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Ginnunga (EU) - High level PvP since 1999

wvw pvp us

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 05:51 PM

Ginnunga - http://www.ginnunga.org Posted Image

Ginnunga is an online gaming guild which was formed late 1999 in the game EverQuest by Jhurg (Eyke) and Laurent (Ernesto). We have existed in the online world ever since. We have a basic set of rules and morals that guides our behaviour, regardless of which game we play and our motto has always been that we should have fun together. This does however not mean that we are just a family guild. We play to win - not always to be the best, but we are quite aware of quality, not just in personality and behaviour, but also in game excellence. We are a European guild, meaning 95% of our members are from europe(ish) while the rest are others (aliens) who play during GMT/CET hours.

Ginnunga is a European guild on Blackgate.
So we play on an American server.


We are currently recruiting!

Here are a few basic rules that we live by:

Ginnunga is and has always been a high level guild. We want adults who play a fair amount but have high communication skills and a massive love for gaming. We are looking for players who will stick around after the game is long dead and buried to play future games with us as well. So, we want more than just skills with the specific game, we want awesome, awesome people who are fun to hang with.
We pride ourselves in being a big yet close-knit community with a family atmosphere. Due to our outstanding history in previous MMOs we receive a lot of applications for our sections, which means that unfortunately not everyone can make it into the guild. Submitting a thorough, spell-checked and honest application will increase your chances tremendously, whereas one-liners will result in immediate rejection.

  • Play alot. We don't mean 16 hours a day, but if you only play an hour a day, we might not be the best guild for you.
  • At least 20 years of age as we are a mature guild.
  • You need to have Teamspeak3 installed, a working microphone, a solid connection and a good computer.
  • You enjoy playing the game and you enjoy to be commited to it and the guild.
  • Enjoy fighting, winning OR losing.
  • Level 80
So, here is a slightly longer "About Us" version;

We formed up back in October/November 1999 in EverQuest, and a whole bunch of us have stayed together ever since then. Naturally, over a long course such as 10 years, members have come and gone, but there is actually a surprisingly large core still goofing around together. At present date, 95% of our members are from europe(ish) while the rest are others (aliens) who play during GMT/CET hours.

When we started out in EverQuest we figured we wanted to have a tight guild, with few rules but also a rather strict moral code. We aimed to form a guild where everyone was friends, but still not slack on the discipline and the fighting standards. We never aimed to be the best but we always looked at quality and companionship. During our time in EverQuest, a funny phenomenon occured that I wish to share with you, a phenomenon we called "patchkids".

You see, in these early MMOs the launch of a new expansion was not a small ordeal. Often the servers were down for several days in a row and many emergency patches occured. Funnily enough, 9 months after the first expansion called "Ruins of Kunark" we had a small explosions of little mini guildmembers popping up and yet again, 9 months after the second expansion, "Scars of Velious" another batch of gnomes appeared. It seemed to all of us, that when we couldn't make heroics in Norrath, we made babies in the bedrooms. I will in no way, shape or form mention any names, especially not my dear friend Makrill, who seems to be strongly in the lead of Patchkid-production.

Another funny thing that happened during this time was what we now call "The Fear of Ruum". Back in these times, the Internet was alot more anonymous than it is now, at least for us, so when our friend Ruum used the face of a known swedish criminal as his Avatar, everyone who wasn't from Sweden, wrongly mistook that photography to be Ruum and due to the very scary appearance of this criminal (known as Christer Pettersson, now diseased) made pretty much everyone in the guild fear him and the one who feared him the most, was our missionary brother Maldran from Pheonix in the US who started answering everything Ruum said with "Yes Sir!" and obeyed his every command.

We played on american servers (Mithaniel Marr) at that time, I don't even think there existed any european ones, but due to our timezone we had sometimes a hard time recruiting players. However, at one point a great thing occured to us, we need to recruit stay-at-home-moms. At this time, without stereotyping things, it seemed that pretty much all the women playing EverQuest played three different classes: druid, cleric or enchanter. All of those very important support classes, that there were few to find, especially in the manly "testosterone" type guilds out there. Since we had a rather friendly atmosphere, we seemed to attract these wonderful ladies, and pretty soon, half of our guild was filled with wives to armymen, who stayed at home watching kids and playing online games, while their men were out serving their countries. We could never have been happier - we got to meet awesome people from the US, as well as have the servers largest overabundance of enchanters. It was a win win situation and I still to this date think that we had one of the highest percentage of females in our guild on the server (30-40%).

Dark Age of Camelot
When Dark Age of Camelot was released in 2001 we moved pretty much the entire guild there and yet again we played on an american server (Kay) for the simple fact that the euro servers got their patches later, and we wanted diversity in our members, we want players from all over the globe. We had a great time in DAoC, for the first time introducing ourselves to 3D RvR combat and alot of our earlier experiences with EverQuest really helped us out here, both when it came to slaying endless piles of monsters in Malmohus, to the famous assist-trains in Emain.

Back in the early days of DAoC, levelling was rather harsh, at least with todays standards, but since we had spent two years hackin away in EverQuest, we had a pretty solid routine to get things going. Basically, we sat down in a camp spot, brought monsters to our camp that we could slay just with autoattacks,and then we let our infamous troll Snyggve drink himself near a stupor with the help of his good friend Captain Morgan, and then have him entertain us for an entire evening in his drunk ramblings.

Since both Snyggve, myself and a few others were Swedish, our notorious friend Skolbyter chose to educate himself in the swedish language, so he promptly went to a fleamarket in Texas somewhere and bought himself an ancient swedish-english dictionary. He then spent the following few months composing insults to me in such a horrible directly translated swedish, you could do nothing but laugh until you cried. Although it means nothing to someone who cannot speak swedish, the now in-guild famous quote "Sot Svala, jag forsvara er heder mot ond gris Kjell" was coined. (Rougly translated, Sweet Svala, I will defend your honor against the evil pig Kjell).

We kept the guild going for quite some time in Dark Age of Camelot, but when the beta of Starwars Galaxies came out, pretty much all of us obtained a beta key, and we battled it out and had a really good time during the beta, but when the game was released, only a very few of us actually stayed and played it, sadly.

The guild was rolling on in DAoC and we merged with some other guild there to keep our membership amount up to a decent level, and with the merged we renamed the guild to "Volsungs" to iron out any merging kinks etc.

Still to this day, we play every now and then on the classic servers, under the flag of "OndGris".

Lineage II
In 2004 the open beta for Lineage II was released, stunned by the amazing graphics, I decided to try the game out. We formed up the guild with 10-15 of our old members, who had stuck together in EQ and some from DAoC and quickly gained a bunch of new friends, who would turn out to be awesome!

L2 was our first open PVP game, and being a carebear and PvE hero in my heart we managed to huggle our way through the very testosterone-filled and hostile enviroment of an FFA PVP game. By being friendly and awesome, we managed to grab a castle, and then subsequently hold that castle for a period of 10 months, which at that time was the longest anyone had held on to a castle.

What separates an FFA PvP game the most from a regular MMO is that it adds an additional dimesion to the game, that being politics. Half the game took place on forums where the leaders and members discussed issuses, whined, flamed and declared wars. Myself being a rather sneaky , we managed to manouver ourselves into a whole bunch of favourable positions just by wordplay and communication.

We were a rather small guild, with mediocre levels, but the rest of the server had been led to believe that we were something fiercly strong and with the use of cunning tricks and alliances, we managed to influence the top game for a very long time without being openly contested in combat.

However, all houses of cards must fall one day. At some point we had managed to ally ourselves with some strong forces in the game, as well as control most of the castles on the server. This led to an alliance of 36 guilds to attack us in our cosy little castle Oren. Now, 36 guilds, that is quite alot, even by more modern and larger games standards. Somehow we and our 11 allied guilds managed to hold the fort and won a landslide victory, which after a few wars had been fought, allowed us to be the first guild/alliance to ever conquer the main castle of the game, Aden more or less uncontested due to peace treaties forged.

A short while after this, I, myself had to move and would loose my internet connection for quite some time. Since it was not possible to transfer the leadership in guilds at that time, we reformed our guild as Reborn under the command of Cogency. Reborn would then after a short while ally together with Enmity and form the strongest and most successful alliance in Lineage 2's history, Uprising.

What we did in Uprising would be a far too long tale to tell here, but there are very very few people who have ever played Lineage 2 that has not heard of us at this time.

World of Warcraft
Lineage 2 wasn't for everyone, especially not for our old PvE heroes from the ages of EverQuest, so when World of Warcraft was released, for the first time we started up the guild simultaniously in a different game. We even went so far to start up two guilds in World of Warcraft, one on a PvE (Bloodhoof) server and one on a PvP (Stormreaver) server. The PvP server attracted most of the old DAoC people, as well as some killing hungry people from EQ and L2, while the PvE side consisted mostly of the awesome people who we first started EQ with, who were now too old, or too busy to play in the more competitive climat on the PvP server.

Ginnunga is one of the only guilds who have been active from day 1 on Stormreaver that is still active and going strong and eventhough we shut down our Bloodhoof section after a while, we decided to start it up again half a year later on the Nordrassil server.

Sword of the New World
When Uprising was disbanded, pretty much a year ago, a couple of us decided to try out the asian free to play game Sword of the New World which we had a great time in for a while, but in the end we decided to abandon the game due to some flaws in the PvP system as well as a very low population on the euro server (Illier). After the nightmares of staying up until 5 in the morning to fight castle sieges in Lineage 2, we had decided to never again play on an american server that didnt have events during our timezone.

Although we have officially abandoned the game, a bunch of us are still playing as guests in the guild Unforgiven on the Illier server.

Warhammer Online
Best guild ever!

Age of Conan
Despite not having a very big interest within the guild, we decided to start up a small section on one of the PvE servers (Ymir) since we felt that without our full commitment, it would be bad for us and our image to start halfheartedly in a PvP enviroment.

The guildsection for the guild Ginnunga in Rift on Whitefall was mainly compromised of old PvP players from Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage 2 and Warhammer. More blabla will follow later since we just decided to shut this down and focus on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Real World
During all these years we have played together, we have tried to have at least one annual gathering somewhere in the world, most of the time time it has been hosted in Sweden, for the simple reason that quite a few of us live there, especially post-WOW and it is very easy to arrange free living for all the guests that fly in. This years meeting was just concluded, eventhough I myself wasn't able to attend this year, but they tell me they had an awesome amount of fun, including rilfe-shooting, waterskiing, waffles, oh waffles and party-boating. Although hard to beat our last year when we rented an island for two days, where we had a huge BBQ and got silly until we all fell asleep in the green grass, just like it should be during a swedish summer!

Online gaming is for us so much more than just a bunch of nicknames behind computer screens. We form friendships and bonds that reach far beyond the borders of cyberspace and reach deep into the real world of flesh and blood. I am happy to say that some of the people I met back in 1999 in EverQuest are today some of my very best friends that carry me through lifes hills and valleys. We are so much more than just a guild. We are Ginnunga.

Ginnunga going strong for more then 10 years now!
When Ginnunga the guild dinged 10 years of online camaraderie and awesomeness. 50 of us gathered and 50 of us had an awesome time. Thousands of pictures were taken and nearly the same amount of beers were drunk. The weather was blazing comfortable 28c sun for the full 5 days of the gathering and I just can't wait until the next time!

I seem to be running out of time, eventhough I had planned to describe a few more funny events more into detail, but I hope this little wall of text will be an entertaining read at least for some.

Ginnunga Posted Image

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:42 PM

Bump.. We already added some new blood to our guild, but we could do with some more people to join Team Awesome!
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Posted 27 April 2012 - 01:16 PM

Ginnunga will be on the EU server Vabbi for the upcomming beta weekend, feel free to say hi! Recruitment is also still open.
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Posted 01 July 2012 - 01:27 PM

Hi Friends!

As most of you probably noticed, there is a release date, yay! So if you were holding back with making an application until there was a date, wait no more and look us up!

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 01:19 PM

Ginnunga is now officially part of the Titan Alliance.

We will be representing the European time zone on the NA servers . We feel that the NA servers will be able to deliver nonstop around the clock action due to many European, Oceanic and ofcourse American guilds rolling there.
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Posted 11 August 2012 - 10:44 AM


Little video from the beta weekend, incase you missed it.

Ginnunga in BWE3
(youtube link can be found in the description)

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 12:25 PM

Bump :)
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Posted 06 November 2012 - 11:15 AM

riggidydiggidy bump.

Ginnunga moved to Blackgate 3,5weeks ago. This is a now a T1 server with lots and lots of action.
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