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Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest!

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:58 PM

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Oh, look at what I have here. ArenaNet was kind enough to send some BWE keys to give out to the Guild Wars 2 community! We've got 20 keys to give out for the upcoming event for June 8 - 10th. What better way to hand these out than to have a silly contest?

The contest is rather simple but you'll have a few days to enter. The contest will end this 12:01 AM EST, Friday, June 1st and winners will be announced on the 2nd. If you win, your key will be sent to you via private message by either myself or Neo Nugget.

Details, you want details? Well, okay then! What I ask of you is to design an environmental weapon for Guild Wars 2. If you're unsure about what an environmental weapon is, you can find information about that on the official wiki. (And sorry everyone, but Cow Pie is already taken!)

Your entry should include the name of the weapon, what it does (up to 3 different skills) and where you would find it in the world of Tyria.

How do you enter? Well that's easy - you just reply to this thread! Good luck!


Weapon Name: Peg Leg
Found: Whenever you kill a pirate this has a chance to drop.
Arrr Me Eye!: Use the Peg Leg to poke your foe in the eye. Causes Blindness + Damage
What's that Smell?: Wave the stump end of the Peg Leg at your foe. Causes Weakness
Polly Want a Cracker?: Wave the Peg Leg in the air and call down a flock of seagulls to attack your foe. Causes Fear + Damage

Name: (Large) Blade of Grass
Grass Cut: Slash at your foe with your blade of grass causing bleeding and doing minor damage. (50% chance to break)
Relax: Put the blade of grass in your mouth to remove one condition (20% change to break)
Whistle: Blow on the blade of grass to confuse nearby foes briefly (10% chance to break

Innocent Civilians
Name: Monk Tome
Found: Scattered throughout Tyria, especially around old ruins .
Description: An ancient tomes from times forgotten.
Skill 1: Bash- Bash things. It's a book, what else could it be good for?
Skill 2: Prayer of Health- Heal target ally
Skill 3: Decipher- Grant regeneration and protection to yourself and nearby allies (consumes the tome)

Weapon Name: Sword of Johanson
Found: Whenever you kill a troll.
Swing Sword. Does little damage
Swing it again. Does little damage
Swing a third time. Does little damage and the words "...and that's great" appear above your head

Weapon name: Ceramic Jar
Location: They would be found all over a cave in Asuran territory.
Description: It's a jar whose contents are unknown. In practice, it will contain venomous spiders, cremated remains, or delicious honey.

Toss - Throw the jar at a foe. One of the following randomly happens:
- The foe is attacked by spiders and weakened by a significant dose of venom
- The foe is blinded by a cloud of ashes
- The foe is covered in honey and immobilized by the stickiness

Drop - Drop the jar on the ground. One of the following randomly happens:
- Spiders swarm the surrounding area, poisoning foes with mild doses of venom
- Disturbing the remains awakens a spirit that haunts foes in the surrounding area, confusing them
- The surrounding area is coated in honey, crippling foes

Open - Open the jar and reach in. One of the following randomly happens:
- You are bitten by a spider, enraging you and granting fury
- You awaken a spirit that empowers you and grants might
- You draw out and eat some sweet honey, which grants vigor

Weapon name: Kelp
Description and location: A plant-like growth found in some water environments
Skill 1: Here Fishy, Fishy - Tear the kelp into tiny, bite size pieces to bring a swarm of small fish into the area. Causes a small amount of AOE damage to foes in the area and blinds each foe for 3 sec
Skill 2: Kelp Wrap - Wrap your foe in the kelp, immobilizing them for 3 sec and dragging them down in the water. Applies 1 stack of vulnerability.
Skill 3: Almost Sushi - Eat the kelp for its restorative properties, giving yourself a small heal over time for the next 5 sec.

The Shadowdove
Environmental Weapon Name: Glass Cannon
Location: Random drop after killing a supply caravan in pvp.
Item Description: You find what appears to be a small glass cannon. It looks functional, however whether you choose to use it as such is up to you. (can only target keep doors)

Give it a shot - You use the cannon to target a keeps gate, dealing x amounts of considerable damage. Unfortunately, the cannon shattered upon use. (player is conditioned with bleeding for x-seconds).

Weapon Name: Heart of the Forest
Location/Description: Hearts of the forest are ancient trees that have developed partial sentience in order to protect the forests that they reside in. However, they have not developed any sort of sensory perception beyond that of touch. In order to effectively track down and fight the more intelligent enemies of the forest, they must call upon the aid of helpful souls, who can direct them by manipulating special branches that are close to the core of the tree (meaning that players must ride within the branches of the tree in order to direct it). Located generally in dense, old forests, particularly sylvari lands.
Root Smash: The heart brings its mighty roots to bear against its enemies, raising them and smashing them down, crushing anything in its path. (Simple frontal attack.)
Dance of Fallen Leaves: The leaves that grow on the outer branches of the heart are grown to be as sharp as a blade, enabling it to create a whirlwind of razor sharp leaves by violently shaking these outer branches. (Aoe around the heart that persists for a few seconds.)
Wooden Rain: The heart bends and sheds its outermost layer of bark, sending large shards screaming in every direction. However, such a sacrifice temporarily weakens the heart, leaving it vulnerable. (Large area aoe around the heart that damages and impales targets, leaving them rooted to the ground until they break free. Such an attack has its costs however, as the heart is temporarily stunned for a few seconds after this maneuver.)

In bygone days, resurrection shrines dotted the land of Tyria. With the power of the Six gone, the light of the shrines died, and they fell into ruin, reduced by time and wilderness. But occasionally a shard of these shrines finds its way to the surface, a small glimmer of the divine power it once held still inside. These shards grant hope to those in the thick of battle that perhaps the gods aren't as removed as they seem.

Using any skill from a shard:
- uses up the shard
- heals allies in the area for a minor amount
- damages enemies in the area for a minor amount

Shard of Lyssa
- Visage of Nothing: Grants distortion to self and allies in the area
- Visage of Chaos: Inflicts Confusion on foes in the area
- Visage of Terror: Inflicts Fear on foes in the area

Shard of Dwayna
- Nimbus of Wind: Inflicts Blindness on foes in the area
- Nimbus of Life: Grant Regeneration to self and allies in the area
- Nimbus of Peace: Inflicts Weakness on foes in the area

Shard of Balthazar:
- Fervor of Flames: Inflicts Burning on foes in the area
- Fervor of Battle: Grants Might to self and allies in the area
- Fervor of Retribution: Grants Fury to self and allies in the area

Shard of Melandru:
- Spirit of the Prey: Grants Vigor to self and allies in the area
- Spirit of the Hunter: Inflicts Crippled on foes in the area
- Spirit of the Predator: Inflicts Bleeding on foes in the area

Shard of Grenth:
- Aura of Cold: Inflicts Chilled on foes in the area
- Aura of Death: Inflicts Poisoned on foes in the area
- Aura of Judgement: Grants Retaliation to self and allies in the area

Shard of Kormir:
- Word of Truth: Inflicts Vulnerability on foes in the area
- Word of Defence: Grants Protection
- Word of Shielding: Grants Aegis

Red Iris Flower:
Reminiscence of the Past: Smelling the Red Iris Flower will make the wielder see visions of a little girl who insists on following you.
Cheers of the Youth: Activating this skill gives the wielder added movement speed, as the girl fills you with want to help others.
Memories of the Searing: The little girl makes the enemies taste a piece of the Searing that ravaged her land. The enemy is Confused for 6 seconds by the Shard AoE. Item breaks upon using this skill.

Can be found mostly around the old city of Rin, but it can also be found around the world. There's many in abundance in a place called "Gwen's Plain" (for more dev work xD), the plain where it is said the Old Hero Gwen is buried. Oddly enough, Red Iris Flowers cover the supposed place where the girl rests in peace.

Weapon name: Wine bottle "Community manager 2012"
Found: during beta weekends everywhere, but a small chance of drop
1) When it's ready - hit an opponent, destroying his hopes about the release date (+250 dmg)
2) Hype - drink from the bottle and give 3 random boons to all nearby players
3) Prepurchase MOFO! - destroy the bottle and create an impenetrable wall that only the opponents with the "prepurchase boon" may pass (lasts 5 seconds)

Weapon: Boomcage (Charr only)

Background: It all started when a group of asurian miners found a group of strange crystals inside an abandoned mine. Whenever someone approached them, they started glowing and emitting sounds. These sounds were different depending on the position of the crystals inside the cave: from nightmarish screams to soft wispers, from musical sounds that were able to make anyone around them fall asleep (researchers started using earplugs to work with these ones), to what seemed like angry outburst of raged unintellegible words. Further studies by the asurians made clear that those crystals were actually home of different kinds of elder etheral cave spirits, who lived in a plane of existence partly crossing with our own. They were probably able to sense and react to the presence of the Asura due to the little folks' deep attunement with the magic flowing inside the caves.
While the Asura were starting a project to build some device that would help communication with the spirits, to better understand their nature and their capabilities to influence our plane, a group of rogue Charr spies had already made plans to use those crystals as a weapon.
The Charr spies raided the mining site and mined away as many crystals as possible, mainly the ones that made people fall asleep (they had to use earplugs too) and the ones from which the screams came out.
When out of the cave though, they noticed the crystals stopped working. They couldn't realize why this happend, until a group of Asuran guards came to fight the intruders. As the guards approached the Charr, the crystals started glowing and emitting sounds once again. The result was terrible, all the guards that didn't run away for the fearsome screams coming out from the crystals fell asleep for the soothing sounds coming from the other ones. Now the spies realised they needed some of the little folks to make the crystals work. They kidnapped a few of the guards and started creating a limited number of cages with one crystal of each type..and an asuran guard inside to activate them when needed. Due to the weight of these cages Charr aren't able to run while they have one equipped.

Where to find it: These cages (and so the crystals inside them) are now a very rare item, and a few are now on the black market and can be bought only from the best supplied smugglers. They are also prohibited by all War Conventions. (Special merchants or special factions quest reward)

1) Screaming Crystal Boom: The (Charr)acter drops the Boomcage on the ground and the asuran guard activates the screaming crystal, everyone in the area of effect runs away in the direction opposed to the cage (AoE fear, friendly fire possible)
2) Sleeping Crystal Boom: You drop the Boomcage on the ground and the asuran guard activates the sleeping crystal, everyone in the area of effect falls asleep (AoE sleep, friendly fire possible)
3) Open the cage: You open the lock on the Boomcage door and drop the Asuran guard right in the middle of the enemies. He'll have to fight for his life, helping you keeping many enemies occupied (Summons Asuran guard + aggro on him, one use only, to be used in extreme conditions, you'll have to catch the guard again before he runs away if you want to be able to use your boomcage again!)

Item: Granny's Umbrella

Obtained by: Associating with Granny Hunsaker, by choosing to help her up the stairs, joining her for tea and assisting cute little Granny Hunsaker with her knitting and quilting.
Description: A quaint umbrella used by dear Granny Hunsaker to block the sun, rain and other unmentionables that befall the average citizen of Divinity's Reach.

Skill 1: Merciless Lunge - Lunge at your foe, causing damage and a stun to Humanoids. (Most people don't expect the Umbrella..)
Skill 2: Flight of Mary Poppins - Float away from your enemies, landing a few feet away.
Skill 3: Umbrella Deflection - Open the Umbrella in a quick swoosh motion blocking incoming attacks.

Item: Chocolatier's top hat
May be crafted though with using 200 chocolate bars and Carnical Ringmaster's Hat as ingredients.

[YOU GET NOTHING!] - Chance to prevent party member's from gaining experience and keeping 50% of all denied XP for yourself.
[Cacao rain] - Tosses Cacao beans at target enemy to summon Oompa-Loompas to annoy them with there practical jokes and force them to flee; may instantly kill canine targets
[Volatile Jawbreaker] - Tosses candy that explodes on impact and damaging target enemy

Weapon Name: Credit Card
Found: At an overly aggressive vendor in your starter city promising you a free t-shirt with sign up.

1. Delay Payment- Using this item will apply Delay Payment buff where mana is not consumed for five minutes. However, after this period, Credit Card will apply Payment- a debuff which requires minimal mana payments at a 17.9% interest rate compounded every five minutes. The Payment debuff lasts forever.
2. Sooth Aggressor - Use this item to charm a female character (PVP). Charmed female companions continuously drain your mana. Charm will end when mana reaches zero.
3. Bonus Points - Each time you use Delay Payment or Sooth Aggressor you will receive one bonus point counter. Bonus point counters can be used to summon items and weapons. Bonus points counters will despawn one month after they are received. The following are applicable for bonus point counters.

1,000 bonus points counters: Rusty Sword
2,500 bonus point counters: small backpack
5,000 bonus point counters: 100 gold gift certificate to your favorite vendor
100,000 bonus point counters: 1 round trip teleportation. Must be used on a weekday and cannot be used on various holiday blackout dates. Must give two weeks advanced notice. Does not cover any world v world fees. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and must be used in one month of bonus points redemption.

Crystal Cake of Clarity
Location - Hidden away in one of the bakeries of Lion's Arch. When asked, they (the bakers) might insist that it is indeed a lie, but search carefully and you will find it.
Look - A magnificent, sparkling cake that is actually edible, despite it's appearance. On the top is a circle of green, red, and blue gems arranged to be aesthetically pleasing.

1) Taste this! Throws the cake at an enemy, causing massive damage to their weak point (i.e. their face, assuming they have one). Explodes into a crystalline orgy of shards on contact.
2) Indulge Eat the cake to recover a significant number of health points, scaling with level. Also increases movement speed by 30% for thirty seconds. A strange feeling of elation usually follows and could last for hours.
3) Circle of Gems This skill makes use of the magical edible gems on top of the cake, causing them to surround the player or ally and boosting their defense for one hour. May also cause an insatiable appetite for cake.

Graphic Violence
Asura Toy Box - Hidden Throught all of Tyria, probably dropped by an Asura family while fleeing for there lives!

Contains several differant Toys, recieve 1 at random though;

Hoverboard - Hop on and speed off! Hit the Nitro for even more speed and leave a trail of fire. Abilitys that can be enhanced by fire will be and you can even circle enemies encasing them in the fire.
Grappling Hook - Aim, Throw and Climb any surface like a Ninja!
Boomerang - Throw at an enemie and stuns them. Works on more then one enemy at a time if they are grouped up and has a chance to loot a few "gems" from them as well!
Toy Plane - Take control of this plane with a remote and get a birds eye few. Comes stocked with a few "toy" bombs.

Item: The Little Inventor's Lab Kit
Location: Anywhere you can find Asuran children.
Looks Like: A wand in the main hand, a case of alchemical components in the off hand, and a satchel on the back with tubes running to the wand. Everything has the sharp geometric shapes and glowing bits associated with the Asura, but in bright primary colors with a slightly plastic-looking sheen.

Transthermal Spectronizer: Shoots a transthermal spectronic pulse from the wand, which deals damage and blinds enemies on crit. Acts as a projectile for cross-profession combos.
Plastized Adhesive: Sprays adhesive from the wand in a cone in front of you, immobilizing foes.
Automated Technobabble Lesson: The kit plays a short lecture complete with holographically projected diagrams. Creates a field at your location that confuses enemies each second. Acts as a Light Field for cross-profession combos.
The Little Inventor's Alchemy Set: Throw a vial of unidentified alchemical compound, causing a random condition to all enemies and a random boon to all allies in an AoE explosion.
Baby's First Golem: Summons a golem the size and shape of a teddy bear to attack your enemies.

Toy Golem
Location: Rata Sum playgrounds

Turret: deploy a remote-controlled miniature version of an Asuran golem battlesuit with real lights, sounds and special effects! Intended for Asurans ages 5 and up.

1) Action Button: press the big red button to emit flashing lights and sounds of battle, causing confusion (3s)
2) Smoke Screen: release a tiny cloud of smoke to blind nearby enemies (5s)
3) Shoot Sparks: raise the toy golem's arms and blast a shower of sparks for burning (3s) and weakness (2s) in a cone

Environmental Weapon: Charr Leftovers
Description: Essentially has the appearance of the lower half of a deer corpse.

Punt: Punt your target repeatedly, flailing about. Inflects confusion.
Scavenge: Ignore your turning stomach and consume the leftover flesh. Guaranteed poison, but randomly heals you, applies Fury, or applies Vigor.

Location: Found in Diessa Plateau or the Plains of Ashford, near Charr outposts or in remote corners and caves.

NPC's also react when you go near them while equipped with Charr Leftovers. NPC Norn will congratulate you on your kill, while NPC humans will be disgusted. NPC Asura will call you a 'booka' regardless as to if you have this equipped or not.

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:20 PM

name:A spatula; Location: Every kitchen in Tyria; Skill 1:Hit the opponent over the head and stun him for 2 sec.; Skill 2:Release a wave of hot pancakes at opponent :D; Skill 3:Throw it at opponent's face and knock him unconscious.(note: You lose the spatula).

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:20 PM

[u]Weapon Name[/u]: Peg Leg
[u]Found[/u]: Whenever you kill a pirate this has a chance to drop.
[indent=1]Arrr Me Eye! : Use the Peg Leg to poke your foe in the eye. [i]Causes Blindness + Damage[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]What's that Smell? : Wave the stump end of the Peg Leg at your foe. [i]Causes Weakness[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]Polly Want a Cracker? : Wave the Peg Leg in the air and call down a flock of seagulls to attack your foe. [i]Causes Fear + Damage[/i][/indent]
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:23 PM

[quote name='Big_H' timestamp='1338416457' post='1481728']
[u]Weapon Name[/u]: Peg Leg
[u]Found[/u]: Whenever you kill a pirate this has a chance to drop.
[indent=1]Arrr Me Eye! : Use the Peg Leg to poke your foe in the eye. [i]Causes Blindness + Damage[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]What's that Smell? : Wave the stump end of the Peg Leg at your foe. [i]Causes Weakness[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]Polly Want a Cracker? : Wave the Peg Leg in the air and call down a flock of seagulls to attack your foe. [i]Causes Fear + Damage[/i][/indent]
and I rannnn, I ran so far awayyy. I love this idea.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:26 PM

[color=#000000][b]Pile of Sand[/b][/color]
[i]A small pile of sand that can be found on most coasts, particularly those covered in, well, sand! Can also be found in dry climates, such as deserts and canyons.[/i]

[*][b]Pocket Sand![/b]: Throw sand into the face of an adjacent enemy to damage and blind target. 90% chance to lose Sand. Blindness(15s), Damage 30, Range 900
[*][b]Quick Sand[/b]: Toss sand onto the ground behind you, immobilizing targets. Lose Sand. Immobilized: 2s, Sand Trail Duration: 3s, Sand Trail Radius (10s): 10 feet

[b]Asura Puzzle Cube[/b]
[i]A golden cube of ancient origin that can be found after closing a Portal to the Underworld. 5% chance of being found.[/i]

[*][b]Solve the Cube[/b]: Summons 1 Destroyer Asura that attacks the target. 25% chance to gain Fear(5s).
[*][b]Personal Torment[/b]: Inflicts Fear on up to 5 targets within area of effect. 25% chance to be Confused(5s).
[*][b]A Waste of Good Suffering[/b]: Opens a Well of Suffering at point of activation. 25% chance to gain Fear(5s).
[*][b]Join Us[/b]: Summons living chains to damage and immobilize target. 25% chance to be Immobilized(5s).

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:27 PM

[quote name='Big_H' timestamp='1338416457' post='1481728']
[u]Weapon Name[/u]: Peg Leg
[u]Found[/u]: Whenever you kill a pirate this has a chance to drop.
[indent=1]Arrr Me Eye! : Use the Peg Leg to poke your foe in the eye. [i]Causes Blindness + Damage[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]What's that Smell? : Wave the stump end of the Peg Leg at your foe. [i]Causes Weakness[/i][/indent]
[indent=1]Polly Want a Cracker? : Wave the Peg Leg in the air and call down a flock of seagulls to attack your foe. [i]Causes Fear + Damage[/i][/indent]
you win all 20 keys, gratz! xD
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:27 PM

Hmmm. Hopefully the server doesn't melt with this...I know the other site I saw doing this had about 1000 replies within the first half hour or so.

Environmental weapon...well, since the Rabbit is already in the list, how about we go with the skunk? Three skills--Spray (causes a temporary stunning effect), Swing (Melee effect, with a chance to trigger the Spray effect), and Throw (If hit, causes the victim to run around flailing wildly with their equipped weapon, again with a possibility to trigger the Spray effect on themselves or someone nearby). Found in forested and open field areas of Tyria.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:30 PM

Name: Magic Frog

Skill 1: [b]Frightening Voice[/b]: The Magic Frog howls a threat at your enemy in their native tongue in inflicts [u]Fear[/u] on them.
Skill 2: [b]Fly Catcher:[/b] The Magic Frog jumps on your shoulder and uses its tongue to [u]Pull[/u] an enemy toward you.
Skill 3: [b]Voice of Truth[/b]: The Magic Frog speaks to you in your native tongue and enchants your next five attacks to cause +50% (+200% to level 7 rangers) damage and [u]Knockback[/u]. Frog departs after this skill.

Found in: Anywhere. The Magic Frog travels through all areas in Tyria. Only one frog per server exists at the same time.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:34 PM

[b][u][i]Gigantic Shark Teeth[/i][/u][/b]

[b]Location[/b]: in Shark infested waters around Tyria

[b]Look[/b]: A shark tooth as big as your palm with jagged edges and sharp with a dull end for holding.

-[i]Slash[/i]* Causes the target to bleed and does small amount of damage* maybe 10 damage or something in a level 4 zone
(^10percent chance of breaking^)
-[i]Smack[/i]* Causes the Target to become vulnerable for 3 seconds* Deals increased damage from slash.
(^One time use cannot be used more then once per Tooth^)
-[i]The emo Button[/i]* Cut yourself with the tooth dropping it and taunting all nearby enemies to you for 1 second in a 5 yard radius* does 15 damage to self in a level 5 zone and causes 2 stacks of bleeding.
(^Drops Tooth to ocean floor^)
[b]Use[/b]: Could be a collect item such as for a Heart dynamic challenge like collect me some shark teeth for my invention (asura) or make a necklace to offer up to my God (human female) and so on.

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:35 PM

Strange Mushroom:

[b]Throw[/b]: Toss the strange mushroom causing it to burst into a cloud of spores causing enemies to become confused and move erratically.

[b]Warning:[/b] if you are in the cloud of spores then your controls are temporarily randomized (up becomes left, right becomes back, ect.) along with fun particle effects randomly floating on the screen.

[b]Eat[/b]: Eat the strange Mushroom causing vivid and colorful hallucinations that you can wonder through, after the effects were off you find yourself in a completely different area then were you started when you ate it!!

These would be a rare item spawn near specific types of trees.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:36 PM

[b]Weapon Name[/b]: Goathead (Tribulus terrestris)
[b]Found[/b]: While harvesting bushes/weeds/plants.
[*]1) "Man that Hertz!" -> Throw Goathead at enemy, %1 total health shock damage, causing bleeding (-50 health per second), slowed movement (-5%) and repetitive cursing ("Great odin's raven!","Knights of Columbus that hurt!",etc) - 10% chance of counters resetting if you jump.
[*]2) "Flat Tire" -> Drop Goathead on ground. Enemies that run over it will be stunned for 2 seconds and take +5% increased incoming damage. If no damage is taken after stun, the Goat will stay with the enemy slowing him down (-5%) for an additional 5 seconds. (causes crippled)
[*]3) "Get it OFF of me!" -> Melee attack where you attache Goathead to enemy. Large icon appears above enemies head (can be used as a focus damage signal). Increase incoming AND outgoing damage +10%. (causes frenzy)

Context: http://en.wikipedia....ulus_terrestris

I hate these damn things...

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#12 Eagen


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:36 PM

Name: Flask of Machine Oil
1- Throw at an enemy to damage and inflict blindness for 2-3 sec.
2- Pour the oil to the area right in front of you. Duration: 6 sec. Any enemy who passes the area gets knocked down for 1 sec.
3- Light it up and throw to target area, inflicting 6 sec burning to enemies initially on site, or 2 sec if passes afterwards. Fire on ground lasts for 6 sec.

-Drops from destroyed mechanical mobs
-Can be found in baskets in places like workshop
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:38 PM

Name: Iron Purse
Skills. 1: Smack - Disorient a target for 3 seconds.
2: Purse's Chaos - Show the disarrayed contents of the purse to an enemy to cause confusion for 3 seconds upon him.
3: Lady Power - You start to spin while hurling items usually found in a purse to damage and blind enemies around you.
Found mainly in and near human settlements. Rarely the Spiked Iron Purse, the fabled version of the Iron Purse, can be found hidden in Charr bases.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:38 PM

[b][u]Weapon Name:[/u][/b] Teachers Paddle
[b][u]Found:[/u][/b] Randomly find around skill points
[*]Warning Timeout: Wave paddle at foe; [i]Causes Fear + Foe temporarily attacks all other foes[/i].
[*]Suspended!: Spanks foe's 'behind'; [i]Causes Damage over time + Reduces attack speed[/i]
[*]Your Expelled!: Savagegly smack foe with paddle; [i]Damage + Stunned + Possibility of throwing foe into black hole[/i].

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:39 PM

[u]Weapon Name[/u]: Sharpened Leek.
[u]Found[/u]: After invasion events happen near various farmlands across Tyria.
[u]Skills[/u]: - Leek Spin: Spin the leek viciously with both hands, propelling enemies away from you in a frontal cone for 3 seconds. Cannot move whilst channeling this ability. [i]Deals no damage.[/i]
- Pummel: Smash the trunk of the leek into your foes body. [i]Small percentage chance to inflict Confusion when dealing damage.[/i]
[i] - [/i]Throw: Throw the Sharpened Leek straight ahead of you like a javelin. [i]Causes Daze + damage.[/i]
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#16 Mikechen


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:40 PM

Weapon Name: The Mighty Rock
Found: anywhere on the ground
Skills: Throw it at the opponent (lose the rock)
Smash the opponents face with the rock.
Cause a rock-paper-scissors game to occur (winner deals increased damage).
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#17 DonCoyote


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:41 PM

A wet towel

Where can you find these : Drying at the yards of all the lovely housewifes of Tyria


Spank the Monkey: Use the towel to slap a foe or a friend. Deals a slight amount of damage ( Recommended to use in a sauna )
This is how I Roll : Whirl the towel in the air to amaze all the fanboys following you.
Thirsrty? Aye! : Squeeze the fresh water from your very own towel to help your sand dry mouth. Heals you slightly. ( A 50 - 50 chance of making you vomit endlessly )
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#18 Kynaeus


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:42 PM

[b]Asuran Mace[/b]

Found: Rata Sum
Requires: Rope, Stick (purchased from vendor)
Acquisition: Sneak up on any Asura and use your Stick to incapacitate them, collect the body and combine Stick, Rope, and Asura via crafting to create an Asuran Mace

Skill 1: Technobabble: Your Asuran Mace tries to explain time delation caused by velocity approaching the speed of light, [i]enemies in a 45 degree cone in front of your are put to sleep.[/i]
Skill 2: Bash: Strike an enemy with your squishy Asuran mace, amusing your allies and raising morale. [i]Allies within 20 yards gain Might for 4 seconds.[/i]

Please note that when using Bash, any affected allies cheer: "[b]YEAH! SOCK IT TO HIM!"[/b]

[b]Visual Aid:[/b]


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#19 Radix


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:42 PM

Hrmmm, I would opt for a mysterious and perhaps rare type of environmental weapon that spawns in various locations throughout Tyria in and around water.

[b][u]Old Pirates Harmonica[/u][/b]

It's abilities are:

[u]Play Luring Tune[/u]-- plays and old sea faring tune that dazes target and also causes target to follow you. Daze and Follow (20s) Range: 500

[u]Play Healing Tune[/u]-- plays an old sea faring tune that heals you and nearby allies. + 14 health per skill used. Range: 500

[u]Play Festive Tune[/u]-- plays an old sea faring tune that creates a barrel of rum to be shared with allies.

*the use of this harmonica actually plays harmonica music along with musical note animations.

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#20 Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:42 PM

[b]Weapon name:[/b] [i]Horn of the Unicorn[/i]
[b]Found:[/b] [i]A random drop when fighting Unicorns[/i]
[b]Whistle Blower![/b] [i]- Use the Horn of the Unicorn to buff your allies. Grants Power and Precision[/i]
[b]Tears of Sorrow![/b] [i]- Horn of the Unicorn holds tears of Unicorns which posses healing powers. Drops a single tear on the ground spawning lilacs which heal nearby allies.[/i]
[b] Final stab! - [/b][i]Pierce the heart of your enemy causing 372 dmg and leaving a bleed effect for 10 seconds causing 25 dmg per second.[/i]
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#21 Soulyre


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:43 PM

Tree Vine of Awesomesauce
1) "I got ya!" -Strangle an enemy for 2-5 seconds and incapacitate them.
2) "Monkey man" -If within reach of trees use the vine to swing quickly across trees.
3) "Yeehawww" - Lasso an animal or enemy and ride them for 5-10 seconds. You gain control of target while activated.

Location: Any jungle or forest.
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#22 Omryu


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:43 PM

The Centaur Harness

"Use for the dazzling ability to mount the majestic Centaur."

Posted Image

Drops by: Centaurs... and sometimes bandits.

Location: Right outside of Queen's Dale


"Ja!": Causes the centaur to preform a stunning kick with it's back legs. (Knock back)

"Giddy up!": Increases the movement speed of the mounted Centaur for a short period of time. (similar to the speed boost for that pig transformation event)

"Run along now": Dismount from the centaur, watching it run free back into the wild...Before it gathers up it's herd to seek revenge on the rider.

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#23 Spegaman7


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:44 PM

Is it alright if I think up equipment instead of a weapon?
If not my weapon idea is below this one.

Equipment: glider
Found: bought at a vendor
Use: Acts as a temporary way to explore Tyria from above. It has no means of propulsion, so you cant fly around everywhere. Also, it requires you to climb to great heights to go any amount of distance.

weapon: rabid bunny cannon
found: in a dark cave littered with the bones of dead knights
use: heck, they made a trident that shoots sharks, so why not a land variant? This cannon fires a rabid bunny that attaches to an enemy, causing random amounts of damage for several seconds and chaos in general.
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#24 UVShockwave


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:45 PM

Weapon Name: Maracas
Found: Cinco de Mayo ( Festival, that could be held on the fifth of may, like the holiday festivals in World of Warcraft for instance)
- Shake: Shake your Maracas! (I envision confetti bursting around your character, like the confetti unusual effect in TF2.)
- Macerana: Dance the macerana as you shake your Maracas!
- Juggle: Throw in a third Maraca and impress your friends with some sweet juggling action!

It was harder than I originally thought, but I needed to come up with something!

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#25 Celery


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:46 PM

Name: Shrubbery

Ni! -- Instills Horror in its victims causing them to seek shelter in a nearby shrubbery. If effect is not broken before reaching the shrubbery, the victim will receive Horror Intensity 2, making it harder to break the effect with each additional stack of Horror

Neee-wom -- Uses the sacred word to unleash an illusion causing the victim's weapon to turn into a herring. Effect ends when the victim uses his herring to chop down a tree.

Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggg Ni! -- Unleashes palpable fear using this most potent Word, causing the victim to die immediately, unable to tell the tale of the Shrubbery.

--Most abundant in the Sylvari homelands, the Shrubbery gains potency when in closer proximity to the Pale Tree.
--Found throughout Tyria where Sylvari have planted shrubberies to guard their fallen heroes.
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#26 Frizz


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:47 PM

Name: (Large) Blade of Grass

Skill 1: Grass Cut:
Slash at your foe with your blade of grass causing bleeding and doing minor damage. (50% chance to break)
Skill 2: Relax:
Put the blade of grass in your mouth to remove one condition (20% change to break)
Skill 3: Whistle:
Blow on the blade of grass to confuse nearby foes briefly (10% chance to break)

Found in areas with tall grass.

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#27 Aderian


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:47 PM

Weapon Name: Lemon
Found; Forest and town areas
1. Squeeze lemon to blind target foe. Removes a boon.
2. Eat lemon to gain health and remove a condition.
3. Trick your foes to think you're holding an explosive. Causes Fear on nearby foes
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#28 Kurosov


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:48 PM

Name: Ancient Weapon.

Forgotten Wisdom - effect: No effect, you do not know how to use the weapon.

Location: Crystal Desert, future expansion.
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#29 Sylas


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:48 PM

Weapon name: Broken sword

Description: An unfortunately broken sword that has seen it's share of battles. (Flavortext:) 'Why in the world would you use this willingly?'

Skill 1: Dented Jab - Knocks the target back 2 feet for 2 seconds
Skill 2: Hilt Swing - Dazes the target for 1 second.
Skill 3: Blunt-edge Strike - Causes 3 damage, struck enemy will laugh instantly upon the embarrassing blow.

Location: The site of any current, recent or ancient battleground (i.e. Ascalonian battlements and such).

Edited by Sylas, 30 May 2012 - 10:51 PM.

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#30 Rayken


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:48 PM

Name: Chuck Norris Kicks

Skill 1: Water Stun Kick: You kick stuns your target for 5secs.
Skill 2: Storm Fury Kick: You are doing 3 fast lightning kicks that has a chance to knockback your target
Skill 3: Fire Roundhouse Kick: Transforms you to Chuck Norris, manifest fire shoes at your feet.
Your next attack cause +1000% damage on all nearby foes around you, also burning all enemys you hit.
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