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Looting is not a fun experience


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#211 Opollo


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 10:22 PM

Want to add in on this.

I feel that the loot system, as well as some other things in the game, were done in a pretty illogical manner.

So illogical it makes me wonder if it was on purpose.

So in WvW, you will get the most badges usually defending from a zerg.

Well, I just did that and I pretty much was able to get four badges out of about 50 people I got credit for "tagging" and killing. Sometimes the loot bags would teleport near me, the majority of times they wouldn't.

Loot bags in this situation regardless makes little sense. Here's my reasons:

The player should be trying to focus on combat, not on looting bags. In fact, there is no reason this game should even have loot bags to begin with since other players CANNOT see your drops anyways. In Guild Wars 2 case, loot should be sent directly to the players bags.

"F" for everything is just one of those extremely, poorly thought out ideas implemented.

Again, WvWs "zerg vs. zerg" (which is really all it is), cause huge drops in frame rates which makes it harder to focus on getting loot. Especially for low end PC users.

If your loot is in the middle of a huge zerg, you can usually kiss it goodbye because you will be instantly killed before you get a chance to loot it.

Really...people shouldn't need to point out how FLAWED this loot system is.

It's obvious.

It's illogical.

As illogical as "Commander" costing gold and the armor costing badges.

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#212 n00854180t


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 10:37 PM

I don't mind the actual act of looting, but the extremely crappy loot is definitely not fun at all. Heck, even ArenaNet have admitted their loot is abysmal.
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#213 lagrangeify


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 10:57 PM

There's no getting away from it, looting in GW2 right now is a farce. I can quite happily accept a lot of the decisions ANet have made, but the loot table massively sucks, and that's turning out to have a toxic effect on the long term experience of playing the game.

A game that is largely a masterpiece in many respects imho, but with literally no promise of anything exciting as a random reward for general participation? Talk about achilles heel.

Needs looking at, badly.
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