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Exile recruiting

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 12:15 AM


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the first and last call for war

Exile (know as X) was the biggest and best clan on linage 2 for a damn load of years (* those who are not agreeing,you know it's true) we contrloled the whole server for a couple of years (raid bosses,castles,forts) , couple of years later redstorm joined and redstorm was the (second best sorry rusky frikking wodka drinkers) russian clan who joined the alliance and it was thumbs up, if you were a lineage 2 player on teon server you know what i am talking about,we were ruthless and hard adn had now mercy to anyone, the war is still going on as we speak for almost 8 year now whit another clan and clans. to bad the old players left and now a bunch of old harcore players are still their, we had allot of wars and fun and allot of big raids we controlled the biggest raid bosses and we had allot of fights about it (300 against 300 was just an issue and normal ) anyway i played in the clan and had the best time of my life under a good leadership (thnx robin aka (fadetoblack or and prilano and so on),now it's time to step up and try to pass on the legacy what Exile and the alliance (shadows,Preatorians,lux aeterna,redstornm) has to offer.

what do i have to offer and step up for those who are still doubting..

  • i don't care if you are german, britain, dutch ,russian or african or what so ever it's all about fun but,
  • loyalty is a big issue
  • stratic minds i need some good officirs who can help me out and support me,i am a stratic personen (i am fanatic and can be frikking crazy if people that go their own way in a good way)
  • web desginers for the webpage (costs are on me) and ideas are welcome
  • media makers and reporters and journalists (making name is a big deal)
  • crazy people whit lots of humor in all kinds
  • shit load of girls cause thay can play and have a good mind and easy mind and are frikking awsome players
  • going to build this clan from the bottum
  • winners even if they loose a couple of times winning comes from loosing
  • constant parties,nuker parties,archer parties ,melee etc etc. the officers and under officers can pick and make their own parties
  • communication
  • willing to win mind set.
  • respect.
  • i am all about winning and go to war anytime and anywere.
  • Drama
  • Thiefs,nukers,mellee's,archers and tranks everyone can join
  • talking german,french or spanish or swedish or ruski i understand,but english is for the most players understandable
  • helping each other out
  • last but not least PvP minded and Raid minded
  • Experience is welcome
  • twin sisters is a big +++++
  • gettin a huge zerg
So keep in mind i am leading this (I was an under officer whit constant archer party and nuker party and mellee,i liked Ninja allot and own people up Exp loose was just a little issue ,cause you will get it back anyway ) for the first time but my mind set is all about fun and continue the leagacy of the real Exile from linage 2,fun,ninja,rush,zerg,and drama and cry ...so who don't whant a big zerg of 300 +people it will get you a stiffy for sure
so pm here and we can talk about it,no restriction ,reallife goes first.

so are you willing to be a part of a legacy and whiling to make history go X

*soz for the bad english writing*

*if you whant proof about exile youtube these crazy people lineage 2 Exile*

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