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Will server population limit increase with the addition of explorable areas?

server population expansions post launch cap limit ghost towns WvW

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#1 asbasb


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Posted 11 May 2012 - 02:14 PM


I've been wondering how GW2 will handle explorable areas that will be added after the game has launched. Right now there are 48 home worlds to choose from, each one representing a multitude of physical servers working together to simulate a coherent copy of the 25 zones that make up the explorable continent of Tyria(+the Mists). Each zone has its own population limit, and players wanting to join a full zone will be redirected to an overflow server running a copy of the map. So, with each home world having a maximum player limit based on the number and possibly size of zones, will the population limit for home worlds increase if new explorable zones are added to prevent areas of the game from becoming ghost towns?

Let's say that is the case and home worlds will be able to hold more and more players with each released expansion and geographical content update. What does this mean for worlds with an already low population? Will their worlds be merged with others to keep the zones from becoming a player wasteland? Will server transfer costs from high pop to low pop servers be temporarily lowered to encourage players to spread out?
And secondly, what would happen if the player limit of WvW maps doesn't increase, while the number of players interested in WvW on a world grows with gradually increasing population caps?

I'm interested to see how ANet will deal with these situations.
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Posted 11 May 2012 - 03:40 PM

So you are wondering if the larger world will allow the population to distribute more evenly allowing the server to raise the current cap? Maybe thats what they are partiallly testing come monday. It's all speculation. I would say yes for pve, but keep in mind the wvw will serve as a bottleneck with its limited zones, unless they expand those also.
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