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Experienced Dungeon-Runners. Most useful class?

Dungeon class best experienced useful

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 07:01 PM

For those of you that actually ran AC (both story and explorable), which class did you notice have the strongest impact on your groups and why? Please have experience before you add to the conversation, thank you. :)

For me: Note I played Engineer through story and explorable

1. Necromancer - Minion Masters actually made a huge difference in making pulls very clean. The mobs actually tended to focus alot on the minions, keeping the mobs from closing in on your ranged and causing your party to split/panic. This kept everyone close to eachother, maximizing aoe buffs and combo fields. (On a separate note, Ranger pets tank like a boss-only for a small amount of time but it's like a sweet CC)

2. Elementalist - An elementalist properly using water/traits can remove your conditions like crazy. There were multiple encounters (spider queen poison) that would give you a condition that would take you from full to dead.

3. Guardian - Can't tell you how many times I got downed to find mr. guardian come revive me with his sanctuary. Although most classes do have a revive skill they could have used. I put Ele ahead of guardian for support mostly because guardians didn't bring the same amount of dps, and there are a number of dps checks in the dungeons.

4. Engineer - From personal experience, my kiting ability allowed us to fight two bosses at once (some troll burst out of the wall while fighter the spider queen). Engineer's control skills seemed to save the day in multiple occasions. Single target dps I felt a bit weak however. There was also an event where you have to arm 5 different traps against an endless swarm of gravelings. While using the traps I could still spam grenades into the swarm. A Very niche class depending on how you are spec'd.
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