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what does gw2 have for players like me?

crafting collecting companions achievement

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#31 Caldagar


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 06:25 PM

Yes, I did get a chance to play the last BWE. It was great, loved it. I couldn't get too much into crafting though.

I know that WoW is out for seven years. I don't expect GW2 to have that many different kinds of stuff to collect. It's enough to know that they have stuff like mini pets to collect and I'm sure they'll include more in expensions.

I'll probably will play an Engineer. Does anyone know how expensive it would be to skill more than two crafting professions at the same time? Is the fee to switch professions high? Or is it most likely that one has to level the first two professions first and then after hitting lvl 80 farm gold to afford switching back and forth between the professions?
If it's too expensive to level more than 2 professions while leveling to 80, I'm torn between these two professions as my first two:

Cook: just because the cooking system is awesome and the food buffs look great
Huntsman: Nice to craft pistols and rifles as an Engineer while leveling to 80
Leatherworker: Same as Huntsman but with armor
Juweler: Probably one of the best professions besides cooking to earn gold with


The cost is 10 copper/lvl to switch into a profession, you don't pay to switch out of one. Relatively speaking it can be expensive at 400 it'll be 40 silver, but in all honesty at lvl 80 with more than one crafting profession that's not going to be that big an issue, sure you won't be switching between them often but it's doable. By lvl 30 in BWE2 I had collected a couple of gold, and I wasn't hording it either.

Since you're really into crafting I say go with cooking for your first. For the second depends what you want most out of it, the gear you can get in game you don't *have* to craft it, but it does add customization and different styles. If you're looking for more gold I think jewler might be better for it, since all professions can use it, imo.
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#32 Xynth22


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 06:59 PM

You are in luck then because gw2 is all about collecting things, and it has a very casual freindly set up, while at the same time having a ton of stuff for hardcore players to do as well.

You have a ton of armor sets and weapons, mini pets, dyes, achievements, skills and skill points, places to explore and find on the world map (which has a total so they are collectible so to speak), you can learn every crafting skill (you can only have a few activated but your progress is saved if you switch), and you have the many, many DE's, heart events and jumping puzzles for casual fun that also double as collectibles since for the heart events and jumping puzzles they are spots on the map you need for the exploration points.

Also as far as pvp and pve content goes you are not locked out or at a disadvantage for not being a hardcore player and having the best gear in the game. In pvp you are auto leveled to max and givin the best gear and access to all of your skills to jump right in, and in pve there is no gear grind treadmill so you can just easily get a set of gear and go right into a dungeon with a pug or four of your friends.

So yeah, bottom line, GW2 is most certainty the game for you. It's a casual player's dream game to be honest.
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#33 Tilcir


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 07:06 PM

Hey all,

I'm a casual wow player and having a hard time to decide between GW2 and MoP. I'm the kind of player you would call a collector and crafter. I love that I can collect companions, mounts and achievements besides doing dungeons, pvp, raids or whatsoever. I also am a huge fan of crafting. Even back when I used to play EQ2, I spent most of the time collecting things and crafting.

I know GW2 doesn't come with mounts, so nothing to collect there. What about other stuff? And what about the crafting system? Even if GW2 doesn't have anything to collect but would have an excellent crafting system, I could imagine getting it.

Thank you

Do both.

GW 2 is a onetime investment.
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