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Guild Wars 2 Wish list!

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 04:03 AM

Hey, I'm just another excited face in the crowd waiting eagerly to play Guild Wars 2!

But I have had some idea's or things I would like to see at some point. Granted these are all simply opinions and some are a bit more fleshed out than others. But of course I am aware that the Guild Wars 2 staff has their hands tied with this ever encroaching release this month but alas!

These are a few things I would love to see.

-Pets: bird pets that land or "idle" on your shoulder. Instead of landing on the ground at your feet.

-Pets: also the ability to change even the hue of your pets color from even a small variety would be fantastic.

-Empty off hand skills: what I mean by this is If one would like the option to simply wield a single weapon they would not be penalized by having 2 less weapon skills. There for making a convincing Samurai, or a single dagger wielding Cutpurse ect.

-Mesmer: I would like to see a Mesmer combo field that makes decoy clones of an ally. So Thiefs could have a fun subterfuge. Or a Warrior could raze through a battlefield while his dopplegangers take the diversionary fire.

-Death Cam: I have not the foggiest what the ramifications for this would entail but I would love be able to watch the last few seconds of my life in slow motion from my killers perspective to see what exactly played out. (this is probibly asking too much)

-World PVP: I really hope that one day there is a Outlaw System of sorts that becomes availible to you at a certain level that allows your names color to change to be hostile to every other Outlaw in the world no matter where they are. (can be toggled on and off, 5 second cast time, 10 second cool down, can't be used in combat, no penalties apon death from another Outlaw, and after you enter the Downed State your Outlaw state is automatically turned to off and you can have a Debuff/longer Cool Down that prevents you from immediately reactivating it after you stand back up) After you send another Outlaw to his Downed State you can get a stackable buff ("Swag") that increases with every victory. Perhaps there could be a special NPC character that lurks in the shady reaches of each town
That lets you cash those stacks of "Swag" in for a bigger reward. But beware! Getting sent to a downed state while buffed with the stacks will cause you too lose them and your slayer to gain them.

-Enviromental status effects: I think it would make for some great dynamic battles if certain areas during certain random weather gave strange status effects. They could be rare or less common, for example. Running into a enemy in a thick blizzard where you both must battle through the randomly afflicted Blind condition. Or finding a Oasis in a desert that after drinking it and granting Rejuvenation it vanishes. Or knocking a foe into a den of poisonous snakes! Or all three at once...hehe

Anyways! Those are just a few of the things I would just LOVE to see implemented in some form in the not to distant future!

What do you guys think?

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