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Traiting for Pet Skills

ranger pets traits

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#1 Clockwork Bard

Clockwork Bard

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 10:52 PM

If this information is repeated elsewhere, I'll link it and not worry about this any further. I found it in my notes and it didn't seem to be covered at any length in a search, other than glazed over here.

There are five adept "training" traits that improve pet attributes outside of what Empathy offers, one in each of the lines. They are:
  • Malice Training (Marksmanship) - Improves condition duration
  • Pet's Prowess (Skirmishing) - Improves crit damage
  • Expertise Training (Wilderness Survival) - Improves condition damage
  • Concentration Training (Nature Magic) - Improves boon duration
  • Compassion Training (Beastmastery) - Improves pet heals
After testing and checking against other numbers, it seems these traits essentially take their respective trait line's second attribute and gives it to the pet at the same level as the ranger would get for 30 points in it. That is:
  • Malice Training - +30% condition duration (Expertise)
  • Pet's Prowess - +30% crit damage (Prowess)
  • Expertise Training - +300 condition damage (Malice)
  • Concentration Training - +30% boon duration (Concentration)
  • Compassion Training - +300 healing power (Compassion)
(Note: They seem to have gotten the Malice and Expertise names backwards from their actual effects.)

I thought, since I was doing this testing, I'd go over the pet skill list and add what pets seemed to benefit from each. Every pet benefits from Prowess, though some more than others, so I'll leave that out. I haven't tested most of these, so any corrections are welcome.
  • Bears - boon duration, healing (all but brown bear: condition duration; Arctodus/Murellow: condition damage)
  • Birds - boon duration, condition duration (hawks/eagles: condition damage)
  • Boars - condition duration, condition damage
  • Canines - condition duration (fern hound: boon duration, healing)
  • Devourer - condition duration, condition damage (carrion devourer: [underwater only] boon duration, healing)
  • Drakes - healing (ice: condition duration; salamander: condition duration, condition damage; marsh [underwater only] condition duration, condition damage)
  • Felines - condition duration, condition damage (jungle stalker: boon duration)
  • Moas - healing, condition duration (blue/red: boon duration)
  • Spiders - condition duration, condition damage
  • Armor Fish - boon duration, healing
  • Jellyfish - boon duration, healing, condition duration
  • Shark - condition duration, condition damage

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#2 misterdevious


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Posted 25 August 2012 - 02:46 AM

Just a few little things to add that people might overlook...
  • Any pet with a cross profession combo finisher can potentially heal, supply boons, and apply conditions depending on the field.
  • Any pet can cause Weakness with Winter's Bite.
  • Any pet can cause Bleeding with Crippling Shot.
  • Any pet can apply Burning with Sun Spirit.
  • Any pet can grant Might with Rampage as One.

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