood defiantly, poised to defend herself though she doubted it would matter. It was then she felt something different. She did not care about him or them or their honor. All she cared for, then, was being true to herself.

He bent down and picked up his destroyer claw necklace, and held it in his paw of a hand. He thought about the trouble he had faced in his past. The challenges he had to overcome, of what it cost him and all those he had ever fought with to find a measure of peace, and to find honor within himself. "My father was a hero to his people," he said, now looking at the young charr woman. For all my accomplishments, for all my glories, for any of it," he said in his growl, "I took more pride in being his son than in being myself. All those deeds I have done were to continue to bring honor to his name and to try to be half the warrior he was, never to be the warrior I wanted to be."

He had never spoke like this in all the time she had observed him. He didn't seem angry now, and she didn't know how to feel about that. Should she risk it and run? Or stay and see what he had to say?

"Just now you fought wildly, without restraint and without any care for what others might think of you. You were willing to die for your beliefs."

She could not deny it. "Yes."

"Then you're more of a charr now than I ever was at your age. You were fighting for your own glory, you own honor. It took me decades to do that, to realize I could. You have earned the recognition of the Fierce Warband, little kitty, whether or not they choose to recognize it," he said with of hint of something she felt she would never hear from the likes of someone like him: acceptance. She was silently weeping.

"I am a fool," she said, trying to dry her eyes on the fabric of her tunic.

"Keep mewling like that, little kitty, and you might as well be. Dry up the waterworks," he commanded. He was searching thorough his belt pouch for something, and removed a small clay jar. He took a bit of what was inside on his finger and smoothed it over the long wound on his face and neck. Almost instantly the wound began to close over, and soon enough there was but the barest outline of a scar. She hid her fascination with a scowl.

"Way I see it," he started to say as he replaced the unguent, "you're never going to belong in the legion again. You challenged the ways they unfalteringly adhere to.

"Leave. Don't come back until it's time," he bade her.

"Leave? I can't just leave. This is my home you old fool, it's my le--" She was cut off as his huge paw wrapped around her throat.

"You have no legion, now, little kitty," he growled. "Those days are done. Over with." He squeezed tighter over her throat. "You have just shown me that you would attack a distinguished member of the Fierce Warband. A female attacking a warrior." He growled more softly, "You'd be put to death if you tried something like that again," and let go of her. He looked again at the claw in his hand in thought.

"There is a place north of here in the Dalada Uplands. Search discreetly among the other legions for like-mind little kitties such as yourself. Then, take your leave to the north."

He tossed her the necklace she had torn from his neck as he was massaging her throat. She caught it and said hoarsely, "What's this for?"

"It may serve a purpose," he said cryptically. "Head north, little kitty, and take this, as well," he said as he gave her a charr sword. "You're a vicious fighter, for a cub. Put that to use and remember our little lesson."

"Be true to your own code?" she offered.

He laughed a guttural sound, "No. Don't ever try to fight one the Fierce Warband. Ever."

She smiled. "Why are you doing this?" she asked as she tied the necklace around her neck.

He looked at her as he was about to walk away. "If you stay, you will be living in a cage. And you will die in that cage." He paused and smiled a fanged grin, "If a warrior is going to die, she needs to do it on the battlefield." He walked over to his bow and hung it over his shoulder and started off.

"When can I come back?" she called to him.

He did not stop walking when he called back with a growl, "When it's worth dieing for."


Yes, this is a Pyre Fierceshot and Kalla Scorchrazor fan fiction. It is not canonical in any way, though I wouldn't mind if the devs made it so.

With the absence of a back story concerning Kalla, I thought to myself, what could make a charr female go against the grain like that. Sure, she's pyre's grandcub and all, but what does that have to do with anything? And then this idea for a story popped into my head.

I know what some of you must being saying right now: They never mention each other's names once, only vague hinting. I might agree with you, if I didn't see the absence of names as a unique storytelling dynamic. I never have to tell you their names, because you already know who they are.

As for the story, the usual disclaimers. These characters are not mine, but the story is mine. If any of you have concocted a similar tale, the resemblance is coincidence.
Lastly, thank you for reading and I hope to read your apocrypha concerning the upcoming new game.

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 06:35 PM

The Great Destroyer was dead.

As a doornail.

Blondette really wasn’t sure why things were called dead as a doornail, doornails aren’t alive to begin with so you can’t really kill them. But she was sure that the Great Destroyer was as dead as she is blonde because she killed it all by herself… well, with her friends too. With sword in hand and shield… in other hand she hacked and stabbied it to death, only occasionally stopping to cast healing breeze or vigorous spirit on herself occasionally. But she could handle that because she learned the tricks to warrior’s endurance awhile ago to deal with such high energy burdens.

But the important thing is that that big thing was dead and she needed a bath. The only bad thing about being a warrior is you’re always getting covered in blood and gore and always needing a bath. But Blondette liked bathing a lot so getting a little dirty wasn’t too big a deal.

As she and her friends were leaving the cave of their last battle, Blondette noticed something shiney out of the corner of her eye. It was some large metal thing with a big red button and a note attached. She went to investigate it.

The note read as follows:

-Whatever you do, do not push the big red button-

-Signed, Me-

Blondette looked at the button. It was so big. And so red. And so buttony. How bad could it be if she just gave it one little push? Blondette glanced around to see that her friends hadn’t noticed she stopped yet.

Blondette pushed the button.

The big metal thing started vibrating and making machine sounds. There was a flash of light and the glowing image of a forgotten appeared. Blondette was impressed with the display.

“Thank you for choosing Draconicorp,” the forgotten said. “Tyria’s leading provider of dragons for all your dragon needs. We at draconicorp offer a variety of dragon solutions from little ones for children’s parties to giant world destroying dragons. If you know which kind of dragon you are interested in, please say so now, if not please wait while we give you a list of dragon options.”

“Giant world destroying dragons,” Blondette asked, those sounded interesting.

“You have chosen giant world destroying dragons,” the glowing forgotten said, next to him a number of mean looking dragons appeared. “In our quest to be the leading provider of dragon solutions, we at Draconicorp have developed a number of giant dragons for all of your devastation needs. Each dragon was have is specifically tailored to vigorous specifications in order to provide the widest variety of calamities possible.”

“That sounds pretty cool,” Blondette said.

“We at Draconicorp would like to thank you for ordering a giant world destroying dragon,” the forgotten said. “However we regret to inform you that we are currently understaffed and the dragon reanimation process will take approximately 50 years. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you. Please take this plush Draconicorp stuffed animal as a consolation, and remember if you need dragons, choose Draconicorp.”

A stuffed purple dragon appeared before Blondette. She picked it up. It was very soft and very cuddly. It looked like it was made out of high quality materials.

“And I shall call you Drakey.” Blondette gave Drakey a big hug. The forgotten was saying something about a cancellation process but Blondette wasn’t paying attention; Drakey was so soft. Blondette decided she was going to start sleeping with Drakey by her and went to catch up with her friends.

“There you are,” Gwen said. “We thought you’d gotten lost again.”

“Aww,” Blondette said. “I didn’t mean to upset my Gwenny-pooh. Don’t worry I’m fine.”

“For the hundredth time would you please stop calling me Gwenny-pooh,” Gwen said. “It sounds weird and it creeps me out every time you say that.”

“You really must take care not to wander off,” Mhenlo said. “We may have defeated the Great Destroyer but other dangers may be lurking these caverns.”

“Sorry about that, but I found this,” Blondette showed everyone the stuffed dragon. “Isn’t Drakey the best!?”

“Where did you find that,” Devona asked.

“In a vending machine,” Blondette said.

“Why would anyone leave a vending machine with stuffed dragons in a place like this,” Devona asked.

“Dunno,” Blondette said. “Maybe it is a reward for killing the Great Destroyer.”

“That makes no sense,” Devona said.

“There is little sense to what people leave in dungeons,” Eve said. “I found this awhile ago.”

Eve showed everyone her Hello Kitty backpack.

“Devona,” Mhenlo said. “By know you really should know not to ask questions like that.”

“Sorry,” Devona said. “Somehow I was hoping there would be a little common sense left in the world.”

“That looks kinda cute,” Cynn said looking at Drakey. “Good construction too.”

“Aww, he’s soo cute,” Tahlkora said. “I’d love to have one of those for my collection.”

“If you want I can run back and try to get you both one,” Blondette said.

“Really,” Cynn said, hoping to get one. “That’d be nice of you.”

“Please,” Tahlkora said. “I’d love to have one of those as well.”

“Okay give me a minute,” Blondette said and then ran off.

“You two shouldn’t encourage her,” Gwen said.

“Be quiet you, that doll is cute,” Tahlkora said.

“Yeah,” Cynn said. “Besides, what harm could come from a vending machine with stuffed animals? It’s not like it was some primitive device that will awaken some horrible beasts to ravage Tyria.”

“I suppose you are right,” Gwen admitted. "I mean what are the odds of that happening?"

Blondette ran back to her vending machine. Three more times she pushed the button. Three more times she asked for a giant world destroying dragon. With stuff animals in hand, she returned to her friends.

“For Cynn,” Blondette said giving Cynn a dragon. “We have Purple Passion!”

“Purple Passion,” Cynn said and held it to her chest. “That’s not a bad name.”

“For Tahlkora,” Blondette said presenting a dragon to Tahlkora. “We have Himeko!”

“I love my little Himeko,” Tahlkora gave her dragon a big squeeze.

“And for my Gwenny-pooh,” Blondette said. “There is Mr. Cuddles!”

“I didn’t want a stuff dragon,” Gwen said.

“But you look so sad,” Blondette said, trying to speak in a Mr. Cuddles voice. “I just want to give you a magical dragon hug and cheer you up.”

“No,” Gwen said flatly.

“But every lady needs at least one stuff animal,” Blondette said, still speaking as Mr. Cuddles. “It’s a rule and it’s cute.”

“Fine, fine I’ll take it,” Gwen said. “Wow, this thing really is soft and cuddly.”

“See, isn’t it great,” Blondette asked.

“I guess I can have one stuffed animal,” Gwen said.

“If everyone is done,” Mhenlo said. “We really should get moving. It’s a long walk back to the Eye.”

And with that, the brave, bold band of baddy bashers returned unaware of their blonde friend’s epic blunder.
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Posted 17 April 2010 - 09:17 PM

the following transcription is based on a play that took place during the MantleCon 2010, d2.
original script.

i am aware this is fan-fiction. if you are not, let me clarify it: THIS IS COMPLETELY FAN-MADE and has no lore impact in-game.
i post it here to show it to majority of members. move it to an appropriate, fan-fiction subforum in a few days.

great job guys!

"Rites of Saul" or the rise of the Shining Mantle
by Karuro Silvershot
as narrated and presented by Malchior Devenholm
and performed by: Shemp The Absent as Ithaqua Zhar, Fire Ghost Killer as Malchior Devenholm, Grek The Hammer as Lord Sethiroth, Ambitious Elemental as the Peacekeeper, Wire Angel as a peasant, Safran Derkanan as a peasant, a group of Charr

Narrator: Our story begins with a dive into the past.
Our Lord and Savior, Saul D'Alessio, was but a man low on his luck. Kicked out of Kryta he was. Into the threacherous jungles. Not the best place for a drunk to end up. With all those spiders and centaurs.
Yet here he met the Glorious Unseen Ones, who patched him back to a... higher rank in society.
This angel of gold approached him and said:

Mursaat: No more are you a mere bum!

Narrator: And so, Saul was no mere bum anymore.
No, now he was a bum wearing clothes made of the finest linen and gold!

Saul: Praise the Unseen Ones!

Narrator: After Saul returned with his tale of the Unseen, many joined him to fight together against the threat from the North.
The Charr.

Saul: Citizens of Kryta. We must act now!
Unite under my banner and together, we shall defeat the Charr!

Narrator: Later that week, Saul and his men ventured through the night to fight against the charr.

The Charr: We are the Charr! We will kill you now!
[act ferocious]

Saul: No, foolish feline. It is US that shall kill you!

Narrator: And so, Saul and his men took out the entire invasion army! But at a cost.
Many lives were lost, and so was Saul's.

Saul: Alas, I have been slain! Tell of my tale to my followers!
Let my teachings about peace and brotherhood not be lost!

Narrator: Saul taught us that we should fight together as brothers in arms. But Saul's meaning was lost through the years. And some meddling kids and their moa murdered Justiciar Hablion after the Chosen incident.

Hablion: I could've gone away with it if it weren't for you-BLARGH!

Narrator:...our heroes then killed the great Demagogue!

Demagogue: i was the stronge--BLARGH!

Narrator: And turned Confessor Dorian into a phantom!

Dorian: Well, this isn't so ba--OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CORPSE?!

Narrator: The highest in leadership who took up Dorian's position only made it worse.

Confessor Isaiah: So I had this great idea!

Thommis: Tell me about it.

Confessor Isaiah: Let's hire whatever is left of Verata's cult and those bandits from Ascalon as Peacekeepers!

Thommis: You go do that. I'll rage about my brother with those Stone Summit dwarves.

Narrator: And so the White Mantle was swung to the bottom of the devourer pit. But there was a shining ray of hope!
And, luckily for them, it wasn't a Ray of Judgement!


Narrator: A small group banded together inside the White Mantle. A group who couldn't agree with the direction their guild was going to. Especially after last week's incident...

Villager: Oh, woe is me! The harvest has gone bad and I only have enough to feed myself!

Peacekeeper: Pardon, ma'am, but I see you got some cabbages there.

Villager: Who are you?

Peacekeeper: We are the Peacekeepers of Kryta. The Unseen Ones have told us you are hiding Shining Blade members. We suspect the Shining Blade is disguised as those cabbages.

Villager: No! What are you doing?! My harvest! Give it back!

Peacekeeper: Ma'am, either give us the cabbages or we will chop your head off!

Villager: ...

Peacekeeper: Silence is golden!

Narrator: Our heroes could not approve of these acts! There Peacekeepers were turning the Mantle into a criminal underground organisation. Our heroes would not let this continue - this was against Saul's teachings!
What is the best way to achieve peace? What about the Unseen Ones?
It was time to make a choice.

Lord Sethiroth: It is time to make a choice!
We either continue as thugs in the White Mantle or join forces with those who share our goal. We must strive for peace.

Ithaqua Zhar: What do you mean?

Malchior Devenholm: I agree. Conflict can be no more!
[stands up] We shall find allies! We shall put an end to this criminal empire!

Monk: But the Mantle is not fit to lead. Corruption is deep inside their brows.

Malchior Devenholm: No, my brother. The Mantle obeys but they do not lead. We need someone else who is set on their goal. We need someone who desires peace. We need someone who acts like Saul did.

Warrior: Yes. Let us unite with our Krytan brothers. Fight for peace. For the Queen!

Malchior Devenholm: Then we shall head west. I have a contact of the Shining Blade waiting for us to make negotiations with.

Narrator: They arrived at the designated meeting spot. There was no need for talk. The intentions of both parties were clear: a confused man cannot pick a single side.
So why a man can not benefit from both?
This is what it means to find peace. The White Mantle is no more for this group of outcasts. From this day on, this group became legends.
The Shining Mantle. A name that regains the glory of the old days. A guild whose brotherhood is stronger than never before. Krytans who have bound together to find peace.
All hail the Unseen and their blessings. All hail Saul and his teachings. And all hail the Queen, who shall return peace to our nation!

The end.

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#6 Malchior Devenholm

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 12:09 AM

Very nice drkn! When I can get back on my computer, I will go ahead and post the original script given to me by Karuro :)

BTW-Shemp played Ithaqua Zhar. Fire the Killer played Malchior Devenholm. Grek The Hammer played Lord Sethiroth. Wire Angel and Safran Darkman played peasants.

And no, you didn't miss anyone :D

The group of Charr was an idea given to me by a thoughtful individual to use them in the play, so I just called for them when teh Charr fight came along :P

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#7 Ambitious


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Posted 18 April 2010 - 12:17 AM

I enjoyed the /zrank justice the Charr gave the play-crashers.


The Unseen Ones have told us you are hiding Shining Blade members. We suspect the Shining Blade is disguised as those cabbages.

That part made me giggle.

EDIT: Might this belong in the Library of Whispers?
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Posted 18 April 2010 - 12:34 AM

BTW-Shemp played Ithaqua Zhar. Fire the Killer played Malchior Devenholm. Grek The Hammer played Lord Sethiroth. Wire Angel and Safran Darkman played peasants.

thanks - edited.

The group of Charr was an idea given to me by a thoughtful individual to use them in the play

it was meeeeeeeeeeee <333

EDIT: Might this belong in the Library of Whispers?

will do, best along with the reformation topic, just wanted to attract the bigger crowd for a few days.
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#9 Konig Des Todes

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 12:42 AM

In ID1 Shinol (forgot last name) played as my monk (Ithaqua) - but he was a ranger!

And wow, didn't expect people to transcribe it. I could link the original version Karuro made...

Here it is: http://requiem.anime...meforpedro.html
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Posted 18 April 2010 - 02:11 AM

Tnx for putting this up, i was to bussy selling pop-corn to get everything, nice play lots of 'lols' there on the reread ^^
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#11 Tzu Qui Jinn

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 05:31 AM

LOL, very cool story, would have been fun to see it in Bork Bork Bork.

THE END (is near)

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 09:45 AM

thanks, filled the blank spots.

And wow, didn't expect people to transcribe it.

i don't support you RP-wise, but i do support you as players - mantlecon was indeed great and worth describing in details. too bad it turned out that most of my screenshots are not good enough to see the light of the day :(

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 10:29 AM

Haaah. Nice one. :D
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#14 Karuro


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Posted 18 April 2010 - 12:05 PM

And here I was thinking to delete the pedro page and give it some nice graphical designs on a new one /pout.

The Play in ID1 was slightly different due my own interference of PMing the lines, the actors adding lines themselves, participating myself as Charr & Isaiah (Thommis was scrapped, alas. So it became narrator text) and having a Moa as Saul for example.

Fun nonetheless, hope ya'll enjoyed the play~
(And I hope someone recorded it in ID1)

As for the roles in my dis:
Liston Worrek: Saul, Dorian
Sightkeeper Seleon: Mursaat, Monster, Peacekeeper
Raminus Spellflame: Malchior, Hablion
Simol Taneous: Zhar, "Hero"
Dutch Sunshine: Sethiroth, The Demagogue
Sora Wingedshot: (Accidental Female) Villager, Blade Member
Karuro Silvershot: Narrator, Charr, Isaiah
Kicked out: Thommis, isn't it sad?

Edited by Karuro, 18 April 2010 - 12:18 PM.

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#15 aRdNeK


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Posted 19 April 2010 - 08:55 PM

Thanks for sharing this! I wasn't able to attend the play portion of the event, so this was nice to read. :) Thanks!
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Posted 30 April 2010 - 07:21 PM

Important Persons
Palawa Joko – Undead ruler
Velec Jattiup Ucene – Head of the Dark Sunspears, living human

What Palawa Joko thought was an important turning point in his campaign to conquer Elonia was really his downfall. But no one ever knew it. His fall began with something that was supposed to be the key to finally subjugating this rotten desert land.

“Palawa we’ve found it.” The man speaking to him was Velec Jattiup Ucene, the head of Joko’s Dark Sunspears which would eventually be called the Mordant Crescent. Velec, one of the first to be turned to evil, was very charismatic and a good motivator and was a great help in convincing many sunspears over to the dark side. However he was lacking in other leadership qualities, a mixed blessing for Joko.

“Which it did you find,” Joko asked. “I have your sunspears looking for several things.”

“The desert dragon,” Velex said. “We finally found where it slumbers.”

“Ah good,” Joko said. “Ever since I’ve heard of Primordus stirring I have been eager to find that dragon. With it my conquest of Elona will finally be completed.”

“It isn’t an undead,” Velec said. “Will you be able to control it like you do your other minions?”

“Don’t question my powers Velec,” Joko said. “I’ve got many tricks up my sleeve and controlling a few undead is only one of them. Tell me, where is the dragon resting?”

“To the south,” Velec said. “Not too far from where Kourna and the Desolation border each other.”

“To the south,” Joko said. “I wasn’t expecting it there, but no matter. Soon it will be mine as well as all of elona and the crystal desert. We leave at once.”

“Yes Joko,” Velec said.

At the order of Palawa Joko, a band of Dark Sunspears lead by Velec Jattiup Ucene and undead travelled south through the wastes to the location of the sleeping dragon. The Dark Sunspears rode in the wurms, while the undead unaffected by the wastes. Commanding the expedition was Joko himself.

“I don’t like this area you are leading me to Velec,” Palawa Joko said.

“Are you referring to where Turai Ossa imprisoned you,” Velec asked.

“This place holds bad memories for me,” Palawa said. “My revenge upon that blasted Ossa will be complete when I become the next king of all Elona. The thought of it is one of the few pleasures I allow myself. Once I'm in charge, I plan to make all of his decedents pay.”

“Yes,” Velec said. “However we must go to where you were imprisoned, for that is where the dragon slumbers.”

“Is that so?” Joko furrowed his mummified brows.

“Yes,” Velek said. “We heard a story from a traveler from the far north. A race called the Asura was able to tap into the magic of the sleeping Primordus for use some kind of magical artifacts. On a hunch we came looking here to see if we could find traces of a dragon. We believe that Ossa’s forces were able to siphon off the magic of the dragon in order to imprison you.”

“So he stole a dragon’s magic,” Joko said. “That explains how he was able to defeat me.”

Once the mixed group got within sight of the search party and excavation team, Palawa Joko and his undead rushed forward ahead of his Dark Sunspear followers. Finally he would have access to the power he needed to conquer all of Elona. Who knows what he would be able to do afterwards. He heard tales of a race called the charr to the north. Maybe they’d make good undead servants.

“Show me to the dragon at once,” Joko commanded the human search party.

“Of course Joko,” one of the humans said.

Then the area exploded into violence. From behind Joko, Velec Jattiup Ucene’s group of Dark Sunspears attacked. Velec hung back letting the others do the dirty work. For a second, Joko was surprised by the betrayal; he was thinking of the future instead of watching his back. He quickly recovered and ordered his surviving undead forces and the search party to attack the traitors.

That’s when he was hit from behind a second time as the search team turned on him as well. It was a brief but violent fight. A few Dark Sunspears fell, as did all of Joko’s undead minions. Joko found himself surrounded, but unwilling to give up.

“You think you can betray me?” Joko shouted at Velec. “You think you can imprison me a second time? If you do I’ll break free and have my revenge again!”

“Actually I have other plans for you,” Velec said. That’s when the magic users in his group started chanting. Joko was frozen in place, unable to move or speak. Velec walked up to Joko to gloat.

“You see my dear Joko,” Velec said. “It would be a terrible waste to simply imprison you. You see, we found the sleeping dragon a few months ago and that is when we something interesting. The same magical energies used to originally banish you could be used to subjugate you instead.”

“You have knowledge we can use,” Velec continued. “You have powers and an undead army we can put at our disposal. Plus you give us something even more valuable. You give us a villain. You see, we have big plans for Elona. But we learned an interesting lesson from the White Mantle, who controlled Kryta until some meddling heroes got involved.”

“You see, you can’t just take over. If you rule by force alone, eventually some other force will rise up and defeat you. You’ve got to make it so that people want you to rule over them. You’ve got to make it so they depend on you so much they’ll never turn against you, no matter how bad it gets. You don’t just conquer their armies, you need to conquer and convert their minds and their children over to your cause. Indoctrinate them so they think that your tyranny is a good thing and that them having freedom from you is bad.”

“That’s what we really want to achieve. But it is going to take time. Time to set things up. Time to build the new system and control structures that we need. That’s what you give us. You give us time. While we rule through you, we’ll have the time we need to set things up. As I said, you give us a villain. You see, when we use you to conquer Elona and those that oppose our ideals, we will be able to let you take the blame. You can take the fall while our hands are clean. Once we are ready, suddenly this new force, which is us with a new name, will come forth to overthrow you and be a nice and friendly face. We will represent hope and change. And as the heroes, people will love us. People will want us to rule. We’ll have everything in place to control them by force and then they will give us their loyalty and their children will be taught to be loyal to us.”

“At that point,” Velec said. “At that point… our conquest and domination will be complete. What you have achieved by magic we will achieve by the people giving us exactly what we want and cheer us in doing so. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Remember, undead such as you are thralls. And you really need to remember your place Joko.”

With that, the magic users of the Dark Sunspears began the enchantments to fully control Palawa Joko.

“So what are we going to do next,” one of Velec’s lieutenants asked.

“Next we’ll get all the knowledge he has,” Velec said. “No one outside of our group knows what he looks like. We can find or make an impostor to pretend to be him. Once we have his knowledge and power, we’ll take him to the ring of fire. A lich was slain by some heroes on a bloodstone located there. If we can’t find a way to properly destroy Joko from the knowledge we get from him, the bloodstone will more than suffice. We just put him on it and strike him down and no more worrying about Joko.”

And that was the way it was...
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Posted 05 May 2010 - 01:05 AM

LOL LOL LOL Gwenny Pooh ..... Rated 5!
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#18 Konig Des Todes

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Posted 05 May 2010 - 02:00 AM

Hilarious, but you forgot about the fifth dragon! =o
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Posted 05 May 2010 - 02:09 AM

I wonder who "me" is. :o
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#20 Thalador


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Posted 05 May 2010 - 06:11 AM

That . is . gorgeous! This is one of the most splendid fan-fic I've ever read. Though you indeed forgot the last giant world-destroying dragon. ;)

I hope you'll write more about Blondette's adventures, Winterclaw. It is truly amazing! :D
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#21 Errant Masque

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Posted 05 May 2010 - 07:48 AM

Wow that was really good, I actually genuinely lol'd! I want more!
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Posted 05 May 2010 - 05:00 PM

Thank you for the replies everyone. :)

I wonder who "me" is. :o

Obviously he is the guy (asura?) who released the first dragon.

Yeah, that's it. ;)
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Posted 05 May 2010 - 05:14 PM

LOL :P That made me chuckle. Tbh i should carry on my crappy fan fiction XD
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Posted 06 May 2010 - 03:57 AM

Part 2 Winterclaw? pretty please.
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Posted 06 May 2010 - 09:55 AM

whaha its cool ^^
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Posted 06 May 2010 - 12:36 PM

Haha this was really funny. Well done!
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#27 Danzo Dattori

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Posted 11 May 2010 - 11:16 AM

Seems a bit unrealistic that Palawa Joko was that easily defeated...
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#28 Thalador


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Posted 11 May 2010 - 07:22 PM

The writing is really interesting, but there were a few lore issues - of course, this is just a fan-fic, but still... :P

1.) The desert dragon is Kralkatorrik. He awakes in the lake near Grothmar Wardowns then flies south right into the northern Crystal Desert (which is said to be a grassland in Guild Wars 2' present time).

2.) Joko is too powerful to be just imprisoned by the humans that easily. I know, he doesn't seem to reflect that in-game (GW1) but I think he will be quite the challange in Guild Wars 2 - if we are going to fight him...

Other than the above issues it is a great work! Nice job! :)
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Posted 14 August 2010 - 03:51 AM

Do alliterations count?

No norn knows nervousness; only honor.

An asura assumes arduous and alien antics.

Charr calmly convey callous candidness.

Human history holds horrible havoc.

Some sylvari seem surreptitiously sorrowful.

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 03:53 AM

The sweet, subtle intricacies of oscillating forms coalesced in the Dream and scintillated with vivid color as immaculate as pure diamond. They churned and spiraled in a monumental amalgamation of imagery, dancing in syncopation with the whimsical undulation of the Dream of Dreams. Memories lashed out among the forms seemingly of their own volition. The entanglement of form and memory gave rise to the essence of my Self. The intoxication of the moment sent my essence reeling, gyrating back, overwhelmed by obstreperous and exquisite waves of incalculable aesthetics. I held on tight, grasping at any semblance of reality, of terra firma, as the lahar of invention sought to consume every part of me. Alas, all efforts to maintain reason failed. And within a euphoric transcendence, actions erupted from pure idea. My essence dropped downward from the Dream of Dreams, narrowing into a bright tunnel. The feeling was so poignant, and its reverberation rattled through my brain, igniting every neuron.

I am suddenly gifted with sentience.

I emerge from the Dream of Dreams fully awakened. It is dark. I am curled into a fetal position. My body is strong and sturdy, and I can feel every cell and synapse. The Pale Tree has willed me to be a warrior and a philosopher. I know how to wield a sword, and yet have never felt the steel in my grasp. I am a sylvari whose name is Smaointe. The word means "thoughts." The pod finally opens. I have seen light for twenty-five years, but my eyes hurt from the first experience of it. It is late summer. I am born in the middle of the day. The Dream fades and I am less affected by its abstraction. As a sylvari I will live and die, but in memory I have been made eternal. I am locked within the lattice of memories of our people. Bless the Pale Tree, born in the strength of Ronan and the values of Ventari. May other sylvari learn from my experience.
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