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Stock Market for GW2?

economy investing

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 11:49 AM

** this idea is a work in progress, this was just a musing I had over my morning coffee, sorry I gotta go to work**

So I was reading this article this morning and thought - wow Arena Net even has an economist on staff for their live team to make sure things are awesome in game... Well I turned into GIR and started drooling for a little while blankly staring at the screen mumbling "I love this show"


This is an idea I had for a game I wanted to develop as a driving mechanic of the overarching dynamic story but sadly my life isn't going to the world of game design so here is one of my ideas which I think Anet could implement.

I know this is probably one of the less exciting ideas to be posted on these forums but I think there could be a lot of potential with it if done right.

Well I invest in the stock market and I try to get my friends to do so as well, even with just a few thousand dollars, but they are scared shitless of it. Understandably, one needs a strong stomach to watch their savings go from 20,000 to 15,000 because of a swing in the market. Sorry I'll stop rambling to the "vision"!

ArenaNet has this Economist on staff and has a golden opportunity to impart some lessons upon the player base which could benefit them in a really meaningful way. If they take this note about the gems and how it showed a parallel to the stock market, they could take this one step further and let their player base get a broader scope of some investing 101 in Tyria.

ArenaNet could control the market with both on going story telling (the worlds story) and dynamic events. We know that dynamic can lead to a bunch of bandits completely over throwing a town and the players will need to go there and take it back. Well what if this town was known for being a resource center for a particularly rare resource and now that it has taken over the supply side of this resource will be cut off so the items value could go up because it is now more difficult to obtain.

Why Evolve?



In game Companies
* Collection Company - pays out instantly and gives fair market value for desired materials
* Holding - companies that focus on obtaining specific materials
* Socio/political opinions and involvement. (Charr run company hates humans ect)
* Dynamic events effecting over all market conditions
* Over arching meta story has effects on market.

For people who may not want to be too actively involved in bond buying, people could invest in the above mentioned companies, and receive a monthly dividend payment from the company and like any other stock - it can go up and down for a variety of reasons.

Contracting bandits: Some holding companies may have dubious methods of increasing their profit margin - the richer they become the more Bandit/Ettin/Drudge/Skritt/Naga (ect) attacks may befall specific towns and further occupy zones known to contain materials they want to cause increased shortage of specific resources.

Ok off to work - I'll come back to this and expand on my lunch break.

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