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Materia [MATE] recruiting on Maguuma

maguuma pvx

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 03:38 AM

Materia [Mate] - Maguuma Server - PVX / WVW

Recruiting active new players and skilled veterans


ALL unlocked as of 5/18/13

Level 6 Research Trees - Consumables - Bank+Trove+Cave - PVE Armor/Weapon Guild Emblems

24/7 BUFFS - +5% Kill EXP, +10% Gathering Bonus,

+10% Magic Find, +5% Gold from Kills

+15% Karma Boost & +10% Crafting-Critical Sundays

We run the -15% repair costs on WVW nights and -15% waypoint costs on mission days

+ Hero banners for scheduled guild events!

Guild WvW sat+sun // Missions sun+weds nights!

Missions:  Bounties, Trek, Rush, Challenge and Puzzle!

Our team base is permanently set at 300, dedicated and full-time, ranging from the late teens to late 60s in age.  Maturity and respect are requirements of all our members, rather than set an age limit (though we are all currently 18+), we seek to provide a fun, active & powerful group to help each other grow within the Guild Wars 2 community.  We squad up daily for dungeon runs, material gathering, dragons, coordinated WvW, or just shootin the ish in our private voice server.

All we require is that you represent full-time and are looking to run top-tier content or become well trained in such things, we'll make you great.  And please keep any negativity to yourself, we praise individuality but our guild is meant to encourage it's players.  No hourly commitment is needed, we know who is active and we clear those who are not every few weeks or so, but time away is always fine with a little note ahead of time :) Fear not, we just want everyone here to have a quality experience.  Try and you will see! :P

Racism, hatred, negativity, harassment, trolling and the like will result in prompt guild removal and probably very little warning -- we are a drama-free community of 300 [permanently], and we'll never lose a current member over the antics of a new one.

We're based in North America but have since become international.  We have players in Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, England, Brazil, Chile and more.  You can consider our most active times to be mid-day through the early morning hours, though there's always people on to play.

Current Favorite Dungeons In-Guild (several of each daily)
All explorables, story mode when needed, and fractals up to 49.
A couple groups have start selling Arah 3 and 4 paths with ludicrous speed too nightly.

A lot of us use steam for other PC games and as such we've grown an official group there as well.  Use of voice is encouraged, not required; but we are a lot of fun to talk/play with :D  - We have our own mumble server and most players also run skype.

Guild wars content has kinda slowed down for many of us hardcore players.  Other games we play together in-between:  Dota 2, Firefall, Hawken, Mass Effect 3, Starbound, Warframe, Payday 2, & we run terraria, killing floor and any SOURCE game servers as well hehe.

If it's not obvious we get our name from Squaresoft's FF7.  Many of us are OG console gamers (SNES and earlier) that have since jumped that ship, lovers of many great RPGs long past.


In-Game Whisper:  Turrent, Cazadora or Vox Stellarum

In-Game Mail:  brutality.9631 (preferred format)

E-mail:  [email protected] (issues only)

Website:  http://materia.tk

Looking forward to meeting with those interested in joining!

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#2 MateriaTeam


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 06:06 PM

Hey there, we're still growing and updating ourselves to become more mega-server oriented.  Maguuma-only for wvw stuff :P  Come give us a try!

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