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Guild & Alliance Recruitment Guidelines

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Posted 05 April 2012 - 01:23 PM

Please adhere to these conditions, otherwise your post will be deleted* and you will receive warnings or infractions.

Requirements for your guild
  • You must have a way to handle interest, communication, and/or applications from potential members outside of your recruitment thread. This rule is in place because we don't allow people to reply to recruitment threads.
  • We will be requiring people to designate their guild as RP, PvE, PvP, or PvX!
  • To do this, you click "Add a Tag" and select one of the prefixes from the drop-down menu.
Requirements for your alliance
  • At this point in time, you must have a way to facilitate alliance recruitment and discussion outside of this forum. The PM system allows you to invite several people (like a mini-forum), or you can provide a website.
  • We will be requiring people to designate their prefix as Alliance.
  • To do this, you click "Add a Tag" and select one of the prefixes from the drop-down menu.
Posting Guidelines
  • You may have only one thread per guild. That means no cross-region posting, too. At this point in time, the leader of your guild is the safest bet to be the poster.
    • If you need to create a new thread for any reason, please send a PM to Leyana or Aero to have your thread closed. You will need to wait a week after your last bump before you are allowed to create a new thread.
  • You may post in your thread no more than once per week. That means a full week must have passed before you can reply to your thread.
    • The content of the "bump" is up to you. Whether you just say, "bumping my thread" or want to post more information, that's up to you! Just no more than one post per week.
    • Only the OP may bump the thread. If you wish to change ownership of the thread, you can wait a week and then have someone else recreate it.
  • All advertisements must be posted in English, but your website may be whatever language you prefer.
  • Thread titles should be free of obnoxious characters (~~~!!JOIN MY GUILD!!~~ for example). Don't use thread titles in this manner to attempt to draw attention to your thread.
  • To select your prefix, add the tag from the drop-down menu.
  • Suggestion: State in the title or thread somewhere which time zone(s) your guild caters to. This will undoubtedly be helpful for potential members seeking a guild that fits them!
  • Excessive bumping is not allowed. Please only bump your thread once every week at the most. Unnecessary discussion and chatter in the thread will be deleted and dealt with accordingly. Every guild deserves a chance to be seen on these forums.
If you need to contact the OP, please use the PM system or register on their website. Do not post a reply to the thread itself. You can and will receive warnings and infractions for replying to threads in this forum.

Tags & Prefixes
When you create a new post, make sure to add tags and a prefix. The first tag you choose can be used as your thread prefix. It's important to do this to showcase what you are most looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a PvX guild, you'll want to mark PvX as your prefix. If you're looking for a 5v5 team, you'll want to mark 5v5 as your prefix. After your first tag is selected as your prefix, you can add other tags as well.

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PvE: Your guild primarily focuses on PvE aspects.
PvP: Your guild primarily focuses on PvP aspects.
PvX: Your guild's focus is balanced between PvE and PvP.
RP: Your guild primarily focuses on RP aspects.
Alliance: Your looking to create an alliance of guilds.

*If your thread was deleted because of a violation, you must wait one week from the date of your warning before reposting it. Someone else from the same guild may not post on your behalf.
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