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Critique my Scepter/Torch Mesmer DOT/Condition Build?

scepter torch mesmer dot condition build

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:46 AM

So I have been playing Scepter/Torch Mesmer, and I have been having a blast. The single target damage is ridiculous, and the best part is that you don't really even have to be around to do all the damage.

Anyhow, since I am new to Guild Wars in general, and I have no idea how it is like at 80, I was wondering if my thinking is correct.


Basically, my build focuses on using clones to apply bleed and confusion. To this end, high Condition Damage, Condition Duration, and Critical Hit Chance are key, as well as a variety of spells to produce clones and the traits to enable them to apply the conditions.

The build also places a heavy emphasis on the second and third shatters, Cry of Frustration and Diversion. The former applies many stacks of confusion on multiple targets. The latter applies vulnerability and daze.

Most of the time, I intend to be in the back of a group acting as a harasser/offensive support. Because Guild Wars does not really support on-te-fly respeccing, this will be a PvX build by nature. In this thread, I want to focus on the PvE side.

-Ether Feast: I find this better than the mantra in prolonged fighting.
-Decoy: Escape spell, makes a clone. I think having more flexibility in combat is key to survival.
-Mirror Images: Basically, you can use these to do a massive opening burst of confusion, followed by a more permanent set of images.
-Signet of Domination: I think the passive bonus to Condition Damage is enough, but having a pocket stun is nice as well.
-Mass Invisibility: Moa Morph is amazing, but you sort of need your enemies to use skills in order to deal damage with Confusion, so this is the natural choice. (Illusions will naturally break invisibility by casting.)

Domination 20
-Crippling Dissipation: This really helps with kiting.
-Rending Shatter: Inflicts a high level of vulnerability on a target. Great for fights against bosses or tough veterans.

Duelist 25
-Desperate Decoy: This essentially saves you in a pinch.
-Deceptive Evasion: This is an easy way to make an illusion. Also, if you actually need to dodge, the illusion you make is typically going to die, applying conditions.

Chaos 0
The only reason why I would consider Chaos is to get Debilitating Dissipation, but I have a negative opinion of random conditions.

Inspiration 0
No real reason to go into this, since I don't use Glamours or Phantasms.

Illusion 25
-Master of Misdirection: This is huge for 10 points.
-Blinding Befuddlement: Many of your spells apply blind. Now they also apply confusion.

I believe the ideal selection would be Sigil of Superior Accuracy, Rune of the Undead, and Rabid Jewels? The first and third improve the likelihood of Sharper Image procs, and the latter two also add a lot of Condition Damage and Toughness, which also translates into a bit more Condition Damage due to the Runes.

1) This build has a pitiful 916 Vitality. I know that it is low, but is it enough durability to survive random AOE damage? (Note that my Toughness is at a respectable figure though.)
2) This build has 71% Critical Hit Chance. How much of it transfers to the clones? Do they share the full percentage?
3) What should I swap into? Right now, my candidates are Staff and Sword/Sword. I lean toward the latter, but can anyone give me some guidance on this?
4a) Does Cry of Frustration apply conditions to everything that it hits or only what the illusions are targeting?
4b) Does Crippling Combatants cripple their killer or their target? Furthermore, does it proc on shatter?
5) Off-topic, but does Dazzling Glamours stack with Blinding Befuddlement? That is, do Glamours now cause blind and confusion?

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