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Misc Questions: Traits, Skill Point Distribution b/t PvE/PvP

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#1 boba7523


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Posted 27 August 2012 - 07:28 AM

Hi guys, i have several questions which i will update as i think of them. For now, i have 2:

1.) Is there a guide on the trait system? I'm very confused about which ones to learn and which ones will benefit my purpose in the game the most.

2.) For the skill points i earn, if i use them up for a specific skill, does that mean if i went into PvP or WvWvW, i am destined to have only those skills, or is the PvE world totally separate from Pvp/WvWvW world?

3.) Continuing on with Question #2, what about my weapons, armors, items in my inventory in the Pve world? Will i be able to use them in WvWvW or are they totally separtae as well?

4.) What is the purpose/benefit of killing mobs in WvWvW if your level cap is already 80?
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#2 flint11


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Posted 27 August 2012 - 07:46 AM

1. Every 5 points you put in a certain trait line, you will unlock either a Minor or Major trait. Minors are fixed while Majors give you a choice with new Major traits unlocking at each tier (Adept, Master, Grandmaster). Each trait line also has two associated stats that go along with it, points invested in trait lines will also increase your stats in that area. What traits you pick entirely depend on what type of character you want to build, which weapons, utility skills or extra bonuses you want on your character. If the Gw2wiki page is not down, their trait section is pretty comprehensive. Otherwise use http://gw2skills.net/editor/en/ it's the best skill/trait calculator out there.

2/3. PvE and WvW are together, sPvP is a separate beast. You use the weapons, armor, skill and such you unlocked in PvE in WvW. You have all skills/traits available to you in sPvP. You will earn more skill points (you will never stop earning them) and will eventually grab all your skills, you can also slot and change your utilities whenever out of combat. Major Traits can also be changed out of combat; however to completely reset your trait point allocations, you need go find a reset from a NPC. Trait refunds are free in sPvP.

4. You are only bumped and scaled up to lvl 80, your character is still the same level as it would be in PvE and will gain rewards according to your real level.
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