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The Question of Multi-Guilding


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#61 Wookie4726


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Posted 14 August 2012 - 07:03 AM

From Guild Wars 2 Wiki


Initially, guilds can include up to 50 members across any number of home worlds; this can be increased up to a limit of 500 members for guilds that meet relevant requirements. However, members can only participate in WvW together if they belong to the same world.
To join a guild, open the guild panel, choose the "management" tab, select the guild from the list, and press the "Join Guild" button. Players can accept invitations to multiple guilds. To decline an invitation or leave a guild, select the guild and choose, "leave guild."


Each player account can belong to multiple guilds. However, each character may only represent one guild at a time; only that guild earns influence from the character's actions. In addition, the character only has access to guild features of the represented guild, notably shared storage, buffs, and guild-wide chat.
To change the guild represented, open the guild panel, choose the "management" tab, select the appropriate guild, and choose "represent."

Hopefully this will dis-spell some of the confusion.

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#62 Sukeena


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Posted 14 August 2012 - 07:20 AM

That is correct. You can only play on either NA or EU servers depending on where you live.
Afaik even if you bought the EU version if you live in the US, you won't be able to play on the EU servers.

This is not true. If you live in the US and you want to guest to an EU server that is possible. Also you can join all the guilds on all the servers if you want to.
You confused this with the region lock. If you buy a US version of GW2, you cannot login in the EU. It has everything to do with the datacenters of the game.
Once you do log in the game, you are free to join any server on any continent.

I've got a question concerning multi guilding as well though.

So from my understanding of the system, if I join a guild, all my characters will be in that guild right?
When you create a character and you join a guild, all subsequent characters see the guild your main joined, but your alts do need to actually join it first by clicking "represent" on a(ny) guild. So you can decide to join the same guild or another one.

So let's say I have a Necromancer who I want to play in PvE/WvW and a Mesmer who I solely want to play in sPvP. With the Necro I'd obviously want to join a PvE/WvW guild, while with the Mesmer I'd be looking for a guild that focuses on sPvP.

So here's the questions:

1. Does my Mesmer actually take up a slot in the PvE/WvW Guild even though I never plan on playing him there in the first place, or does each account only take 1 slot, no matter the number of characters? (the latter would make much more sense to me, so I guess that's the way it's implemented)
Only when you put the Mesmer in the same guild, otherwise, no.

2. If I'm online with the Necromancer, will the sPvP guys see me as "online but not representing" all the time?
This is true indeed.

See my bold text for some answers :)
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#63 Nox_Aeterna


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Posted 14 August 2012 - 07:59 AM

Hah , im totally making my own personal guild also.

But i dont know if i will join more than one guild , i like to join a guild talk to people and relax , not the PVE or PvP frenzy , think one should be enough for that.
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#64 justaguy


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 03:23 AM

My guild's take is simple. The onus of keeping people playing with our guild is on the guild, not the members. I will keep playing with the guild by scheduling activities and fostering an environment that they want to play in.

With that in mind, we are actively encouraging members to join multiple guilds (and will be making recommendations based on the other guildleaders and groups we meet post launch) - especially for things like WvW, tournaments or anything else the guild isn't planning to focus heavily on scheduling. It will be more fun if they can match their mood/what they want to do at any given time with a guild that focuses on that activity (eg, a WvW guild will be better at leading WvW, a PVE guild will be more fun when in PVE, etc).

The idea that one guild can meet all needs and offer the perfect experience in PvE/WvW/sPvP/etc doesn't really fit with our vision of the game. For that reason, Im pretty excited about the multi-guild system (even as a guildleader myself).

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#65 Midnight_Tea


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 04:15 AM

I'm not joining any jealous guild, as a rule. If I'm representing you it's because you damn well deserve it.

GW2 is unusual in that it's going to be forcing guilds to actually earn the honest loyalty of its members beyond the shining promises of being the only way to earn elite phat loots.

You earn my honest loyalty and I will wade through broken glass for you.

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#66 Tsuroyu


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Posted 17 August 2012 - 11:39 PM

Mostly good stuff on here. If anyone's curious, one of our guildies came up with a really cool solution to this question. And before Fizzypop shows up and starts calling us nazis, I should say that our guild has been very enthusiastic about it, as a whole.

We have just created 2 separate ranks.
1 is for "casual" members, who have the freedom to join any number of guilds they want, but their bank access is limited to the stash, and they can't vote on admitting new members (yes, our guild is soooooo strict that we vote on whether to admit new recruits).
2 is for "full-time" or "hardcore" members, who must represent only our guild, but receive full access to the bank and full voting rights.

We went with this because we mostly conceive ourselves as leaning toward the hardcore side of things, and these are the types of players we have been trying (pretty successfully) to appeal to. That said, I think multi-guilding can and will work, very well. I think GW2 is a game that attracts more casual style gamers than other MMOs have, and I think they'll take great advantage of multi-guilding, and I hope that guilds that work that way will thrive. Oh, and for the record, none of our 40 members have yet opted for the casual status; everyone wants to be full-time.

Now, as for Fizzypop, you came into this thread with a very confrontational attitude, in response to what I had intended as a genuine question. But ok, let's respond in kind.

My issue is with talk like this "Are other guilds mostly just planning to allow their members to join as many guilds as they want?" I'm not child and I don't need to be "allowed" to do anything. That kind of attitude bothers me. Some guilds have outright said members can't join another guild or they'll be thrown out. It's seriously gross and controlling behavior. Those guilds do need to get off their high horse.

Obviously they aren't. I won't join them. That doesn't suddenly make it any less gross or less inappropriate. It's an adult game people should act like adults. As far as anything else you seemed to want to know what I meant so I expanded on my previous comment. I didn't actually ask for you to tell me not to join the guild. I wasn't interested in joining them anyways. As far as everything else I wasn't sure who you were talking to, but I'm not a guild leader. I don't care what benefits a guild brings they don't get to tell me what I can and cannot do.

People have been doing this for ages. I have no idea why now we need to consider it a problem or try to restrict people on what guilds they join. It seems silly.

As far as your childish insistence that "nobody tells me what to do in a video game" goes, apparently you have never raided. If you tried to raid in just about any game, with nobody telling anyone else what to do, you wouldn't get very far. So, think for a minute. Some guilds exist for the purpose of just being a place for people to chat while they do their own thing. But that is not our guild's purpose. We exist for the specific mission of getting skilled players together to tackle a game's toughest challenges. In some games, you need to be organized for that, and you need someone giving instructions sometimes. Some players, like myself, actually enjoy taking orders *gasp* when it leads to victories in the game. What a thought. Anyway, it's not like a guild with a one-guild policy is luring people in and then never letting them leave. Our policy, for example, is prominently explained on our forum, so that people only apply to our guild after they have read it and decided they like it. So people in our guild are exactly the kind of people we want to join: those who will be dedicated to our guild, and focused solely on it, so that it can rise to become great. We aim to play with people like ourselves, not just anyone. So in response to you comment about, "I wasn't interested in joining them anyway," I would say: good. We're not interested in having you, either. If you can't agree to the same policies that the rest of us like, why on earth would we want you anywhere near our guild chat or vent? You don't want to be told what to do, then you're not allowed to join, simple as that. We're both better off without each other.

So, I think there's still a place for one-guild policies, even though a lot of people will want to multi-guild. These are just 2 different kinds of players, who like to play in 2 different ways. Some players will look for a guild specifically to find other players that will play hardcore with them, meaning putting in a lot of time, sharing a lot of materials. Opening our guild up to essentially the whole server by letting anyone come and go as they please was not appealing to us, since we like to share a lot of mats and equipment, which we want to make sure remain within the hands of our close guildies, and don't just get spread around to everyone so that we never see any benefit from them as a group. To accomplish this, we felt we needed certain policies, and there are apparently enough people who feel the same that our guild is continuing to grow. Sometimes, there is a sense of community that will only develop in a closed, close-knit guild, and I don't think there's anything wrong with striving for that.

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#67 MsCass


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 01:39 AM

We have just created 2 separate ranks.
1 is for "casual" members, who have the freedom to join any number of guilds they want, but their bank access is limited to the stash, and they can't vote on admitting new members (yes, our guild is soooooo strict that we vote on whether to admit new recruits).
2 is for "full-time" or "hardcore" members, who must represent only our guild, but receive full access to the bank and full voting rights.

That sound like a good working solution for a guild that hads a 'hardcore' base but wants to be open and social as well. I think the main thing is going to be making sure that expectations are clear up front.

I have a love/hate thing with guilds in general as I always seem to find the drama pits. Or the ones with the most needy noobs per square inch. My last WOW guild a bunch of the officer's were putting in gold everyday to make our vault storage - right when we got enough money the gm - raided the bank and kicked all the member then sold the guild to someone else inthe middle of the night and near as we can tell server hopped.
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#68 Rafiee


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:54 AM

Our rule is that you can be in as many guilds as you want, but if you're playing with us(actually playing alongside us) then you have to be representing us. Any other time, then you can rep whoever you want.
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#69 Raiden_Kyo


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:59 AM

I like having all my characters in one guild, i will not be doing multiple guilds. Hopefull the guild i join allows multiple alts...
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#70 Meril


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 12:33 PM

I think I got the idea behind the new guild system. Its copied from social networks like facebook. They have a group system and I think you can see the guild wars 2 guilds more like a group. Its still called guild, cause people are used to it and you can still have your normal single guild if you want. However you can also just join them like groups - like your RL-friends, a more serious PvP-Guild, a roleplay guild...
Also I don't see an issue that people switch guilds often/are never online... Whats the difference if someone plays often and maybe spends his time 50/50 in a RP and a PvP guild compared to someone who plays only the half time and is only in a single guild? Just create your guild rules like you want them and have the members you want.

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#71 ClimacticGaming


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 03:52 PM

Interesting topic.

My guild will also be allowing others to join as many guilds as they want. We are very realistic and down to earth and also understand GW2 does not override real life.

We have guidelines that address some things in specific, but overall are very open and friendly.

We have a rank system as well (this isn't all the ranks, just posting the ones related to the topic here) and sort of like the post above we have:

Veteran (those that have been with the guild over 30 days and are representing us)
Member (those who are in the guild over the 3 day probationary period, but not representing us, limitation in guild stash)
Recruit (initial rank, 3 day probationary period, no guild stash access)

In order to be considered for advancement, you obviously have to be a Veteran.

Kind of common sense, but the same idea.

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#72 Quilliam


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:02 PM

I for one would leave a guild as soon as they voiced the opinion that I had to be in that guild, and that guild only.

Yep I'd be out the door.
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#73 Tohkay Ahtok

Tohkay Ahtok

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

I probably won't join any guilds during my first few weeks of playing. I may not join any guilds at all.

My experience with guilds in Warcraft was not good. When I was in a guild for a long time (over a year or two), it eventually fell apart over something stupid, like the Guild Leader breaking up with his girl-friend-co-leader, or an officer looting the bank, or people being pissed over who got into raids. I always supported the guild bank, only to watch griefers steal shit and quit the guild.

Now, I'm always happy to help out, work with folk, do stuff with lower-levels. What I found was too many tin-plated dictators at the top, and too many leechers at the bottom. Add to that problems of sexism against my wife and daughters, and I'm pretty much turned off about guilds. I put in lots of time, effort, and gold, as an officer and a member, and it was wasted 90% of the time.

I want to play the game at my pace, without being rushed or picked on for my choices. Games are for relaxation, and guilds make people very pushy. I plan to run a Norn hunter with lizard pets; I don't want to be in a guild where I'm ordered to run a bear by the leader.

Think that doesn't happen? Throughout my WoW career of six years, I played a dwarf hunter with a crocolisk (six-legged crocodile). The croc made little or no difference in terms of success; I beat some of the best raids in WoW with old "Bill" at my side, and did pretty well on the damage meters. Yet I was constantly harassed by guild leaders for not running a "better" pet. If one hunter's choice of pet means failing a raid, it isn't the pet's fault!

Not that GW1 was any better at times.Too many guilds insisted on a minimal number of daily AB runs or some such rot; I'm interested in camaraderie, not another job.

I'd love to find a friendly guild that cares more about fun and helping than in running up achievements. I'll be on Tarnished Coast... if you want a guildy who likes helping people out, who enjoys exploring and crafting, a guy who doesn't care if you're optimal, then ping me. I want a guild that's about making friends, not slavery to the ego of the guild master.

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#74 Heresiarch


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 06:01 PM

I'm incredibly happy with the multi-guilding feature. I recently applied to two allied guilds simultaneously, and while that caught the leaders by surprise, they realize it is a game feature and that it's completely possible for me to try each guild to see which one is the right fit. And I can even have my two person storage guild on the side. Why not?

The guild flexibility is simply awesome and I think it'd be crazy not to take advantage of it. I wouldn't even consider joining a guild that refuses to respect my right to represent other guilds.

Yes, I can see that there may be issues with how representation works, but I am not overly concerned. Also, cross-server guild membership mechanics also might be a bit odd, but I am not opposed to joining a guild on another server, especially if they are old friends. Again, why not? When guesting is enabled, I can play with them! Since my old MMO friends are PvE only, I can see that working out perfectly.
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#75 munrock


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 07:14 PM

I for one would leave a guild as soon as they voiced the opinion that I had to be in that guild, and that guild only.

You for one, and you for most people as well it seems!
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#76 Basharic


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 07:45 PM

Maybe it would be better to make all guild resources, like the guild vault, available to everyone in the guild. Meaning to only put items in the guild vault if you want to share them with the guild, but only trusted members hold the "key" (i.e. temporarily grant permission to whoever wants to access the vault).

You may also want to have a waiting period before letting new guild members access the vault since there maybe people who joins a guild, take everything from their vault, before contributing any influence, then leaves.

The way i set up the guild bank in WoW, was to designate a bank tab to each crafting profession. Some had to share depending on what was stacking up more resources more quickly. I then locked one tab to myself and two other trusted officers, and designated that for any rare mats or epics. Other than that one tab, I simply put a withdrawal limit based on rank and everyone knew not to put anything in there they didn't mind someone else taking.

Only three people had the ability to clean the bank out all in one go. Me and the wife were two of them, and the third was closely trusted.

We haven't bothered to unlock the guild banking yet In GW2 but I'll probably do something similar, adapting it to whatever GW2's systems dictate.
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#77 Corvindi


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 09:05 PM

I love the idea of multiguilding. It's perfect for me because I want to focus on WvW with a family member and perhaps a small group of like minded players. I don't care if every one of us is in ten other guilds or none.

I play often and I love to do well, but in the sense of being a website running, vent using, big guild gamer, I'm not. I'm completely casual about those things. I'm also not someone who feels like I have to spend every waking hour in a game playing with guildmates. Sure, I want to WvW with them, maybe even do dungeons if enough of us want to, but I don't feel like we should always be leveling together. Yet many players enjoy that. Before, they wouldn't have been very happy with me. Now, anyone who wants to can come enjoy WvW without feeling at a disadvantage because that's mostly all I group for, since they can have dungeon guilds, crafting guilds, exploration guilds, rp guilds, goof around in starter area guilds, dress up in pirate clothes guilds, or whatever guilds they want.

I love this system! :)
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#78 Dace


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Posted 18 August 2012 - 09:45 PM

I think of it just like Guild Wars 1/2 itself. Let me make the choice. I shouldn't do something because I feel obligated (whether it's mandatory solo-membership or a monthly fee), I should do something because I enjoy it. Maybe I want to occasionally be in a guild to do some stuff with people from a small community or some RL friends who aren't on very much. If someone tries to say that any previous contributions I made to the larger guild I'm on 75-90% of the time is null or that I don't care about them simply because I occasionally roll with some other people... well I know I'm not really appreciated and leave right then and there.

It also helps if I'm in a guild that is more PvE focused but also want to have some guildmates in WvW. With this system I can. It can also strengthen bonds when one guildmate in PvE recommends a WvW guild. That way I already have someone I know to help integrate to the group quicker. Plus the flow of players can go both ways which will be a big deal if/when alliances are put in the game.
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#79 Sir Twist

Sir Twist

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 05:11 AM

I come into GW2 with some people I've been playing with for years. Unless we end up recruiting enough people interested in WvW to actually make our presence felt, I'll be looking for a PvP guild to join as well. This PvP guild would have to have no problem with me representing my other guild when I'm in PvE. Otherwise, I'll just run solo in WvW
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#80 Tsuroyu


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 10:53 AM

Just food for thought, on this topic.

I've loved my time with Guild Wars 2, but I can't deny that it felt like a lonely game, despite efforts to initiate conversation on my own.

This extends to Guild Wars 2's multiple-guild system, which allows you to be a member of multiple guilds at once. This should be a good thing. Over the years, I've amassed a diverse group of MMO friends: some are into hardcore raiding content, some are into player-versus player-combat, and some are into roleplay. I say with little hesitation that most of the guys from one group would never get along with players from the other two, and supposedly such a system would allow me to participate in events with each of them without excluding one of the others. Yet at the same time, I worry that it will harm the little sense of a tight community that exists in contemporary MMORPGs. Take World of Warcraft -- the server community there has been watered down with cross-server group finders and the like, but it's still possible to have a strong sense of allegiance there with a guild. Guild Wars 2 may not.

This comes from a Gamespy article on GW2. Overall, the article isn't very favorable toward the game, but I did think this was a good point about multi-guilding.

Source: http://pc.gamespy.co.../1225830p1.html
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