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Posted 11 August 2012 - 09:41 PM

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Contact: Tumri.7892 / Tumri(Team Quitter forums) / Tumri(GW2 Guru forums)
Website: www.wrathnation.com
Server: Undecided

Wrath has been around in one form or another since 2003, when most of us first met to form a pre-release guild for World of Warcraft. The guild has always been on the bleeding edge of hardcore raiding and our members have had a knack for competitiveness in both PvP and PvE. The guild has experienced many top world kills in WoW and other MMOs with difficult raiding content. We have many members that have Gladiator rank experience in WoW, Top 50 GvG experience in the original Guild Wars, and high rankings in other various PvP formats. Wrath was originally a guild that focused entirely on a single game and most recently moved to SW:ToR. Due to the failures of the game the competitive raiding scene that was present at launch quickly died out and competitive PvP never got off the ground. When we collectively left SW:ToR we decided to reform as a multi-game guild that would foster a community of skilled and experienced players in all games of interest. A large number of our former members decided that Guild Wars 2 showed promise as a next-generation MMO that has the potential to captivate our interest for years to come. We are currently in the initial recruitment process and plan to grow into a much larger guild of competitive tPvP players, skilled PvE players, and dedicated WvW players.

Guild Wars 2 Policies













Note: Policies are subject to change as the guild matures. Since the GW2 PvE and PvP systems are so different from typical MMOs it is hard to predict the best way to tackle the content and function as a guild.

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