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hom hall of monuments

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#31 Joandir


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:06 PM

Well if helps comes why not accept it ^^
I'm 45/50 I just need 5 weapons and 50 obsidian shards to have all materials for the armor; taken the obsidian armor and the weapons I'll be 50/50
Thanks anyway :)

IGN: Joandir O Lorien

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#32 Everlast


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:14 PM

My GW1 IGN is Everlasting One currently sitting at 30/50

I would like to reach 40/50 with some more minis, wpns and armors i think i could do it. But if you are looking to help the most people here i would be comfortable just reaching 35/50

Im doing the Wayfearer's quests, i finished Proph and Faction, and im now doing Nightfall and GWEN tomorrow.

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#33 yocyy


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:18 PM

Really kind of you to do this :D
IGN: Origin of Flames

I'm at 40/50 and aiming for 45, still need obsi/mini's and some weps and more vanquishing. :P
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#34 RemnantTundra


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:22 PM

This is a very kind gesture and its really generous of you to go out your way to do this. im at 35/50 and Ive been pushing for Flameseeker title. IGN is Chalice Of Menzies.


I would really appreciate if you could give me the ectos requried to get obsidian armor, its the one armor piece that has always eluded me because of the rarity of ectos dropping and me not really a good farmer. I would really appreciate it as I have none atm as I have been focusing my time finally getting vabbian armor yesterday( YEAH:)) by literally selling all materials i dont need for both vabbian and obsidian. As well as any miniatures you may have would be fantastic. I dont need anything for valor and fellowship as for those Im just running slavers and WiK content with alts. Zaishen Keys would be nice also. SO, any ectos, minis, and/or Z keys you generously wish to provide me would be widely helpful. Thank you and see you in Tyria!! < ;)

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#35 Karghoul


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:23 PM

ah hell, why not


I'm at 30/50 for a couple of months now, could possibly have more, but I gave away all the stuff I gathered since then (however little that might be) to people below 30 :P

But since this giveaway is actually pointed at those that are 30 and above... sure, an extra title shouldn't hurt.

IGN: Itawa Puddytat (not playing much since BWE1, too much withdrawals...)

Just read, you are lowering the requirements to 25 points, in that case, please serve those below my number of points first, I can live without a title :P

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#36 Guest 34905

Guest 34905

    Golem Rider

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

I already have 50/50 HoM and GWAMM so I don't need help.
But this must be one of the most generous things I've ever see someone do on these forums. ;)

Respect to you!
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#37 Khalija


    Leaf on the Wind

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

If you wish to discuss your opinions on how Jenn is relinquishing her wealth to the community, you can do so via the PM system instead of derailing the thread further.
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Feel free to PM me if you have a question regarding moderation, want to leave some feedback, or just want to chat!

#38 Nobu


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:40 PM

Hey, Jenn.

My assumption is that your apparently vast resources have been exhausted by this point, but if they haven't been and if you're still willing to help out an old Guild Wars die-hard, I'd love to lock up an Obsidian and a Vabbian armour set (as much for the looks as the points - Obsidian is one of the only ranger armours I really like, and Vabbian would look really nice on my assassin).

Over the years I've managed to acquire thirty-three ectos and twenty shards, but only one ruby. I don't need the Vabbian mask, so if you're sure you'd like to help, I could really use... seventy-three ecto, eighty-five shards, thirteen rubies, and fourteen sapphires. Everything else I can dig up myself, and I'll scrounge the cash together just by playing the game (I still have to vanquish the rest of Elona and Cantha and parts of Eye of the North and do the skill hunters). Of course any Tormented, Destroyer, or Oppressor weapons you may have lying around would be massively appreciated as well. =P

Even sans assistance, thank you so much. It's really nice to see generous people around from time to time. =)

Here's my Hall - main character is Jun Kibagami - http://hom.guildwars...AAAAeUcYQAAAAAA

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#39 Xpheus


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:50 PM


I'm currently on 37/50, wanted to get 45 for title but realised that is just too much for me.
and now i just aim on 40 for that nice flameseeker title :)
I'd be really happy to get help for that last 3 points if possible.

My ign is Cyael mortuus.

ps i'd be happy with just 1 or 2 points aswell. (:

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#40 Beodyn


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:53 PM


I'm currently at 29/30 30/30 (I know it falls short of your minimum of 30), but all I'm asking for is help to get to 30! =)


Thanks again for your generosity and consideration


Thanks again for the Help it was really appreciated!

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#41 Norxine


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:05 PM

Hey man. Here is my HoM:http://hom.guildwars...AAAAQCIIQAAAAAA

Started playing GW1 exactly(almost) year ago. My first character just had its first birthday on 21st August. Been hyped for GW2 for long time(prepurchased as soon as it was available), but just year ago friend told me that 30/50 si doable, so I started playing and managed to do it with friend's help. Would love any new tittle.

IGN: Norxine Firebrand

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#42 zeekaya


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:07 PM

Hey, currently at 30/50 for a long while.. ign is Karina Sora

I don't know what you can help with, but yeah thanks for even doing this :D

Ah and I hope you find time to play GW2
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#43 Toryne


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:09 PM

HOM: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAWKMIQAAAAAA

IGN: Toryne Dark

Have fully pre-purchased Collectors Edition from Gamestop waiting for it to be shipped atm :-)

I'll have my Zaishen Title by this weekend hopefully. Really looking to just get the Vabbian/Obsidian armors taken care of from there i'll be playing GW1 here and there for the few extra title completions to get 40/50 for Flameseeker if i can get past 35 I know its simeply explorers and a few more destroyers/tormented(event quest) /Oppressors Weps and i'll have it. just been really disheartened from the cost of the armors to really push myself for those extra 3 points there.
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#44 Jormag


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:16 PM

Wow, this is a some great initiative your taking, awesome!

I'm at 35/50 and would really like to get Flameseeker, because that's the nicest title of them all imo:


I don't know how much you have and how much you're willing to spend on each individual, but getting 8 (I know, alot) more weapons for valor, plus FoW armor (even more) and 10 more hero armors would get me there.

I fully understand if this is too much and it's definitely not neccesary, but it would be awesome!

My IGN is B O W A Z O N
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#45 HybridTheory


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:21 PM

HoM: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAmSMIQAAAAAA
IGN: Nom Or Not To Nom

Now, I'm at 45/50, and all I have left is to get a bunch of titles. Unless you're willing to break the bank on me, which I completely understand why you won't want to, there's nothing you can do for me.

However, one of my good friends is trying really hard to get 45/50 before release, his HoM looks like this
HoM: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAeQEIQAAAAAA

HE could really use the money, I gave him about 80e to buy some weapons, which got him to 40, but that was all I have left since I was never incredibly wealthy in Guild Wars.
His IGN is: Shanking You Lawl

Thanks for giving everyone here this wonderful opportunity, it's really kind of you!
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#46 Aeryxia


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:34 PM

Hello there,

I know you have already got a large response of people looking for help, but I would also love any help or assistance you may be able to offer...

I do not have a whole lot of points, in fact I am only 10/50 officially so far (however I'll soon be 18/50 after I turn in the mini pets I have, finish LDoA, and turn in my Oppressor weapon). Would really love to be able to hit 30/50 and have access to all the rewards in GW2. I know you were looking for people already with 30/50, but just because I have less points does not mean I am not serious about it, it's mainly because I had been saving up to pre-purchase GW2 and did not have the funds to get the rest of GW1 until quite recently. Have been working on HOM as much as possible, however, and will continue to do so even after GW2 comes out.

Anyways, any help you or anyone else could provide would be really, really great!
My current HOM is here: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAIAAAAAYAEIA
And IGN is: Aery Berry

Thank you so much! :)
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#47 Ishmar


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:43 PM


now i'm stuck at 43 and i will never get to 50/50 due to pve titles :P but it will be really great to reach 45/50 to becom a "Legend" XD.

ING: Ishmar From Heaven
HoM: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAgSUgQAAAAAA

Even if you can't help me, thank you so much for what you are doing, you are making lot of people very happy i think ^^ !!

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#48 Classy Girl

Classy Girl

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:44 PM


I'm currently 27/30, just 3 points shy of my goal but am dead broke getting this far and would really appreciate a boost if you can spare it.

IGN: Lola Lovelost
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#49 psykick5


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:45 PM

I have 30/50 and would like to get 35. Any more is just unfair to everyone else and I would like many more people to get more titles.

IGN: Droknar The Elite
Link: http://hom.guildwars...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thanks a lot!

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#50 Pariah


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:45 PM


I'm currently at 29/30 (I know it falls short of your minimum of 30), but all I'm asking for is help to get to 30! =)


Thanks again for your generosity and consideration

Not sure if this thread is meant for advice, but if you do the War in Kryta main quests you should have enough Medals of Honor to get an Oppressor weapon for a fairly easy point as well.
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#51 Cr0w


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:49 PM

Hi there how very kind of you to do this btw ;)

Here is my HoM http://hom.guildwars...AAAAaKAIQAAAAAA

IGN: Tomato Soucerer.

If you can help I would very much appreciate it but if not thanks anyway :) & enjoy grad school.
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#52 Jenn



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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:51 PM

Wow, that's super generous of you.

I should be at 33/50 once I finish the new quests and dedicate the weapon I receive.


Hoping for 35 before launch, but we'll see :cool:

Can you update your post once you finish the quests and stuff? Thanks! <3 (Apparently it's too hard for me to mentally keep track on my own D:).
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"Let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."
Jack Layton

#53 TheZoobler


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:52 PM

Heya! I'm at 30/50, just polished off Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace last night for 5 statues :) yay 3 points!

Would certainly be interested in a little boost to my HoM, feather farming can only get you so far plat-wise hahaha.

Also I'd like to say I don't have a tormented weapon yet but I certainly plan to cash in on the free one from Wayfarer's Reverie, shouldn't be so hard.

Also, this is a really cool idea, and I think it rocks that you're helping people out ^_^.



In-game name:

Kresh Legora

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#54 Zeratulz


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:53 PM

I do not meet the 30/30 as I'm at 25 but I figured I'd take a shot. Been working on this for a few months and I'd love to hit 30/30.

Zera Plaguewind is my IGN - http://hom.guildwars...AAAATAEIQAAAAAA

I need 5 more points to get my 30/30. I will be at 26/30 tonight. I need about 100 zkeys to get from 1.5 zaishen supporter to rank 3 which will put me at 29 points. I then need 8 more minis to get 30. Only 32 Ectos and 6p to my name but I'm trying to trade them 1:1 for Zkeys. The plan is 3 points from pvp statue, 1 point from 5 weapons, and 1 point from getting 8 more minis. If there is anything you can do to help me with this process it would greatly appreciated. Going the route you did with Sulor should get me to 30 as well. This is very generous of you.

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#55 Dewzie


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:57 PM

Currently on 41/50 but I only really need 4 minis as I think it's the cheapest point left and I have/I'm working on everything else needed for 45/50. So I know it's not to do with ecto/armbraces but if you have an undedicated Nornbear/Ooze or almost any 5th year white, they'd be getting a good home.

Nebbah Kahnezzah - http://hom.guildwars...AAAAiUEIQAAAAAA

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#56 Alot


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:58 PM

GW2's launch seems to spark generosity among it's followers, Alot approves. : )

Alot is at 30/50: Alot wouldn't mind one more title (Alot can be Ghostly Hero too!)
My IGN (and HoM link): Tin Dao

Edited by Alot, 22 August 2012 - 06:17 PM.

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#57 Junktown01233210


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 06:02 PM

This is very generous of you! I've got 35 looking to get to 40 at some point. I'm not sure if you can help, but I'm hoping to go for z keys and a few more weapons.

HOM link
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#58 Asthma


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 06:06 PM

Hello! I currently have 30/50 points in HoM and would very much like to get to the "Ghostly Hero" title > 35points.
My IGN: Ancient Ritualist
HoM : http://hom.guildwars...AAAAcQMIQAAAAAA

Good luck to everyone and thank you OP for doing this :)
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#59 notunique


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 06:07 PM

I could use some help getting that last HoM point, I got the shards for armor but still need some ectos :P.


IGN: Sachiel Prime
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#60 Karuro


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 06:10 PM

Got to 40/50 thanks to the Torment weapon from the Reverie.
Valor: I still got 4 Oppressor weapons and 1 Destroyer weapon to pick ( those aren't shown 'course), so I'm actually 4 weapons away from the full (11) display.
Resilience: Lacking 10 gems each for Vabbi.

If I get those filled, I'll be at 45/50 which imo is a nice milestone to enter GW2 with.


IGN: Karuro Silvershot

Edit: 42/50 atm.
Scrambled the gold I had left to craft Vabbian (Remembered the headpiece isn't needed!) and one destroyer weapon.
Will still welcome extra (materials for) weapons.

Edit 2: Guild helped me out, I'm good.
45/50 ^^

Edited by Karuro, 24 August 2012 - 10:00 PM.

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