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[Dagger+Focus] Balanced(?) Stunner Build

Dagger Focus Elementalist Stun Lightning Hammer Balanced

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 07:23 AM

Hello everyone! I thought I'd go out and share what I was playing with during the last stress test (8/9). The build was inspired by the new trait Tempest Strength and my thought that control effect durations would round up (they don't from what I know), so I wanted to gain access to as much stun effects as possible, and just go around balancing it off afterwards trying my best not to sacrifice too much power while not making myself a "Glass Cannon".

I'm sure you're thinking: 16k HP, 2k Armor. Not Glass? This is why I took up Focus as an off-hand, and traited into defense. Where's the cannon? 2.9k attack, 51% crit rate 50% crit damage. "But there's no burst?!" Like I said, I wanted to go for a balanced build, so no MH Scepter, no OH dagger. And I don't like the staff, I just don't for some reason.

So without further ado: here's the build.

Now, please don't mistake me for an exceptionally good player. I would like to get up to tournament level, but for most of the betas and stress tests I've been messing around with builds. I've mostly been playing double dagger, so focus was pretty awkward for a while, you'll see me spamming the 4th fire skill every so often thinking it's Ring of Fire lol. Took a bit before I eased into the new rotations.

Any comments and all are welcome and would be appreciated. Enjoy!

And here's 5 videos of me playing it:






Personal thoughts: I think it's cool that even though the build came with such low defense and health it manages to survive a lot of burst thanks to the multiple invulnerabilities and damage negations not to mention multiple CC's and combo breakers (Shocking Aura and Tempest Strength are very good at this). The damage is mediocre at best compared to what I'm used to (Double Daggers) but it lives past the general bursting of most players and should I be a better player learn to dodge at the right times and make better decisions I think the build has quite a bit more distance to go.

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