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[PvX] The Vengeance Guild [TVG] International

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 09:20 PM

About the Vengeance Guild
Vengeance is a Guild operating between the United States And United Kingdom. We are a PvX Guild who enjoys all aspects of Guild Wars 2. We will have a strong focus in WvW and competitive game play, but seek a diverse set of guild mates who understand the need for well rounded and developed characters in PVE, crafting, and trading.

Started by a small close knit group of gamer's who have banded together from a number of gaming backgrounds and disciplines. We understand the complex world of social gaming and know that the right mix of people working together makes all the difference in the world. We are looking for like minded adult players who enjoy all aspects of game play. We are looking for players in all zones to cover WvWvW full time. We need players in the Oceanic regions, Europe, Asia and The America's.

We have played numerous MMO's over the decades and have a well rounded set of expertise in PVP, WvWvW, crafting, and RPG playing in general. This is not the first time the core team has worked together successfully, we look forward to bringing our style of camaraderie, game play and leadership to Guild Wars 2.

We have formed our core team and would now like to pull together the right member/leaders to help build and grow a strong guild. Does this sound like you?

TVG's Players in General
The member base of Vengeance comes from a range of gaming backgrounds; from casual to competitive, MMO's to console FPS. We are a strong force on the digital battlefield but we also put a lot of emphasis on community within the guild. We are an ambitious guild of like-minded gamers who are all extremely passionate and excited for Guild Wars 2 and the potential it has as a game. We have big plans for WvWvW and other aspects of the game

Game Play Type
I would classify us not as hardcore and not as casual but as highly obsessive gamer's. We we find a game we like we play with the intent of dominating every aspect. We are harcore when the timing is right, and casual in our constant presence. As we all have families, jobs, and real life responsibilities we understand and respect the time you have to spend in game.

Basic Rules of the Guild
1. Absolutely no drama accepted, we play hard, we swear, we scream, we laugh, but we always treat our sisters and brothers with respect.

2. Play the game, support your guild, and recruit like minded solid players you encounter along the way.

How to Join
Fill out the application @ http://www.vengeance...com/recruitment

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Posted 28 October 2012 - 07:58 PM

[TVG] has a fantastic group of players, we run a great WvW campaign for a small guild, have a solid dungeon raid group, have PVE groups looting just about all hours of the day and we are starting to make nice strides in SPVP. Sitting at just over 30 players you can be assured you will not be lost in the crowd.

We are again opening the doors and looking for another 10-15 players in this wave of recruitment. We have our players in all US time zones, the UK, the Philippines, Canada, and a few other spots around the world. We are a solid group of mature players covering the range from college to full on parenthood and beyond.

We provide a full featured website with fourms and mobile phone/tablet support hosted on Enjin, mumble voice server with HD voice, and a well researched and upgrade guild.

We are looking for any and all professions from level 1 to level level 80. We ask you to be a considerate mature adult and be willing to play with your guild not just looking for a guild to add bank slots to you character. In particular we are very interested in a strong leader to coordinate and run our SPVP efforts.

If you are interested stop by our website and fill out an application @ http://www.vengeance...com/recruitment or pm in game to: Lord Wulverine

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 08:14 PM

Our doors are still wide open and we are actively looking for mature players looking for an obsessively casual group.
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