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LFG vs DF: Can they work together? (Repost from General)


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 11:21 AM

Mod said I should post this in the suggestions forum, so here goes:

We had a long thread with a lot of not-so-nice arguing back and forth about the topic. In light of that, I'm hoping this thread can provide a solid idea for a bridging between the two factions, and that it can promote proper conversation about the topic.

Reasons listed in opposition of DF (Dungeon Finder) system:
-It hurts the game community as a whole through various avenues.
-It really isn't necessary in a game with no Holy Trinity.

Reasons listed in opposition of LFG (Looking for Group) system:
-Not as easy to use/convenient.
-Most player's experience has found such systems to take longer.

I'm personally in favor of the LFG system. I have seen it done successfully in DDO. Here is an example of what it looks like there:

Posted Image

A fellow poster took this image and came up with what I believe to be a fantastic idea to bring the two ideas together. Here it is:

That looks absolutely brilliant. I really hope someone at ArenaNet has a good look at it, and takes this design to heart. I think if they stream line it, then it would be one of the strongest foundations in this game's community.

What I think can make it better is:

1. Add available players next to group. That way you can also see players who haven't formed parties yet, so people in groups can just go grab players they want.

2. Under groups they should have more categories. Dungeons for those wanting to go off to a dungeon, Events for parties formed during event chains (would be especially great while doing Orr), Zones for groups just doing the content in areas and wanting to party up, and Personal for people interested in joining others on their personal storylines.

3. Like I suggested in an earlier post, for those who want a Dungeon Finder tool. Next to groups, and players (as I suggested in point no.1), there should be an auto finder option. The Auto Finder window can also have dungeons, events, zones, and personal, each with a list of dungeons and running events which players can tick and then select auto group.
When the finder forms a group, you can even have a pop-up that asks if you wish to be taken to the nearest waypoint.
Now, when you form a party under groups, somewhere in the interface there can be a tickbox stating whether or not your party is auto joinable. This option can be there for group leaders who first want to screen players and communicate with them before they invite anyone into their party. This means there are two ways to find a party, a) the game can throw 5 players waiting to auto join together, or B) a half formed party desperately looking for one or two members can have an auto joiner be thrown in with them.

This option would really bridge the gap between DF and LFG fans. So, if you're someone fighting for the DF, please read my post and tell me what you think.

I would really like to hear opinions on this idea, as I think this could be the answer to all of the issues presented by both sides of the argument.
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