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RP-Event: The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers (EU-RP Server)

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Posted 18 July 2012 - 05:27 PM

The Great Book of the Dragonslayers

Chapter 4
The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers

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Date: Friday 7 September 2012
Time: 9 PM CEST/ 8 PM BST
Location:  Lion's Arch
Server:     Piken Square (EU-RP)

Information: http://guildwars2rol...slayers-updated

1. Background Lore

The Great Book of the Dragonslayers
Chapter 1, 2 and 3 can be found here:

Chapter 4
The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers

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The sudden deaths of the Master of Elements Hans Simofar and the Shadow of Beetletun Conley Moore had shocked Kryta. Rumors were ablaze and carried far beyond the borders of Kryta were the elementalist particularly was well known. Followed closely on the rumors of the deaths were new rumors that somehow seemed related to those deaths about the existence of a powerful tome that contained the collected experiences, stories, theories and and formulas by Dragonslayers and those who studied Dragons. The book which was whispered to be named "The Great Book of the Dragonslayers". The rumors of the possible existence of such a book, which could be an item that could prove very useful in the battle against the elder dragons and their spawn caught the attention of loyal laws-men, clerics and fierce warriors, conniving thieves and acedemic scholars, arcane masters and brave adventurers of the cities, the villages and even the wilds all over Tyria.  

Not long after the rumors had spread about "The Great Book of the Dragonslayers" a message was spreading quickly all over Tyria that a great feast would be held in Lion's Arch. The feast was to be organised by an international and interracial Krewe headed by the legendary "Feastmaster" Bliss, who was known to have organised some of the most amazing feasts and festivals long ago together with his now deceased wife Lupi. The feast was named "The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers" and the word of the event quickly spread by virtue of paid shouters and articles in the newspaper troughout all cities and towns, farms and strongholds, Treehouses and workshops, Libraries and Inn's of the Human, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari societies.

The Feast drew the attention of children and adults alike of the drunkards and the dancers of the travelers and tourists. But also of the traders who saw such a feast as an exceptional opportunity to present their wares to distinguished guests from all over the world, smugglers who saw the chance to find new contacts and diplomats who felt the feast was an opportune moment to tighten bonds between the races.

But more then traders and merrymakers got drawn to the feast, as the rumors started to travel to the borders of nations new and old that The Great Book of the Dragonslayers was somehow tied to The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers. It wasn't just the name which showed resemblance, it was known in many circles that Hans Simofar was actually a part of the same Krewe that the Asura Bliss led with his wife, long before the elementalist became the famous "Master of Elements" in the continent of Tyria. And word started to spread that Conley Moore, the Shadow of Beetletun was talking about both the feast and the book as if they were related in the inns and backalleys of the Shire before he was killed by some wicked magic force.

Some rumors claimed that "the book" would be at the feast. Other's claimed that transcripts would be read from it. Other rumors were more vague and seemed to indicate that the book would not be there but that the feast would "show the way" to the truth. And then there were the bizarre rumors, speaking of a sudden Resurrection of Hans Simofar which would occur at the feast, or the feast and the book being a trap laid out by the elder Dragons themselves.

And thus many adventurers, warbands, clans and scholars whom's interests were piqued by the rumors of The Great Book of the Dragonslayers started preparing as well for their journey to Lion's Arch where The Great Feast of the Dragonslayers would be held, and even the orders started sending their emissaries.

2. The Event

Who will organise this event?

I will be the head organizer but I will need all the help I can get from you all. Many of you have already applied to help pulling this off and I will display a list of personnel soon. For the event itself a special guild will be created (Krewe) which will function as a way to communicate for all the volunteers and helpers during the event. As of this moment thanks to your help we have a few great hosts of subevents, a band of theater artists and many bartenders, barmaids and guards. We are still open for more volunteers so don't be shy to apply!

What's the purpose of this event?

This event has multiple purposes.

First of all this will be a great opportunity to meet and greet at an early stage for the servers roleplayers.

Secondly it will be a great catalyst for RP. I hope to achieve that this event can serve as an inspiration for RP and storylines, not just on the event itself but also in the run-up days and after the event where it may be remembered in the servers history. As a roleplayer you can tie your personal story to that of the event (see the lore background).

Another aim of this event is to promote the RP server itself. People outside of our server may hear of our event and visit the server to witness it, and they may decide to stay and become roleplayer on our server. The events purpose is therefore to promote roleplaying. Perhaps some who have some interest or fascination about roleplaying will join this event and like what they see, and decide to become roleplayer.

Who is invited?

Every roleplayer or person who is interested in it, from our server or other servers. With the ability to guest, there is no reason to shun roleplayers from other servers or even friendly visitors who don't RP but want to see what the fuss is about. Of course all our friends from the US RP server are also very welcome and we are honored to receive them at the event.

What will the event consist of?

As of this moment the following sub-events are planned.

- Opening speech by Bliss
- Duel
- Theater event by The Dragonbane Order
- Raffle
- Diving contest
- Suprise

The above schedule is subject to change!

There will be bartenders and barmaids during the event serving drinks and snacks and there will be dancers and entertainers. There will also be guardsman keeping the peace. It will be an event that will likely last 2 or 3hours at max, though we expect that after the event many roleplayers will linger until deep in the night.

3. Location

The location of the event is Lion's Arch. The exact location within Lion's Arch is going to be revealed after the third BWE.

4. We need YOU.

We still need individuals who help at the events themselves. Entertainers, dancers (assuming dancing emotes are available at launch) but also bartenders that go around bringing people wine and beer, guards that make sure there are no escalations, etc, etc. Aside from that we still need one more RP duelists.

Those that want to apply please use the original thread on guildwars2roleplayers.com for your application. You can find it here --> http://guildwars2rol...slayers-updated

5. Your Input.

While much of the event is still set in stone, it's still some ways off before the event so your ideas and concepts are still very welcome!

Finally a word of note: I will be on holiday from 26th of July till the 23rd of August. I will be unable to reply to your input but will read all replies and messages when I come back.

Edited by Bliss, 05 September 2012 - 10:02 PM.

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 10:01 PM

Just a few more details. The event will be coming friday and it will be held at Lion's Arch Sanctum Harbor

For more information check the updated thread here: http://www.guildwars...m-harbor/page/1

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