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Ranger build and condition questions

bleed poison spvp pvp

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#1 Sumac


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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:13 AM


I'm curious what you guys think of this build. This is the first BWE I put much time in and after messing around with a greatsword build, I settled on this.

I ran with a 50% endurance on switch sigil, a drain life on switch sigil, and another sigil that I can't recall on the bow.

From what I've read, poisons and burns only stack in durations. Bleeds can stack in intensity. So how do these stacks work? Poisons do a wide range of damages, do the poison stacks do the highest poison damage in the stack throughout, average it, or do they form some sort of que where each one does it's entire tick in the order it was applied?

Bleeds also have varying damages, so how does the bleed damage in the stack calculate? Is it completely additive? a 600 and 1000 dmg bleed just adds to 1600?

As for the build, I felt there was a little too much poison going on, given that it doesn't stack in intensity. I still liked the sword for its mobility but I was considering replacing the poison trap with fire trap.

I mostly ran around with the SB and defended the central points on the maps with traps and such. I tried to SB most of the time, when they got close, I switched to sword and tried to go toe to toe.

I also considered axe/horn over the SB since it didn't seem to do much damage, but helped with chasedown and survivability.
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#2 Sycthrex


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Posted 30 July 2012 - 08:44 AM

Effect stacking refers to the effects from conditions, boons, or skills that may have a cumulative bonus (for instance a boon may further improve attack power when applied multiple times).

Effects stack in one of two ways: in intensity or in duration. For example, multiple stacks of bleeding, which stacks in intensity, increase the damage dealt over time, and multiple stacks of regeneration, which stacks in duration, increase the duration that the healing over time lasts. See sections below for exhaustive lists.

The game tracks each application of any effect separately in terms of duration and intensity (the latter one is dependent on the effective combat level of the source). Those standard values get improved by the applying character's equipment upgrades and attributes (Malice and Expertise for conditions, Concentration for boons), but once applied, the effect can't be further modified, only removed.

Removing a condition or boon will remove all stacks at once.

10 seconds of bleeding are applied to a target. 1 second later, another 6 seconds of bleeding are applied to the same target by a second source. For 6 seconds, the target will take damage over time from both stacks of bleeding. After that, the second bleed effect will expire, and for 3 seconds the target will continue to suffer the bleeding from the first effect, which then expires.

Wiki is your friend :) As for your build, you should try running Axe/Horn + SB as there is a combo out there are gives you an instant 25 Stack of bleed on your target, if you are running a condition build then SB + Axe/Horn is pretty much the best combo you can get, as for your traits they are ok, could be better aimed at what you want the build to accomplish and as for your Accessories why not try Rabid Amulet + Undead set?

And Sigil of Superior Geomancy + Earth are pretty handy.

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 03:44 PM


I think this build is one of the heaviest dps bleed focused condition builds without being too much of a glass cannon.

As Sycthrex mentioned, SB + Axe/Warhorn is by far the best weapon combination for condition application.

Damage attributes
1244.5 condition damage.
57.48% critical hit chance
- Bleeds on crit from sigils, bleed on crit from trait.
- Sharpening stone x2
- QZ on pet swap. 100% used in every build I make. Guarantees a 2 second stomp every time.

Defensive Attributes
1341 Toughness
2405 Armour, both at reasonable levels.
17,992 HP is quite low, but with good control and escapes in terms of the shortbow and utility skills a good player will have no problem in staying up.
Personally I will run with both Rabid Amulet and Jewel which drops HP to 15k but boots toughness to 1910 and condition damage to 1500 ;)
- Muddy terrain, emense offensive and defensive control.
- Lightning reflexes, great stun break and kiting tool.
- Nature Spirit Elite, see my other thread and video as to why this Elite is simply so powerful. Strongest in the game imho.

In this spec it should be very easy to maintain 15 - 20 stacks of bleeds indefinitely along with all the kiting and control potential.
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#4 Nettle


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Posted 30 July 2012 - 06:38 PM

I ran a condi ranger in tourney play pretty similar to that build. Same weapon sets, slightly different utilities. You didn't mention what pets you want to take. That can be pretty important in ranger builds as well.

Good weaponsets for this type of build are SB, sword or axe + torch. I don't like warhorn for a condition build because it's more of a physical based offhand, and there are no restrictions to switching to it when out of combat for the buffs.

As a condition ranger most of your damage will come from long burns and/or high bleed stacks. Poison is best saved for its heal reduction debuff (and is an important part). If you go axe, try to take a pet who can inflict poison. If you go sword, you have that covered and can focus on other pet conditions.

Since you're taking a trap, consider frost instead of flame. Chill is a powerful utility condition, and you can also combo field off a frost trap. You should already have plenty long burning from the torch. Flame is still a good trap though, so it's preference really.
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