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Critique on my "Charr's Damage Rifle Builds"

PvE Rifle Charr

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 02:56 PM

I'm trying to do a PvE Damage build base on Engineer's Rifle as I really like the burst & AoE.
I understand that if I add 30 points to both Explosive & Firearms line would increase my damage the most basic way but I felt I 30 points on Tools might have potential for more damage so I come up with 2 builds.
Critiques are welcome ^_^

Battle Roar is there to maintain Fury together with Drop Stimulant.

Build 1 [30,20,0,0,20]:
30 points to Explosive will lead me to more raw damage & make Grenade Barrage cause stacks of vulnerable which is great to increase more damage. Big O Bomb after Fire Bomb's Fire field with Jump Shot, gain Might & Fire Armor to burn all surrounding mobs.
Build link: http://gw2skills.net...ECageYX5lf9pAbB

Build 2 [10,30,0,0,30]:
Net Turret which gimme 3 immobilize (Turret, Overcharge, Toolbelt) + Net Shot that's 4 immobilize (correct me if I'm wrong) used with 30 points of Firearms, Sitting duck & Target the Maimed will increase damage.
Flamethrower is there for versatility as I could change to Juggernaut also it's Toolbelt skill can be useful for Rifle's Blunderbuss & Jumpshot for AoE burns.
30 points to Tools lead me to Enduring Pain will increase damage & durability of Net Turret also shorter recharge on toolbets.

Sitting Duck - 5%
Target the Maimed - 5%
Rifle Mod - 10%
Enduring Damage - 10%
Which is 30% increase of damage.
Build link: http://gw2skills.net...ECageYX5lf9pAbB

What do you guys think?
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