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Flanking/evade build

thief build flanking stealth evade

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 11:40 PM

The build: http://www.gw2build.....

Also the build: http://gw2skills.net...OOck4scYUxui5IA

The Introduction:

The title is a bit misleading but i've been toying around with this build for a few days now after playing briefly with in the last stress test. It strikes me as somewhat foolish to post this build considering we face possible changes, but i would like 3rd party input on fine-tuning the build.

This build focuses on using flanking to increase my critical strike rating and damage while using stealth and evade for defense. The build increases the strength of stealth and uses steal to return initiative to set up for powerful tactical strikes and surprise shots. Evade is utilized by the build to grant swiftness for better mobility.

The Weapons:

This build uses S/D plus SB. S/D was chosen for tactical strike,crippling strike, flanking strike, dancing dagger, infiltrator's strike, and cloak and dagger.Most of the 1-5 abilities list in the preceding sentence are strengthen by traits. Tactical strike benefits from improved damage from stealth, flanking strike grants swiftness, and cloak and dagger grants extra initiative and damage. SB was chosen for its ability to push the offensive from range allowing me to use a greater breadth of terrain to prepare flanking assaults. SB was also chosen for the extra evades disabling shots provides.

The Tools:

For utility skills i chose Hide in Shadow for the condition removal and additional damage through traits, Signet of Shadows for increased passive movement speed as well as lite CC, Smoke Screen for melee defense and combo fields, Roll for Initiative for the evasion condition removal and initiative renewal, and finally thieves guild i chose arbitrarily due to its noted strength in the last stress test.

I chose berserker's jewelry for increased critical damage and their standard melee attributes.

I chose runes of the thief for their benefits to crit and the boost they give to flanking attacks.

For Sword and Shortbow i chose sigils of intelligence for the guaranteed critical strikes just to push spikes of damage that will compensate my mobile state's lack of sustained dps.

For Dagger i chose sigil of purity to add condition removal.

The Gist of it All:

This build is intended for pve, wvwvw, and possibily sPvP- though i've only recently started to experiment with sPvP.

The general idea of the build would be to instigate and engage using the SB. If opportunity calls, steal would be used to close a gap and stealth. Tactical strike or surprise shot would be used after stealth to land solid damage and conditions. Once in melee range i would swap into S/D and begin pressing the offensive with my 1 and 3. Smoke screen would be used to lessen damage and allow me to swap to SB and roll for initiative to escape. Dodges would grant swiftness and i would then use the SB to push my opponents to either flee or pursue.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and critiques are welcome.


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