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Another D/D build

elementalist dagger signet aura

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#1 ErawysTheAwesome


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 01:00 AM

This is a dagger/dagger elementalist build I used during most of the stress tests in sPVP. This build is sort of unique as it prefers the use of one element constantly to take advantage of the might stacking of Pyromancers Puissance and the defensive traits asocciated with signets to produce a nigh unstoppable skirmisher.

The general strategy of it is to use dragons breath to keep fire going, flame grab it occasionally, and spam the 1 skill to build up power and malice. For some add defense, chase down ability, and a smattering of condition removal, signets are used to both immobilize/chill/blind enemies and to add the boons protection, fury, and swiftness, which, given the frequency signets can be used, are very useful as you nearly always can put it up when you need it to. Switching attunements is not needed except for the occasional ride the lighting to catch up with someone, or to water for a quick heal.

Survivalbility in skirmishes against multiple opponents is not a problem with this build as signet of restoration goes off often as most of the time you are autoattacking, plus the added protection from signet of earth and the protection put up by your signets. Plus with the carrion ammy, your health is highish for an elementalist


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#2 MaximumSquid


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 03:18 AM


Having that much condition damage is a waste if all you're going to be applying is burning

60% longer burn duration is also going to round down if you only apply a 1s burn

I also noticed that you're missing the best Signet available to you and instead have one that does virtually nothing due to your long swiftness duration

There's a number of good Aura builds for D/D. . .
If you wanna go the signet route you're basically 90% of the way there just take a little time to test and optimize it


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#3 ErawysTheAwesome


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 03:57 AM

drakes breath is a 3 second burn on a 5 second cooldown. Ring of fire is a five second. Having that much burn duration allows for nearly constant burning.

Having that much condition damage increases my damage output by alot. In this case, an extra 320 damage per second for a total of 640 per second. That's double the output. That damage on top of all the other damage from flame grab and dragons claw, which is considerable. And which is also increased by might, which with this build was pretty reliably up for about 5 stacks.

You're probably right about signet of air though. To me it was a tossup on the last slot. With signet of fire I can do even more burning and an extra bit of crit chance. and with air, I always would have that tiniest boost on speed constantly, plus the option of a well timed blind. I actually switched between the two pretty often during the stress tests. It didn't actually matter all that much as I was mainly using them more the boons.

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