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Posted 09 August 2012 - 05:46 PM


I'll be brief and to the point.
I'm trying very hard to avoid the generic 'HEY, WE'RE DRAGON'S ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ AND WE'RE SO HARDCORE WE SHIT PVP TICKETS. WE'RE ALSO ULTRAMATURE AND WE PLAYED A LOT OF GAMES IN OUR LIFETIME SO YOU KNOW WE -MUST- BE GOOD. ALSO FRIENDSHIP. WE'RE PRETTY COOL GUYS.' as i don't quite get the appeal. Granted, we did play a lot of videogames and so far we consist mostly of washed up Enemy Territory players that knew each other for quite a while. No, we actually weren't half bad. No, not under this name. But, i digress;

We are 0013.

We're the hero Seafarer's Rest deserves but not the one it needs right now.

We're not going to focus on anything gameplay-wise. WvWvW, PvP, PvE, jumping puzzles, *ing sightseeing - all fair game. One does not exclude the other. It would be A+ if you could participate in all of them but no one is going to force you to. It's supposed to be fun, instead of grinding away towards yet another useless achievement.

We're not hot shit, don't intend to be. It doesn't mean that we're not capable of pounding every other guild advertising on this forum into the ground, it's just not what we mainly strive for. We might suck - big deal.

We're focusing on the community. Where obvious goes unsaid and people can hold interesting semi-serious conversations about whatever they desire, be it music, movies, books or any other choice of hobby or topic.

We might create a website/discussion board/get a VoIP server. It all depends on how well this thing here goes.

As it was already said - we play lots of games casually - you can get in on that as well in case you'd want to take a short break from GW2.


You - you're someone who got fed up with gaming communities whose names consist solely of buzzwords.

You're someone who's tired of that rat-race TO BE THE BEST THERE EVER WAS, COME ON GUYS, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH? and all the drama that follows.

You're just someone who wants to play some goddamn videogames with like-minded people without making it a chore.

You want to join a guild that will give you a little more than guild bonuses.


If this sounds like something you might want to get in on - head on over to #0013 on Quakenet, message me and i'll sort you out. You'll have to go through a quick interview, just to check if you've got what it takes and you're set. Just be honest, the 'interview' is just there to check if you'll fit in, i'm pretty sure this post made a pretty good job of weeding out all the undesirables (and probably a fair amount of people who would otherwise get in, but hey - that's life).
Requirements? The only one i can think of is - you have to be at least moderately active and, well - don't be a ♥♥♥♥. It would help if you didn't have life like the rest of us, but that's just like an optional requirement for bonus points.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the Quakenet webchat for the interview but keep in mind that you'll have to get one eventually - treat it as you would any other IM client. mIRC is fine as a default choice.

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