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Posted 25 July 2012 - 01:14 PM

During last beta i only messed around in PVE. Tried all classes and all races in some different combinations and i'm a little disappointed about the combat =/
Melee weapons just feel.. weak, except the hammers. i would like some more weight in the weapons, some of the animations look like my character is just trying to swat flies away. And maybe different sounds? Some of the skill sounds just reflect the type of skill and not the weapon and there is only one sound for the auto attack which does get old pretty fast.

And the controls.. I really miss a "mouse look toggle", holding down the right mouse ALL the time just strains my hand. So just add a toggle and let us bind "Show the cursor" to ALT. As a melee class i can never target something with left mouse since i'm moving around and so are the mobs/players. And i would like to have the cursor appear automatically for AOE skills and other "Ground targeting" skills.

And let us bind the left mouse to auto attack and the mouse wheel to whatever we want.

And i would like to have a cross-hair for targeting instead of having to hit TAB or "Skill-key" all the time.

This game is SO good and i love ALL the new ideas. This game is the next evolutionary step in MMOs, no doubts about that. I just feel that some combat stuff are lagging behind.

Since i didn't get on WvW (maybe some error on the EU server?) i don't know anything about the PVP, but this video seems to have some good points:

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