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Ardent Company: Posters in the breeze... [Jade Quarry]

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 03:09 AM

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Attention mercenaries, scholars, and travelers cunning:

The genius Master Karn of Rata Sum

requests your aid in endeavors magical, archaeological, etymological,

ichthytechnological, esogealogical, cosmetological,

polyencephalological, trichological

and occasionally necrozygological (mostly harmless).

Mercenaries must possess:

base intelligence,

reasonable discretion,

defense applicable skills.

Rate of pay guaranteed to be 14% higher than Lion’s Arch standard.

Includes medical benefits.

Ask for my assistant

Adele de Leure

at the Cloud Skimmer Tavern in Lion’s Arch

for hiring questions/concerns/apologies/paychecks

The recruitment posters began appearing only a few days ago, in all the six great metropolises of Tyria: Divinity’s Reach, Rata Sum, the grove of the Pale Tree, the Black Citadel, and Lion’s Arch. Plastered on the walls of all but Rata Sum and the Black Citadel, the posters nevertheless managed to find themselves fluttering through the remaining cities of Tyria only to be plucked from the air by curious claws.

In Rata Sum, one could say they became a thing of minor amusement and curiosity for the progeny bored and wicked enough to waste their time musing over some stranger’s recruitment efforts. One thing the budding geniuses could agree on: none of them had ever heard of this "Master Karn”.

In the Black Citadel, cubs argued over the meaning of the New Krytan script, the edibility of the manuscript, and just how unfair it was when their fahrar’s chaperone snatched it from their stubby paws and tossed it aside for some other, perhaps more thoughtful son or daughter of the Charr to take note of.

In the Grove, it was a thing of such curiosity that it was a wonder anyone managed to read it at all.

In Lion’s Arch, Divinity’s Reach, and Hoelbrak, it was only one poster among many. Given much admiration by the lowest in luck, ignored by those born grand enough to not require such low work, and given careful consideration by a handful of real mercenaries.

In the end, the poster unsurprisingly caught the interest of only a handful.

Who are we?
We are a simple group of close friends who have roleplayed with each other over the years. We are currently only open to either friends or people who get involved in-character.

And in-character?
A cobbled-together grouping of old friends, comrades, and research associates, the Ardent Company was founded by the mysterious and elusive Asuran researcher, Master Karn. The Company is tasked with protecting the eccentric scholar's assistants and carrying out their strange orders, but acts just as often as its own entity. Led by its own captain, the Company seeks out profit in its downtime.

What is the current status of the group?
We are fairly loosely-formed at the moment. Many of us are waiting until the game releases, or is closer to release, to hammer out our specific character biographies or stories. We will be roleplaying out the founding of the Company upon the game's release.

What is the philosophy of the group?
What any group's philosophy should be--to have fun without causing trouble for others. That being said, the group aims to be fairly laid-back while also aiming for higher-quality roleplay.

You can find our shoddy little website here!

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