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Interest check: IC Adventuring Troupe

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#1 Verranicus


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Posted 19 August 2012 - 11:56 PM

So a couple of friends and I are planning to roll over on Tarnished Coast (or guest over in some cases) to get in with the RP community, and we've been tossing an idea around that I figured I'd throw up here since there's no real official forums yet.

Essentially what we're looking to do is found a band of adventurers akin to the one from the novels, work everyone's individual backstory into something cohesive, and go from there. Finding RP out in the wilds outside of a guild and making ties to other members of the community can be a pain in the ass, especially in a game as new as this, and we figure getting a small group together for some occasional RP might help alleviate this to some extent.

To elaborate:
  • This is not a guild. Anyone involved in this is completely free to be guilded or unguilded. It's a loose association of adventurers and wayfarers brought together for a common purpose as well as individual goals. Nothing as structured as a guild.

  • In all likely hood we would not be leveling together. While we wouldn't discourage participants from leveling with each other, any gatherings or events would likely be entirely focused on the RP aspect of things.

  • We haven't decided how many people this should involve just yet, but I imagine we'll start it small and see how things go from there.

  • We won't be using the "gameplay lore" as any sort of reference in our RP. What this means is that if my character is level 80 and has killed the big bad, I won't run around proclaiming myself the hero of Tyria for having done so. Why not? Because it doesn't make sense given that everyone else has also done the same thing 10, 20 times. We'll make our own story using the setting and lore given to us.
At the moment our details are fairly vague, and we're going to wait until we see what kind of characters people have in mind for this to set down any specifics, so if you have any interest in this sort of thing whatsoever either post in this thread or PM me (this is preferred so we can use the thread for general questions) with the following little form filled out:
  • Character Name
  • Character Race
  • A brief biography (emphasis on brief so as to leave room for fleshing out through RP) detailing how your character might have come to be part of such a group
  • What sort of role your character might play in a group like this. Are they a scout, a tactician, a fighter, etc?
  • What is your typical playtime?
  • Anything else you might want to add and any questions you might have. The more information you give us the better we can work something up together.
So that's about it. Send your "application" to me via PM or ask any questions you might have in this thread and we'll get back to you ASAP. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

#2 Myschi


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Posted 21 August 2012 - 06:54 PM

Love the idea! Here's a norn ranger I've got set up.
  • Sigurd Brynnson
  • Norn
  • A norn who tried and failed to find his fame in the arenas three years ago. He returned to Hoelbrak, took advice from his father, and went out into the wilderness. When he returned, he was more of a 'proper' norn and had acquired two animal companions (Brynn the bear and Huld the raven). He's always looking to prove himself to others, so I could see him joining a group like this.
  • What sort of role your character might play in a group like this. Are they a scout, a tactician, a fighter, etc? Close/medium range fighter. Very much berserker-like, always willing to rush into combat.
  • What is your typical playtime? Afternoons/Evenings EST on the weekdays. Any time during the weekends or holidays.

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