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Magic Find


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#1 John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 04:23 PM

So... As some people who suffer from GW2 withdrawl do I decided to go and see how I could make some neat builds for my characters for the next BWE,and I noticed something that had me wishing that the official forums were still open so I could get a dev to answer my question...

If you stack Rune of the Noble on five pieces of gear, Rune of the Pirate on one piece of gear (giving you +70% magic find) And use a magic find boost from the cash shop (+50% magic find) Will every drop be a blue or higher? Or will increasing it past one hundred cause all loot you get to be materwork quality or higher?

WvW Outmanned Buff +20% magic find, Gem buffs of +1% to ??% magic find, guild research boost of 10% magic find for 3 days. If you can stack all of these you could have over 150% magic find.

Really I thought it seemed pointless... and then I thought of something which ANet added in this past BWE the Mystic Forge, if you are able to go out and spam killing creatues and spam getting fine or higher quality items, couldn't you just abuse the mystic forge to death?

So I'm just curious if anyone knows how stacking magic find to a 100%+ would work.
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#2 heatzzz


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Posted 14 June 2012 - 04:35 PM

IMO, If you have the chance to get 100% magic find, i think it just makes getting x2 rates of all rarities depending on the % of the rarity being drop.


White - 65%.
Blue - 20%, with Magic find - 40%.
Green - 10%, with Magic find - 20%.
Brown/Gold - 5%, with Magic find 10%.

Edited by heatzzz, 14 June 2012 - 04:40 PM.

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#3 Kaldo


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Posted 14 June 2012 - 05:04 PM

Yeah, if it doesn't already it should say in game "Increases magic find by... %", not that your magic find will be 60 %. I hate it when some game mechanics are badly defined.
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