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Elite Skills effected by Traits?

Elite Traits elite traits trait engineer

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#1 Crusade Valhalic

Crusade Valhalic

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 01:09 AM

Hello everyone been following alot of post on here about engineer and seen A Wyatt Mann asking some good question and bringing up alot of good issues. So after doing some searching I wanted to know if traits effected each of the elite skill. I have heard mix things and looked into it. The only real thing I seen that can some what confirm they should was a post from [email protected] reddit.

(Q: Do traits that reduce skill recharge time effect elite skills? Example would be Wilderness Knowledge "Wilderness Survival skills recharge 20% faster" with Entangle.
Has there been any major changes to Ranger weapon or utility skills?

A: If the Elite is of that type, yes.

With this in mind does this mean if this work would supply drop crate turrets benefit Metal Plating, Deployable Camo, and Rifled Turret Barrels traits. Since Protective Turrets Already states doesnt effected and we know elite supplies does.

I tested Mortar elite with traits during the ST2 and found nothing working with them from the explosives traits. Then notice that it said it was a turret on the skill bar, so I try inventions traits and got nothing as well to work. But If some of traits like Incendiary Powder or shrapnel work for it, or if they count as turret world Rifled turret Barrel then increase the range of it more. That would making me want to use it alot more.

Last the Elixir x tested as well during the ST2 and only H.G.H and Cleaning Formula(409) seem to work, while Potenet Elixirs and Fast Acting Elixirs did nothing. Also While testing this it say each form is 20 sec duration, but after 20 test Rampage and Plague last 20 sec While Tornado only last 16s. I would like to know if skills tool tip is wrong or a major bug as well?

Reason I wanted to know this is if traits effected I may not have to be stuck with just using supply crate drop and I seeing the other elite being buff from traits.

Thank you all in advance for any details you can give me that will help.

P.S. This is my first post here so dont kill me!
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#2 The Eggman

The Eggman

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 06:02 AM

The turrets from supply crate are not effected by traits but this is because they are not considered "our" turrets. They are just considered allied turrets.

I will say this though, elixir X is just terrible elite due to its random nature and the 3 forms being so different. And the mortar is great in WvW and maybe PvE, but bad in sPvP. Supply Crate is the only elite that is great in all formats. Some even consider supply crate one of the best elites in the game. (this is it not traited, even better if you wish to use up a major trait to improve it)
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#3 Crusade Valhalic

Crusade Valhalic

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 08:02 PM

That good to know with supply crate that they considered allied. Really love the mortar idea would like to use it more. Seem like alot of minor and major traits could help it out alot at first. After looking Into it some more though. I doubt that alot of the explosive traits and firearm traits would work since it was consider a turret, but still hoping the rifled turret barrels . Reason I was wonder cuase of the elementalist has traits for the great sword elite like Burning fire and Conjurer(closet thing I can compare elite skill to that other people can use.) Hope they not considering mortar an allied skills as well.
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